BLACK MIRROR Season 6: Joan Is Awful Ending Explained | Breakdown, Review & Easter Eggs reviews

June 25, 2023

BLACK MIRROR Season 6: Joan Is Awful Ending Explained | Breakdown, Review & Easter Eggs. We review, recap and explain the new Netflix Black Mirror Season Episode 1 and talk about the hidden details, references and the true meaning of the ending.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and I’m so excited to talk about what happens in Season 6. The show has returned and for the next week we’re gonna be going through every single episode to bring you full ending explained breakdowns. First up is Joan Is Awful which centres around a woman discovering that her entire life has been turned into a quote unquote netflix drama starring none other than Salma Hayek.

This showcases all of her faults, fantasies and it unearths every dirty little secret that she has. They also do a big twist come the end which I’ll talk about as we get further into it.

Extremely fourth wall breaking it actually has a number of different Black Mirror and Netflix Easter eggs in it. For the first part of the video I wanna go through what they are and then from here we’ll go into most of the plot and it’s meaning.

Now the opening when the title itself is revealed in the same font as netflix and we learn that in this universe it’s called Streamberry. We see the service being accessed at several points and there’s lots of different titles on it.

You can catch Loch Henry: Truth Will Out: which a documentary on episode 2 from this season. There’s also Sea of Tranquility: which was the show first brought up in “Nosedive” and later in this season during “Mazey Day.”

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  1. Check out our reviews of Black Mirror Season 6 over at our partners The Streamr –

  2. The Selma version was embellished to make Joan meaner so original Joan probably was nice if they embellished her story cause the Joan we get wasn’t that bad right

  3. They play ‘the song’ in the episode 😅👍 I’ll let anyone who missed it go find it

  4. Black mirror is not black mirror anymore , not a fan anymore they lost me as a fan

  5. This new season on black mirror is pissing me off and It’s a completely dofferent show now

  6. I haven't had more advertisements on one channel than this one.

  7. Great start to series despite the very predictable twist.

  8. You got me to hit like very cleverly at 2:40

  9. Reply
    Comic and Other Cons June 25, 2023 at 5:08 am

    i found it amazingly relevant to this episode that "by chance" when i started netflix after the show had dropped, i got a "terms of conditions agreement" when i went to log into netflix and shortly after i watched this episode of black mirror and said "holy fuk balls, they got me!!!"😲 cause i didn't read it and just said "agreed" the episode was so much funnier because of that! 🤭🤣🙏😂

  10. your salty comment made me hit the thumbs up button

  11. It seems that Joan is played as more and more awful as you get deeper into each fictive layer. This suggests real Joan is probably not awful at all. As the Michael Cera character implies, real Joan doesn't live in a fancy house, and we can assume, probably didn't have as good a job as the Annie Murphy Joan. We can assume that real Joan was much kinder to Sandy and less powerful in the firing scene…
    It makes the whole thing much more disturbing because as Mona says, there's nothing special about her; they could've warped the life of anyone on their streaming service. Maybe real Joan didn't cheat on Krish at all, or even reply to Mac's messages. Stark warnings, indeed.

  12. 9:06 where is this from? is it the big brother episode?

  13. 2nd fave of the season

  14. I died when Salma Hayek called the supercomputer a "Quantum-puta."

  15. I think, because the Joan we see from the start of the episode is already a worse version than the real Joan, since its not the original and every copy ends up being worse than the last

  16. This & the last episode were the 2 best

  17. Samuel is not awful. I liked the video…. 😂😂😂😂

  18. This entire episode reminded of that Spaceballs scene where they pull out the movie’s VHS mid-movie and watch themselves.
    “When will then happen? NOW!”

  19. I guess the point of this episode is to force us to read the terms and condition before we click agree? 😂😂😂

  20. She’s still being recorded though lol. We are still watching her. It’s really a never ending cycle

  21. It’s interesting but, like ‘Severance’, the principals KNEW what they were signing up for. Strangely the premises of both shows constitute the principals being somehow not aware of what they initially did and are now trying to get out of the scenario. Entertaining but it doesn’t add up.

  22. Was the church scene referring to Amber Heard? Why no one finds it weird af?

  23. Couldn't she just throw away her phone? What else was recording her every step?

    Or buy a new one and don't install Strawberry on that?

  24. This episode gave me FXX’s “DEVS” feels!

  25. Doesn't Annie also have an ankle bracellete during the end scene, when the camera pans down? I guess they were still trying to keep ambiguity as to whether or not the "show" kept going

  26. In loch Henry it mentions Netflix so Netflix and stream berry two different streaming sites but similar

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