Bike News Review – June 2021 Edition reviews

December 26, 2022

Bike News Review – June 2021 Edition: In this edition of “Bike News” I discuss the latest new bike releases to catch my eye as well as much much more form the pages of MCN over the last four weeks…..

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  1. I wish car and bike manafacturers would just provide an integrated mount for phone and let your phone display run smart tech.

    Leave the manafacturer display to run the bike.

    Always had connection and functionality issue on all new connected vehicles.

    Pain in the ass.

  2. Andy, I think the main reason some viewers give you a bit of stick regarding the whole China issue is not because they’re snobbish about the quality of goods coming from the Far East, but rather because the Chinese Communist government are a disgusting, oppressive, secretive, anti-humanitarian regime. They perpetrate and sponsor genocide and are largely responsible for the devastation of the Covid pandemic. I recognise that it is very difficult to ‘never buy Chinese’ as goods manufactured there are so ubiquitous, but perhaps just give this a little consideration when you talk about/promote Chinese made bikes. Cheers mate.

  3. Wanted to add to some (many) of the comments below, would love your review of the new Moto Guzzi V7, and of the Benelli Leoncino 500, particularly the Trail version. I don't know how they ride, but both are spectacular to look at, such beautiful machines. Cheers!

  4. Funniest thing I've heard in ages!!!

  5. Oooooooh… GSXS1000T Just what I've been waiting for!!

  6. #Great review, Canary M/C tours looking fwd to booking in.

  7. I recently subscribed to a 'Readly' digital magazines account to get my MCN (and other bike mags) fix but still enjoy your monthly reviews. Thanks.

  8. I’ve ridden the original 70’s Guzzi V7 which was a cracking bike so I’d be interested on a review of the latest V7. I think it’s the best looking retro bike & I do like the sticky out engine 😎.

  9. Thanks Mr Flyer, lots going on in the world of bikes and so nice to see many British options. I look forward to seeing your video on the Tiger 850. :>)

  10. I’ve got a Honda Monkey z125 if you want a tastefully tweaked one to test ride 👍 just sold my moto guzzi v7, loved it but fancied a change, not sure what’s next in my wish list.

  11. Its incredible how BMW has managed to make the S1000R even uglier than before

  12. Thanks for the updates! We in the US don't have as much of a pulse on these things. Agree TMF, would be cool to have TFT in a retro package. Like an Kawasaki Z 900 RS with classic gauge covers but TFT gauges. Yes, please provide a riding review of the BMW S1000R, Kawasaki Z H2 SE and the Suzuki GSX-S1000! Thanks!

  13. Haha, if you want to know how you sound after a few beers/late on Christmas day – slow the speed down to 0.5, made me chuckle!!

  14. Two months after ordering the lite lock moto and it’s still “ estimated delivery September”. – bit worried about that.

  15. Don't forget mcn is published by Bauer..

  16. If you had a choice of a S1000r and a MT10sp which one would you pick? I use a bike for everything lol 😆

  17. I have had my monkey for just over a year, what a great little machine..TMF needs to ride one, I have just tested the new Enfield meteor and the benelli imperiale… went for the benelli as it has an even smoother engine and I prefer the looks…both good bikes and lovely to ride

  18. As always, this is one of my favourite videos to watch each month. I'm sure you know my passion for all things Moto Guzzi…. you really should give them a decent spin, my V7i with just 50bhp has embarrassed many a sports bike on trackdays…. the new 850cc V7 is not something I have ridden yet, but is def worth trying if you are able to get a ride! 🙂 the engine is not fast, but in my other MG, my V85, it hustles along pretty darn well 😀

  19. You sound pissed when its slowed down, LOL.

  20. Can you talk a bit quicker please? I'm fucking bored.

  21. Reply
    It’s all about the ride Keeping it alive December 26, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    Worst thing about the Benelli 502 ADV bike “ and your right 👍, is basically a copy of the Ducati . and weights almost as much as a GS ( that 500 engine mush be gutless ) they are not popular in Australia with our open highways and long distances.

  22. Reply
    It’s all about the ride Keeping it alive December 26, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    I have a Benelli 1130 Trek ( but it was real Italian Benelli ) but did have a few gremlins 😂😂😂. But will say loved the triple engine- sounded like an F1 , and was still to date the BEST handling motorcycle I EVER have owned .

  23. Reply
    It’s all about the ride Keeping it alive December 26, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    They engine is from the SWM 650 , that used to be the Husky TE630 . It’s basically a 600cc . Not a bad engine, AJP PR7 also use this engine as well . So it must be ok 👍🤔 I think 🤔 they should go back to making proper Dual sport bikes ( like the CCM GP 450 they made – it used the BMW 450 X engine. ) Yes a twin engine would be nice 👍- use Royal Enfields 650

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