Blackout Defense – A Review You Asked For… 2022

November 22, 2022

Piece of Mind Guns
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Blackout Defense is a company we’ve been asked about for a few months. They are based in AZ and are a machine shop, with the owners having a background in the aerospace industry. Unlike most companies, they make many of their own components in their own facility. Let’s find out if the hype is real.

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  1. Speaking of Arizona based AR-15 companies. Sionics Weapon Systems is one that almost no YouTubers have reviewed and if they have, it was years ago.

  2. Every color / barrel length sold out

  3. Beard dude is a cool, other guy is a insecure douche in every video trying way to hard to be a cool guy

  4. Is that a 6” riser? You can shoot that gun from the hip with that riser

  5. Almost at 100K, maybe before the years over

  6. Reply
    Jesus Christ’s bride November 22, 2022 at 6:11 pm

    Best ar 15 ever

  7. 🇺🇸

  8. I just got lucky and found one of these locally here in Utah. This thing is absolutely BADASS! It's definitely the highest precision built ars I've ever seen. Shot it for the first time yesterday and it's a shooter man! Trigger is best in class. You can just tell handling this thing it's top of the line. So glad the word is getting out about this company. Thanks gentlemen!

  9. The tall optic mount is ??

  10. Hellcat pro review. Please!!

  11. I bought the 3lb flat trigger and love it rifle is definitely next

  12. Great vid guys as always. On the fence between this and cox arms since they are both from az. In fact should review one of those cox arms rifles hear they are pretty sweet and the owner is awsome as well.

  13. What kind of conditioner do you use for your hair…..I use liberal tears.

  14. Ok cool can I get a BCM or Daniel Defense with ambi-controls?🧠🤯🔫

  15. Have you guys considered doing a review on the MDRX. Would like to see if it's been fixed.

  16. Never heard of them but seem like a cool company

  17. How would you compare it to Lwrc a5 piston in terms of quality ? I have 2 Lwrc and they are both awesome. 16 inch 556 in the a5 and 300 blackout pistol.

  18. You should change the name from 1911 Syndicate to cartoon rifles being that red dot is taller than the twin towers. SATAO….Hard to take it serious

  19. Pretty interesting setup. What are the two holes for on the trigger guard that go into the trigger housing? I was assuming they'd be trigger adjustment but you said the trigger would drop into a mil spec receiver.

  20. Great video! I’m really interested in their keymo hybrid muzzle device? Any thoughts on that?

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