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April 6, 2023


Rock debuts as daring as For the First Time are a rarity.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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  1. « Track X » least favorite track? I guess we have slightly different taste, cause this was my emotional peak when listening to the album.

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    hippiecheezburger April 6, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    Black Country New Road is a great band, so refreshing to hear modern music that’s actually really good and pretty original. This album is very good it’s a solid listen. The jazz instruments mixed with the post punk and the vocal delivery is incredibly well done. The instrumental parts alone are totally emotional. I think Opus might be the best song on the album

  3. “Are you okay dude, are you alright?”
    he wasn’t

  4. not anthony misinterpreting sunglasses 🙁

  5. This is the album of all time unironically

  6. 3:33 No, he was not okay 😢

  7. Are you ok man?

    Apparently he wasn't

  8. 3:34 he wasnt 💀

  9. Beats AFUT any day of the week, unless that day is the day my girlfriend breaks up with me or my grandparent dies

  10. Sometimes I feel crazy for being lukewarm on bands like BCNR that get universal praise and hype. They’re great, but the heights they were lifted to confused me. Again, I really like it, but I don’t see what differentiates them from any other great current band to the degree that they’ve been deified.

    There are just so many great bands putting out new music or debuting every other month… I don’t know how some people keep up with it all, while also listening to a new release enough to form an attachment or strong opinions about it.
    I have a close friend who is constantly on top of new releases, while also having deep knowledge and experience with post-rock, slowcore, post-hardcore, emo, etc. It seems like he must only listen to a new album he likes for a few weeks before moving on to other things to be able to keep up with it all. But he somehow manages to always have impeccable taste.
    Some bands you immediately know are up your alley, but others take some time to reveal themselves to you. I find myself sitting with a new album I like for months, and sometimes I’m just into the same handful of new albums I’m discovering, often because they were recommended to me. It surprises me how some people have an ear for immediately recognizing an emerging band as exceptional among other up-and-coming bands or artists in the same genre.

    I’m 3am schizo posting, but this is something I’ve been confused and vaguely frustrated about that’s hard to put into words.

  11. 3:32 : This has not aged well… 😐

  12. 7:52 aged like wine

  13. For band hard to categorise they sure sound a lot like all the 90's Lo-Fi American Indie and alt-Country I listened to back then: Palace, Silver Jews, Tortoise, a bit of Slint/June of 44 etc

  14. this album was f**king awesome

  15. Though I actually really enjoyed this review, and feel like Anthony really likes the album and gets it, this review will not age well. There is a lot of instances where what he's actually doing is laughing at a person who is having a public airing of the baggage associated with his mental episode. It kind of serves as a very great reminder that there's probably no good time to be referring to somebody as insane and laughing about it. Still love you anthony.

  16. Can't wait for 10 for Ants from Up There!

  17. coming back to this vid because im so excited for him to review the new album

  18. what do ya'll think he'll give ants from up there? 9/10?

  19. Based
    (1kth comment) HEHEHEHEHEHHE

  20. 3:33 aged like fine milk

  21. Putting track x in least favourite is so pretentious. Like “oh, this song is pretty and not experimental and cerebral so it sucks” whatever its the best song on the album

  22. 3:37 no, unfortunately he is not…

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    HeatleyBros - Royalty Free Video Game Music April 6, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    Just listened to this after the news of Issacs departure. Absolute Stunning, wild and riveting, and the finish is so beautiful my goodness, looking forward to the new album which I guess may be the grand finale.

  24. We'll miss you, Isaac

  25. 3:33 Evidently Not 😔😭

  26. I'm such a Slint snob that before I heard this album I was offended by everyone making the comparison and wanted to hate this. I'm both proud and ashamed to report that this album is excellent.

  27. Better dread than dead!

  28. Garbled, disjointed, pretentious dreck. BCNR tout themselves as progressive, experimental artists but deliver hyper-ironic, unmusical slam poetry to the key of a play-along pub jazz band.


  30. It's an adventurous album yo

  31. It took me a few listens but this album is bonkers, well worth the hype around it.

  32. AOTY no doubt

  33. Could have worked on Merge or Partisan, I think.

  34. Bright Green Field was better

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