November 23, 2022

BLEACH Thousand Year Blood War Episode 5 is here! In this video we will go through the entire episode discussing everything that the fifth episode of the TYBW arc does right, talking about Animation, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Voice Acting and incredible background art! You do not want to miss the fourth episode review of BLEACH TYBW Anime.

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  1. I was so shocked 😲
    The battles are fierce 💥

  2. Read the manga. He comes back stronger

  3. Where have the quinces been for the last 1000 years? How would an as not be used his enemies trembling in fear, if he hadnt fight someone in 1000 years? Who could he have been fighting if they had been in hiding?

  4. You forget to drop something

  5. Reply
    Decepticon Justice Division November 23, 2022 at 3:54 pm

    Sorry y'all but spoilers warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️

    Byakuya isn't dead.

  6. One of the best amine episodes ever

  7. This episode was far too intense for me!

  8. All i can say is MUAH WELL WORTHY OF CHEFS KISS it was beautiful

  9. Sasikibe Bankai is beautiful I was like oh his Bankai looks clean tho. The sword play with the Bankai man, it did look smaller than what we see now but it's his first use of it

  10. Spoiler in the title.. great idea

  11. Seeing Hitsugaya call out for Hyorinmaru when his bankai was stolen 🥲. Gives me flashbacks to the Zanpakuto Filler Arc and his training to require Hyorinmaru

  12. so byakuya died?😭

  13. one thing that blow's baby chunks is that kenpachi no diff's one of the the "yourself" brothers, but the other was able to convince him.. and yamato.. that he was the genuine yhwach.
    if there was one thing i wish could change, was that i honestly wish that yamato had his final send off while fighting the genuine yhwach, not his dollar store copy.

  14. That’s Rukias sister aka Byakuyas wife turning into a dead zombie

  15. I don't like that they skipped many fights, like they are trying to rush through this part of the story, just showing small segments and aftermath of it all. I was looking forward to Kenpachi vs Yhwach battle but we got nothing at all. I also do not understand why Ichigo is not using his mask or why his bankai cannot be stolen. I don't know the story progress in manga but this anime is kinda one big trailer so far. Animations, music, overall atmosphere, and actions that we do get are high quality.

  16. Definitely best ep so far 🙆🏿🤩👌🏿

  17. This episode was emotional. They did an excellent job

  18. This episode was emotional. They did an excellent job

  19. I don’t remember if it was shown in the manga, but while ichigo is locked in the Garganta the anime shows his bankai chipping. Which maybe explains why haschwalth destroyed it so easily. Maybe they’re giving context…

  20. I feel the only reason for the recap was to show off the animation again . I might get hate for this but bleach deserves to show off I waited a decade for this return

  21. So Ganyu becomes a sternritter….

  22. "J" of Jail ? Pffffffff…………. KISHIRE…………….

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