Bike News Review – September 2022 4K reviews

January 21, 2023

Bike News Review – September 2022 4K: In this episode of “Bike News” I cover proposals for 30mph speed limits, new Kawasaki electric bikes, new Husqvarna Svartpilen 125cc, Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory, KTM 890 Duke R, Ducati Monster, New BMW K1600GT, New Suzuki V-Strom 1050 DE, Lamborghini Ducati Streetfighter V4, New Suzuki SV650, Indian Scout Rogue, Harley-Davidson Nightster, Norton Atlas, Triumph Custom Bobber, New Ducati Diavel V4, MV Agusta F3 RR, Ducati Panigale V2, New DUcati Monster SP, New BMW R1300GS, New Royal Enfield 650 Twin Tracker, Guardsman Security Barrier and much much more!

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  1. Isn't/wasn't the Norton Atlas motor a Kawasaki 650 twin clone?

  2. Well behind with your videos so I'm spending a rainy Saturday catching up . Loving the Alaska tour so far such a wide open space and I've never seen anyone tour there so really interesting veiws . Going to Canary motorbike tours for the second time in February ,with out your channel I would not have known about them, thanks for sharing 👍

  3. The general increase in traffic density is probably a good reason to reduce speed limits but I think motorcyclists tend to be more aware of risk than car drivers and should be allowed to go faster than cars.

  4. Love the channel and just getting into biking at 40!! CBT booked for next week.

    So my first question is….what monitor have you got there? 😂

  5. I’ve only just recently discovered your channel and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! It’s informative and the content is varied and interesting! Your tour of Alaska and Canada is really something that’s on my bucket list, but I’ve such a big blue sky country of my own to play in. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming episodes of the North American tour. Cheers and ride safe! 🏍☀️🍺🇿🇦👍

  6. Another interesting show. Thank you – I’ll be looking at the Canary Island Tour guys too 👍🏻

  7. Neevesy watches bike news,
    The missindon flyer makes this look Alot easier than it is 🙂

  8. Hi Andy. I look forward to the monthly roundup. We’re liking the USA/Canada tour, even though we live in the PNW. It’s nice to see another person’s take on it, as you get a bit used to spectacular vistas. Some great twisty roads round Mt Rainier on the Conti GT with a suspension upgrade from Hagons and a set of Avon tyres. Keep up the charitable works. They might make you verger of the parish. 🌋🌋🏔️🏔️🏍️🏍️

  9. I had a V Strom with the old TL1000 engine….after a diversion 900 it scare the s¥¢t out of me ..sportsbike speed with the handling of a wonky Bandit …only kept for 8 months then traded for bmwgs airhead (and relax)🏍️💨😵

  10. Thank you for the review – as always, excellent.

  11. The more I look at old British bikes, the more I appreciate the genius of the styling of many of them. They aren't flashy, like MVs, etc., they're just purposeful and glorious, even many of the budget models. So, I always appreciate seeing homage bikes like the newish Royal Enfields. I'm not a fan of triple exhausts on one side, MV style. I find it a little childish and silly, like many Ducatis. But BSAs, AJSs, Triumphs, Ariel, OLD Nortons, to name a few are extraordinary feats of design. You must keep your Ducati 899. It ain't much of a commuter. But it is one of the best of the bunch for looks. It's a bit sad that you are constantly comparing it to newbie Dukes, and reveals an inner turmoil re disposal or not.

  12. 1300 Triumph Tiger on the way – Yawn!

  13. What a shame about the Atlas, alas! I was a sucker that nearly put a deposit on one (Why isn't that low-life, playboy, Gardner languishing in prison?). I would have thought that a boutique (artisan, blah, blah) brand is the last thing a company needs to be in the current economic weather. I don't hold any hope for the future of that company. And, after the abuse and illegal activity, it would probably be for the best if it just disappeared. For a while at least.

  14. ……V twim, I'm sure has a lot to do with my affection. Why bother with another parallel twin in the overcrowded 650 -700cc zone? Especially with Honda tearing up the rule book with the Hornet (deposit going on next week as replacement for my CB650R – over 3 years old but looks as new – lovely but I don't do MoTs). Wot a bore. Suzuki should have considered a straight 6. Or a bike that runs on used chip frying fat. Anything but a dire P twin. Urghhhh! Which is what the Hornet is…Whoops!

  15. The Lambo Fighter looks like a Streetfighter with Covid. I love green on bikes old (and new) z650, great. The shade on the Lambo is similar to that on tobacco products – designed to be intentionally unappealing. I have no idea why I love the V-Strom so much. It's tall for me, the power isn't scintillating. But, it's just great.

  16. The problem with draconian laws/rules is that at some point the populous snaps and civil unrest follows. Something I'm definitely not in favour of. I don't think that this has been properly thought through. I think a lot of the "Chelsea Tractor, BMW and Audi Drivers" will be displeased with this as well. I was in the UK recently (in a car unfortunately), in and around darkest Essex and Suffolk and on some of the back lanes even on a bike, you can't do more than 40 ish even though the limit is 60.

    You'll be upsetting Bruce with your electric bike negativity 😂

    Still on V4 I see. Sorry about the late comments – I was in the UK until recently.

  17. Thanks Andy 👍I always listen out for one of your funny quotes during the Bike News. You never disappoint. This month it's got to be, "Looks like Brian the snail" 😂

  18. Thanks for the mention!👍

  19. I have both the V2 and superveloce which is same as F3, I agree with you, and disagree with MCN, he could not be more wrong V2 far harsher road bike, only softens up over 50mph and weight comes of the wrist, MV far more comfortable and softer sprung and far less wristey, Engine more flexible. V2 chuggey under 3k, but delivers a bang high up rev range , I ride MV more than Ducati, nicer all round engine and bike .V2 fabulous track bike.
    I bought the V2 before MV, love both, but if I could have only one have MV.
    He must have road V2 on super smooth asphalt.


