Bike News Review – November 2022 4K reviews

January 20, 2023

Bike News Review – November 2022 4K: In this edition of Bike news I take a look at New Triumph Chrome Editions bikes, RGNT’s One Throttle Drive, Aprilia Tuareg v Yamaha Tenere 700 v Honda CRF 300 Rally v AJP PR7 v KTM 690 Enduro R, New Ducati Diavel V4, Farewell to the GSXR1000, Mac Rex, Vespa GTS300, New Suzuki GSX-8S, New Honda Transalp, New Triumph Street Triple Moto2 Edition, Kawasaki HEV Motorcycle, New Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 cruiser, BMWs updated R1250RS, New Caballero 700cc Scrambler, Suzuki GSX-S1000 v Honda CB1000R v Kawasaki Z900, Honda CMX1100T Rebel, Niken GT and much much more!

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  1. Not enough of the M.C.N Mr Flyer…tweekly ? 👍

  2. Hi there TMF hope you had a happy Christmas and wish you and Mrs Flyer all the best for the new year. Have seen December issue of Bike news( thanks) and enjoyed it. The program for the new year looks great My wife and I enjoy watching you and Carol on your adventures and Biker Scran with Jeff and Dan are a highlight. The reviews of classic bikes are terrific and give me an insight into many of the bikes I would like to have ridden but didn't get a chance to at the time. Cheers for all your hard work on our behalf!

  3. New Honda Transalp review! Yes, please. It seems a bit of a versatile bike. Be great to see what you think. Keep up the great work !

  4. I always enjoy the MCN bits..I've missed that paper since I relocated to the US. Cheers! 🍻👍

  5. Disappointing to hear about Hackney council charging for Motorbike parking. It upsets car drivers when bikes take up one car parking space each. An idea would be to get a load of bikes take up all the parking spaces just before Christmas. Sometimes you have to create a problem to solve one.😉

  6. Lambretta….surely a better bike….looks-wise, anyway!

  7. Why would you want a chrome tanked Scrambler.

  8. Premium brands using V4… started producing V2 units to attract more customers with less…

  9. Hi, just wondering if you will be doing a bike review on the new fantic caballero 700cc when it comes out. Really enjoy watching your videos all the best ✊✊✊👍

  10. Surprised MCN did not use the S.E version of the Z900 in the in line 4 comparison test [has anyone tested or seen one yet?]. The price would have been closer to the other 2 but with it's superior brakes and suspension it could have been the winner here. I totally agree with you Andy on the parallel twin thing going on at the moment. Huge fan of inline 4's, triples and my all time favourite, the V4. Keep em coming mate and ride safe.

  11. Read, try and would love to read some motorcycle news, in mcn every week, past the selling of motocycles Love hearing, Through the Grapevine. Dear lord mcn .Anything would be like. News, to read about Motocycle people life. There is millions, out there into bikes. Wont hole out any hope.

  12. I’ll take the super meteor 650 perfect for me of course I ride a Vulcan s 650 now

  13. Really enjoyed this episode as I do all of them 👍

  14. I went to the show this year, I went around 4 years ago and I really didn’t find it very interesting, most new bikes are not that exciting at the moment which is a shame
    CCM had some beautiful bikes and looked stunning but £12,000 on average and to have lcd clocks was such a shame, I went with the guys from the approved training body (Able MCT) that I am part of and we looked at all the bikes that may work for the school
    Electric is still just too expensive and not enough miles but we all realise it may be the way forward

  15. If you look at what the government made mobile phone manufacturers and told everyone that they had to go to usb – c so that it was universal charging, maybe electric bike manufacturers will have to do the same with the interchangeable batteries for electric to work ?

  16. Just looking at the first item which is the electric bike which says you cannot take the battery out so that will be an issue if they start having banks for people to swop the battery and move on

  17. The entire climate gimmick is a money making scheme. Glad when it hits your wallet you actually see the scam.

  18. Saw the fanatics cabs and ccm scrambler they both looked great.. couple of others I thought stood out were the tracer 900 + . the 900 rs se looked stunning… and the Dax 125 hehe

  19. If the new Transalp really is £9750 and the Hornet is £6999 then that would be £2751 for a bigger fairing, spoked (but not tubeless) wheels and a rear rack. Hmmmmm.

  20. I love the statement from Ducati. It seems that there are people who are of the opinion that it's some kind of human right to be able to afford a Ducati (or Ferrari, or Porsche etc.), and that's just not the case. It's sort of the whole point with premium brands.

