Body clock linked to breast cancer: BBC News Review 2022

July 8, 2022

British scientists have discovered that women who naturally get up early are less likely to develop breast cancer. After an eight-year study, research has concluded that among early risers, only one in every 100 women develop breast cancer. This rose to two in every hundred for women genetically programmed to go to bed late and get up late. The scientists say the research provides further proof that a person’s body clock and sleeping patterns affect their health.


people who get up early and have lots of morning energy
– I’ve never been one of the larks. I’d much rather sleep all day and party all night.
– She’s always been a morning lark. As an artist, she’s most creative in the morning.

happiest and most active
– James might be the chirpiest person I’ve ever met. Have you ever seen him sad?
– The surprise birthday party left him feeling much chirpier about turning 40.

situation when two things are not suitable for each other
– There’s a bit of a mismatch between our budget and your business plan. Sorry!
– Despite seeming to be a total mismatch, they love each other very much.

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  5. Morning lark(n): Despite Janusz had difficulty understanding lessons, he used to be a morning lark before going to the school.

    Chirpy(adj.): She has been chirpy .Thus, I chose her to be my wife!

    Mismatch(n): There's a mismatch between actions against nature humans are doing and statements about climate change humans are giving.

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    Thanks for all:
    My name is jamal,
    Early sleep and ,early wake up is natural medicine (in other words)

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