  21. Ducati Lambo is pure Glam Rock and Triumph is pure class.

  22. I agree 100% with the Beemer1600 G.T. Roadtest.
    I had exactly the same issues with one on a full day road test, but that was 7 years ago, so nowt has changed!
    I couldn't wait to get back on my then 50,000 miler FJR1300, now with over 100,000 miles on her!🏍️👍

  23. Reply
    Paw Gordon Kristensen January 21, 2023 at 2:11 am

    DE stands for Desert Express. The Dr 750 S had stickers saying Desert Express on the beak.. I loved mine..

  24. I thought it was fake news when I heard some 60mph been turned into 20-30 .
    Who on earth thinks it makes it safer . I tried to stop a local 60 bern turn into 40 for no good reason when been no speed related accidents .
    Now it’s 40 They is accidents on the same road . It’s stopa people being alert and sit on target speed board start day breaking looking at the phones ect

  25. I'd rather not have a bike than own any V-Strom.

  26. Luckily we paid our Norton Atlas deposit on a credit card. Sad that new Norton are not pursuing the project. All their new boutique/expensive bikes are out of our price range. Honestly struggle to see Norton making money. Paid millions for the name, had to build a new factory then re-engineer all of the Garner era projects.
    You mention electric bikes not really cutting it. I wondered how on earth MCN gave the new Zero 'adventure' electric bike 4 out of 5 stars in a very recent test??? Then watching you leaf through the paper I notice a full page Zero advertisement! It's all much clearer now.

  27. Another great episode Andy, thanks

  28. I don’t understand the resistance to keeping speeds at appropriate speeds in appropriate areas. 20 mph in residential streets is much safer for pedestrians and motorists/motorcyclists, young and old; give respect and you earn respect. I’d add that there isn’t a problem until it goes wrong. Then the wailing starts. Want to go fast? Go to a track.

  29. 1,300 Pounds for 2 Guardsman rails, did your insurance give you a discount for theft?

  30. Really been enjoying your tour! Wish you could have met up with Itchy Boots and Ryan F9 while you were out in Canada! Looking forward to watching the rest of your tour!

  31. Shame about Norton Atlas. I was really close to put my deposit over one and I would really love to see that bike with such a low weight and those specs… but probably not doable with all those emission standards in place

  32. Did you say Norton was not only canning the Atlas , but not returning people's deposits?

  33. I predict that the BMW K1600 ,though a fine bike ,will not match your Goldwing.

  34. If backroads are restricted to 30mph then why even own a motorcycle?

  35. Agree with your thoughts on the Norton Atlas,really liked it when it was first unveiled,like you say,it's a shame they're not going to put it into production. Kimbo

  36. Boring content. We can read the mag for ourselves.

  37. I really don’t understand why all the reviews where the v2 has been put against the f3 800rr. The equivelant is the f3 rosso in spec and is priced at £15500. I’ve owned both bikes, well a standard f3 800 euro 4 and this to me smacks of just making an article work for the bikes they happened to have available rather than a properly considered but of journalism. The chassis on the v2 for me is heavier in handling but the suspension is higher quality and it benefits hugely from the steering damper. The MV for me had push bike like handling weight but could be really hard work when pushing on. The engine though and quick shift and blipper on the MV for me is far superior, the triple is useable and tractable, especially on track, it drives beautifully and isn’t as pesky as the Panigale engine

  38. You seem to be very taken by the blind spot radar detection. My question is would you trust it 100% or would you still be doing proper shoulder checks?
    I personally think it's a waste of money, very gimmicky on a bike and see no replacement for seeing with your own eyes.

  39. Nice one mr Flyer! A green Ducati? At that pricelevel? Silly!
    I do like the Classic reveiws. Keep them coming!
    So you find the RR better than your (older) Panigale? And MCN finds the new Panigale better than the RR? Says something about the Panigales evolution!
    That HEV from Kawasaki…I don't think we are looking at future bikes yet. We are looking at a test-and-trial periode of time. Who knows what we'll be using in the future?
    Thank you mr Flyer!

  40. I have enjoyed your latest trip it’s close to home, (BC and Alberta) looking forward to the next episode, I guess you must be home now. Hope you enjoyed it.

  41. Reply
    John Valerie Welbers January 21, 2023 at 2:11 am

    🤓 some interesting news,looking forward to rest of Alaska,bc series. Interesting to have there prospective on where you live and ride,and where I have missed some cool stuff
    🤓😎🏍💨💨💨💨💨👍🏻🇨🇦🥂from bc

  42. Motorcycles are a representation of the individual. All governments are at war with the individual.

  43. Hi Andy me and the wife always watch you mate We are watching your BMW in Canada at the mo and loving it The wife was asking will you be doing any more Biker Scran with geoff and Dan sometime soon mate

  44. I thought a Ducati was supposed to be a special exotic motorcycle are they just an accessory to a Lamborghini now days 🧐🧐

    The 20mph limit will kill off motorcycles and performance cars. Mind most fun roads around notts have had the speed limits dropped followed by average speed cameras

  45. That answer to go to a liquidator to get your deposit is lousy. This American's answer is: That Doctor CEO has to live somewhere. Rich bastard, give me my money.

  46. Sorry andy but there’s only so much I can watch of someone on there bike the Canada trip is great but to much info on bike stuff is the best

  47. To bad about Norton. Be nice to have an affordable version.

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