  21. Somebody missed the investment tip on Royal Enfield; owned by Eicher Motors Ltd, a whopping 272,932.79% increase in share price since 2002. £1000 invested would now be £2.72Million,

  22. Here's a cynics take on this month's bike news:

    Another "special edition" Triumph what a surprise … Hackney makes stupid parking decision, just like Paris … Another fugly e-bike introduced that nobody will buy … Ducati comes out with another bike that costs more than half an average annual UK salary, so there's another surprise … Suzuki is forced to actually upgrade their bikes to modern standards; that will require a whole new company culture I guess … Another niche UK firm introduces another unnecessary bike nobody will be buying … Vespa introduces – tada – a Vespa … Suzuki introduces another upper mid-range bike with dubious looks (later than everybody else, but culture change takes time), because big bikes have become so expensive a mid-range is all you can afford … Honda introduces new Transalp that the French won't be buying because they are still happy riding their 20-30 year old ones … Another new bike from Triumph, oh well, not really all that new after all, surprise surprise … Kawasaki keeps alive the old promise of one day going green; we keep waiting for it … Royal Enfield makes bike for people who like beards and leather tassels on their jackets but who can't afford an HD … BMW introduces another technological wonder that will cost twice the sticker price once you've specced it … Italian firm known for its Spanish named comes out with a new scrambler because – well I don't know … Four cylinder bikes are still a thing, some say, for people who like a smooth riding experience … Ducati say they are Ferrari .. Honda is still a hard case … Yamaha comes out with another bike with support wheel that you will only see in their dealer display rooms …

    That's all folks

  23. Thanks for another interesting Bike News Andy – hardly need to read the news myself with such a great summary each month! That Honda Rebel bagger is definitely not for me either, but I am looking forward to the reviews of the new Transalp; if that bike had come out a year earlier, I might not have made the jump to become a Ducatisti. I'm loving the mega-tour but was a bit distressed to hear in ep. 17 that there are "only" 800 miles to go😬 (sorry, I realise I am commenting out of order here, but work prevented me from watching this until this morning!!)

  24. Love watching the bike news, on a sunday when its quiet and the kids are not up yet with a coffee.
    Whats not to like

  25. Enjoy the videos, I've always wondered why you tubers, with nowhere near the subscriber numbers you have,go to official bike launches,in Spain etc,but not TMF,or perhaps it just doesn't appeal to you 🤔🤔🤔

  26. Ive been saving up all of your Alaska and Canada videos to binge watch them over Christmas break. Keep up the great work..

  27. Yes. A TRANSALP review ,😁

  28. euro 5 my arse, the impact motorcycles will make on the climate is negligible – total bllx

  29. Great Stuff covered..Enjoyed watching..Fully Agree, Manufacturers pls come up with 600cc in line 4s, we don't want twins….

  30. Did you get to see a Sasquatch when touring the Americas deep dark wilderness … you can see the cousins in the great State of Texas if you do a southern tour, just above Beaumont ( Big Thicket) is real forests where they don’t mind letting you know to get of the land out there if you want a thrill !

  31. Councils are, in my opinion, the most disfunctional, blinkered and short-sighted, ignorant organisations within the UK. Even more so than our Government(s). Councils are populated by employees who quite frankly wouldn't stand a hope in hell of obtaining a position in the real, especially commercial, world. Sadly, Councils manage to group together all these types of individuals which is why we end up with so many very brainless ideas. Council employees cannot think outside of a very small box.

  32. Nice one. Good piece on the Hackney Protests. Would have been nice if you gave a shout out to MAG & SLM. Well done to the protestors as this will be coming to a town or borough near all of us sooner than we think!!

  33. I have been riding bikes since 1996 when I was 16…
    28:59 I have never owned a 4-cylinder bike. Singles / V-twins & currently a triple (765RS)… But never never owned a 4-cylinder ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  34. I'd love to count how many times you said er or ermmm 🤣

  35. Reply
    tarmacscratcher Youtube January 20, 2023 at 6:04 am

    Excellent as ever, thank you for doing these. As for twins, I'm sort of guessing but why would the manufacturers invest in combustion engines anymore? Twins are cheap and fit many into many roles. The very last motorcycle combustion engine will be a twin and not a 600cc turbo charged V12 ….. unfortunately. 😥

  36. As always, one of my favourite videos to watch each month.
    I had a great time up at Motorcycle Live this year, we make a thing of it and grab a hotel for a couple of nights so we can get on the beers and have a good giggle and nice food. The new Street Triple Moto2 is actually quite comfy and not too extreme, I think it will make for an absolute weapon on track, and the paint is amazing, well done Triumph for listening to us complaining about boring paint, this most definitely is not boring. I do however agree that the charm of a naked bike like the Street and Speed Triple is the upright riding position…. but I do think it would be ace if you were able to review the Moto2 version to hear your thoughts on it!

  37. So the tiger is going to be replaced by a speedmaster Chrome – put the money down now waiting for arrival.
    Don’t know wether to take it to the ABR festival though 🤔

  38. Great video as always Andy. Have to agree about the RE Super Meteor 650. It kind of reminds me of the old Yamaha 535 Virgo in terms of,…. erm,………. 'character'. Probabaly the biggest mis-use of the word Super, since the Honda Superdream in the late 70's/early 80's. Though I did actually pass my test on one of those in '81 🙂

  39. That Nikken (not sure I spelled it right) ….I think it's ugly and like you, I don't think …well I might have seen one on the road but that's it.
    Honda …the lowest cc Rebel is the 300 and not the 500.
    I just think any engine over 300cc should be liquid cooled and not air. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion. 🙂
    I really like your Alaska, western Canada, and moving into western US videos and look forward to seeing it to the very end of that adventure!

  40. Twins? Rideable for the streets and insurance friendly.

  41. Speaking of Ducati, you gotta watch Fortnine's Desert X review – hilarious! Good bike though.

  42. Very informative, just got to start saving now,

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