Booming Bookkeeping Business: my honest review 2022

October 3, 2022

This is my honest review of Bill Von Fumetti’s course Booming Bookkeeping Business. I talked with Bill and he gave me access to his whole course. It goes through accounting fundamentals, how to use QuickBooks (and become a QBO ProAdvisor), how to set-up your bookkeeping business and market and onboard new clients. I think this is a solid course at a fair price point for anyone looking to become a bookkeeper. Bill gave me affiliate links that help support my channel, they are below if you decide this class is right for you:

Booming Bookkeeping Business:
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  1. Have you taken Booming Bookkeeping Business? Let me know what you thought. Here are my links if you're interested!
    Booming Bookkeeping Business:

    BBB Free training:

    My chart comparing bookkeeper courses:

  2. Hi how much is the course? Thanks

  3. I am military and supposed to deploy in a year for about 8 months. Do you think its worth starting now while i have a full year or do you think i wont be able to maintain this business while deployed? Btw while deployed i will only have access to the app once a month.

  4. Looks like a solid course and I honestly figured it would be priced at $2,997. I was wanted to start a business that I could run with my son or bring on someone else to outsource some of the day-to-day work. I’d mostly run marketing and close clients. Is there info like this in the course or anyone in the program doing this?

  5. Hello. Considering this. But, i cannot find any truth about what it might cost to market online or any other expenses above the 1997/197 per month. Can you shed some light on any ongoing expenses involved with Marketing, including what it might cost to startup BEYOND the 1997?

  6. I am so happy I found your channel. Your energy, and the way you explain things. I can't wait to start my bookkeeping business. Thank you so much!

  7. ,how is Launch's customer service?

  8. Solid advice 😱

  9. Excited to see your new upcoming video about the best training!

  10. Do you have a video about credits and debits in the journal ?

  11. Morgan, I just wanted to let you know I finally got my first client. It's a local preschool and I am converting their QB Desktop Pro to QBO and then I'll do setup and training with the owner. Then I was contacted by a local non-profit to do their credit card entries into QB enterprise. You have inspired me greatly in my endeavors starting with my ProAdvisor certification and starting my LLC to onboarding clients and deciding my monthly/hourly rates. Thank you! I appreciate you.😊

  12. My only question I guess is if there are people who do this that aren't already wealthy and/or YouTubers before beginning lol. Also, PennFoster, an online college, has bookkeeping courses for less than $900. Also at your own pace, and with a free year of QuickBooks access upon completion.

  13. Dumb question but when it comes taxes for a freelance web designer and just taxes in general, whenever they're due, it means the taxes for the previous year right?

    So the income I earn this year I'd pay taxes for them in 2023?

    Also I'm 21, just started working for myself, my parents always handled my taxes since I worked normal jobs back then

  14. I looked into booming bookkeeping for a while and considering it. I live in CA close to his practice. Only reason that I didn’t take the course is he put address that he doesn’t use for marketing. I’m not sure if he still have practice there or not but to me, it looks like nobody’s there in the office. So I decide not to take his. Thanks for the review. You’re amazing!

  15. How month is required to learn well bookkeeping course?

  16. Is this course for Canada or Usa?

  17. I started Booming Bookkeeping about a month ago. I am really loving it! I seriously like the way Bill explains everything and all the marketing knowledge he shares. I actually found your channel as a recommendation after watching one of Bill's live videos on Youtube and I love your content! Thank you for all the info you share ♡

  18. Thank you so much. This helps a lot!

  19. Thank you for this review! I’ve been considering to doing this course but wanted to hear a review.

  20. Hello Morgan,

    Would course be good for person with an accounting degree. Who just need to know how to set up the back office operation? Maybe the marketing plan? It sound like your going to school all over again.

  21. Hey Morgan
    I took the Booming Bookkeeping Business course
    It was great, they have a really good support team to help with all your questions through Facebook , email , and once a week live Q&A zoom meetings
    I would highly recommend the course !

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