Bob's Odd Jobs – LittleHippo Mella Clock – Repair and Review 2022

June 20, 2022

Hey Guys!

This is my review and repair of the LittleHippo Mella Ready To Rise clock. This is a highly recommend clock by many blogs and reviews. That’s why we bought it.

Spoiler alert, I don’t like this clock very much. That being said, if there’s an opportunity for me to fix something rather than buying new, I say Fix it!

In this video I take apart this clock and fix the defect then put it back together 🙂

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  1. I have a feeling he’s the type that isn’t happy with anything he buys ever.

  2. I just recently purchased this clock and it looks like they may have updated it so that you may now choose from 3 brightness levels for the ring around the face. Instructions are: Press SET, LIGHT twice and then +/- to choose brightness level, SET to finish. You can also choose to have no night light on at all, and also choose the duration of the "Yellow Playtime" mode to OFF or choose to set it between 5 mins to 30 mins. Hopefully this helps parents who are still interested in buying this clock 🙂

  3. How to do you set the time correctly?

  4. I’d agree with everything this guy says about this clock….

  5. You paid $70 for that? Amazon sells it for $58

  6. To adjust the brightness press TIME to scroll through the options.

  7. You are able to dim the light.

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