Bike News Review – October 2022 4K reviews

January 19, 2023

Bike News Review – October 2022 4K: In this month’s “Bike News” I cover the New Mash X-Ride Trail, Ducati V4 streetfighter versus V2 Streetfighter, New Honda Hornet, Triumph Bond Special Edition Speed Triple RR, New Multistrada V4 Rally, New Suzuki Burgman Street125 EX, New BMW M1000RR, Voge Rally 300, Norton Atlas, New Norton Commando, BMW R1250 RT versus BMW K1600GT LE and much much more!

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  1. I can't remember the last time I disagreed with Neevsey's road test reviews but IMO picking the V2 streetfighter over the V4 is off the mark, the V2 is undoubtedly a good bike but it lacks the pull from everywhere in the rev range the V4 has and for me it just doesn't feel as special as the V4 which draws a crowd wherever you park.

  2. Liz Truss wasn’t a real person.

  3. Reply
    Supercharged Llama Detailing January 19, 2023 at 9:59 am

    Great bike news as always TMF!

    Regarding the Alaskan tour; I got 6 episodes in and lost the will to carry on. I might delve in again but skip a few episodes first. I felt like the first 6 could have been more like 3 installments, covering multiple days in an episode (with each one being marginally longer). But that's just my preference and I know others will be different.

    I actually really enjoyed the bits where you just rolled some footage with music in the background too.

  4. When my Duke 390 was written off recently, I would have preffered to get a new one in the 2020 colours, sadly couldn't find one anywhere so had to buy the new model – miss the orange/white.

  5. Rode the Mash, was alright but tiny dash was hard work and although it is budget, it really felt it…..

  6. Interesting that people pick on Greta, a young woman, rather than Attenborough or King Charles, old men. The 80 limit was mooted but abandoned. Mostly for safety reasons (opposed for example by the RAC), but environmental too. Also consider Police implementation of the current rules, where, generally, you'll be fined at 10% + 2mph. So for the 70 limit, expect to be fined at 79+. Make that an 80 limit, with the same tolerance and the enforcement kicks in at 90.

  7. I love the look of the black SP 961 Commando; it is super sharp! But as you said it is for the enthusiast because for that money a rider has a lot to choose from. Have they gotten the emission certification and will they be exported? Beautiful bike though.

  8. Scooters are a menace in London, used by delivery riders and County Lines thugs, sometimes they are one and the same.

  9. I'd like to see you ride a Benelli 250 four cylinder.

  10. Motorways in England are currently 0 mph.

  11. looking forward to the Sprint review

  12. Love to own a scooter for commuting. But if you leave it anywhere in public, you'll need to have the bus fare home.

  13. On speed limits and emissions – I notice the M1 has had a 60 mph limit last Sheffield "for air quality". I drive an electric car so often wonder if the limit applies to me….

  14. Sorry to hear your Alaska views aren't going well. As an Australian big views even of pine forests aren't too interesting, or straight roads, however TMF never fails to deliver and I will catch up.
    On another note, like a good crime novel, I do like to hear a bit more of the cuisine – with shots.
    Your Scran videos are very relatable.
    Food as they say brings folk together and adds interest to trips.

  15. Hey good summary of the news. Have you heard any update for the Isle of White TT for next year. Do you know if the local authority has now given the necessary consents? Thanks.

  16. Why does MCN only rag on the Japanese bikes for just spraying alternate colour schemes and rebranding as new bikes. The biggest culprit by far is Triumph. They have been doing it for years (especially the Bonneville). Must be the good old Triumph payola still being in place at MCN. I await the recycled annual "Triumph love fest MCN issue". Should be out in December sometime. It has been every year I can remember.

  17. I'm wondering if you have the stop start system whether you'd still be able to switch out the battery if it's a special kind for that system. Going to a lithium battery is a quick and nice upgrade but this may not be possible with this.

  18. @themissendenflyer Have you seen the new litelok D-Lock that resists a grinder for up to 5 minutes, it’s called litelok X1 and it chews through grinder discs.

  19. I agree that it’s a bit odd to relaunch the Hornet as a parallel twin. Nothing wrong with a parallel twin but Honda should not called it the new 750 a Hornet. Also I was disappointed that Norton shelved the new Atlas. However they do need to concentrate their efforts on EV’s if they are to meet the upcoming deadlines – it takes a long time to develop and produce a new model and by the time it’s done then their won’t be a market for them. Personally I think Norton won’t last the course now because they are trying to survive in a niche market with a downturn in the world economy- if the Atlas was up and running they may have stood a chance.

  20. Another one for the pedants – if you think about it, the BMW Boxer cylinders are actually parallel to each other😎 Perhaps a better name for "parallel twins" should be "vertical twins" – but then some of them slope… brain hurts.😂

  21. Another really useful update. Am following your North America trip & really enjoying them. IMO if you alternated the vids say a tour vid on a Wednesday & something else on a Saturday, it would satisfy those who aren’t so into touring blogs & help your algorithm with YT. Personally, I watch everything you do, even bikes I have no interest in buying/riding- stopped watching TV & bask in you & Freddie D 👍

  22. I like your news videos but can't watch your bike tour videos because can't watch with all the helmet cam head movement ,it becomes hard to watch becoming a bit dizzying after a short while. Chest cams much better to watch.

  23. These monthly news are great. Keep up the good work. Tour series do fade off but better to keep them consecutive👍🏽

  24. I've been awaiting this news review for a while to hear your reaction to MCNs review of the new Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello and maybe a mention of a future test ride by yourself. So, imagine my surprise when there was no mention of this totally new bike and engine and a first with active aerodynamics (gimmick or not). I will hopefully be getting one soon.

  25. The BMW looks lovely, however, I REALLY hate the wings that bikes are getting now, very very ugly IMHO

  26. I watch all your videos but recon as you upload 2 a week the tour should be one day and something else like a bike review the next to keep everyone happy. Just a thought. Btw I'd pay extra not to have my bike covered in James Bond film names. Back along they made a street triple for the film "Birds of Prey" as there was a STR in the film but what a horrible coloured thing that was.🤮

  27. Did you see Neevsey gave you a call out. Said doing the blogging from the paper wasn't as easy as TMF makes it look every month.
    As for the tours I cheat. I have YouTube play them as they come out (accounting for the time difference here in the USA) a couple of hours delayed. Then once they are all out I go back & watch them back to back. I'm just one bloke but I think you do a cracking job informing & entertaining us bikers. So thx and as me da used to say…Cheers

  28. Handing out candy on Halloween watching bike news! 👻 🎃Another great one Andy.

  29. Reply
    Barnettspeed Suzuki January 19, 2023 at 9:59 am

    Can't see Norton surviving with that attitude

  30. Spammers at work again Andy

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