Bike News Review – July 2022 4K reviews

January 21, 2023

Bike News Review – July 2022 4K: In this edition of Bike News I cover Triumphs changes and updates on the Bonnevilles, the Cassington Bike meet, New BSA Gold Star, Yamaha R7, Honda CBR650R, Aprilia RS660, New Maeving RM1, Triumph TE-1, New CCM Retro Trailie, MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 9.5, 10 tips for motorcycle touring, New Yamaha Tracer 9 GT, Triumph Trident 660, Zero SR/S ZF15.6, New Mac Motorcycles Ruby, BMW G310RR, Yamaha XSR900, Triumph Spped Twin, Kawasaki Z900RS SE and much much more!

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  1. Andy, are you running a competition at the moment? If so, do you take details using telegram?

  2. Looking forward to the Kawasaki rs vlog. Any insider news on the arrival of the 2023 models like the red tanks. Or any more SE special editions.

  3. GOOD GAWD!!! You could have a WICKED game of Space Invaders on that monitor!!! 👊🏻👊🏻

  4. Great to see more women on bikes, bit of a shame there's a race for throwing the biggest female only meet. I understand the need to have female friendly meets and to cater more towards females. Not sure about segregating the meets, I like to be around female bikers for sure so I hope I'm allowed lol.

  5. So all sport bikes should be fours? So Ducati didn’t make a real sport bike 🏍 until the V4? And what about all the races twin cylinder engines has won 🏆? Seems odd to say an engine configuration alone determines it’s abilities and motorcycle type 🤷‍♂️

  6. Reply
    Life's Journey at 50 January 21, 2023 at 10:17 pm

    I have the T120 BLK 22"…the matte gets spotty when you wash…extra cleaning needed…always love the scran….can't wait to see the mayhem..ha!!! Thanks again!!!

  7. Does the electric bike sound like a motorbike, part of the bike life is the sound.

  8. Nice one Flyer. I enjoyed that and lots to look forward to especially the SpeedTwin vs Z900rs contest. Keep ‘em coming sir.

  9. Great video really enjoyed it but where can I get news papers like these?

  10. Oooooh Matt Orange I like that. Don’t use degreaser though, as your Matt will end up in a blatt

  11. Gidday Mate. I love my RS660. It is exclusively a track bike. It really is the goldilocks bike in terms of power and handling.

  12. Nice review of the MCN recents. Looking forward to the MV Agusta F3 upcoming video.

  13. Another interesting bike news. What a disappointment that Triumph project was. I'm getting so fed up of hearing about electric bikes that are frankly not fit for purpose. Overpriced & underachieving lemons for the most part unless you want a little scooter to buzz around town on for a few miles, which is about all their good for currently! Presumably they will get it right by 2035 & I'm very happy to wait & leave them well alone until they do. Anyway the BSA seems cool but I agree they're getting a little ahead of themselves & have a mountain to climb to compete with Royal Enfield but fingers crossed they get it right. Speaking of retros, the Katana (which I know you don't like lol) should've been in that retro test too. Love it or hate , it's an iconic neo-retro that too often gets ignored imo.

  14. A confrontation between BSA and Royal Enfield? And the first is price wise superior? Humm 🤫I think that BSA will have to prove that their bikes are better in some important points, don’t they?
    That new Ruby bike is a looker but I think that it is a fundamental project, because the seat promises for very little comfort, I’m afraid.
    Between the speed twin and the Kawasaki there is only a thing that personality concerns to a fact:- when a ride that kind of bike, the japonese four cylinders engine always feel to me that they ask for one more gear in the top of the last. And riding the speed twin it’s the opposite sensation, when you achieve the fifth gear, you think you’re riding on the last gear but in fact you have one more to use, and that is a very pleasant feeling to have when riding a bike🤙🤙

  15. This is yet another example of what you do so well and that being dissecting articles and providing insightful commentary. Or do I, as you once said, need to "have a word with yourself, mate"?

    I never lie. I say what I think rather than what someone might desire from me. It is the honorable thing to do. You have a fairly good rapport with your "readership" but especially so within this context, i.e., reading/reviewing the Bike Reviews. Well done.

    I ain't about to have a word with my self, laddie. Thank you for an excellent review.

  16. You certainly are not alone regarding the looks of that Augusta! 😵

  17. I own an RE Conti 650. I love it to bits. On the BSA, the radiator looks like it’s come out of a Cortina, and it’s a shame they didn’t develop their own engine. It would have to be the Royal Enfield, every time. The only one with a true history. 🌋🌋🏔🏔🏍🏍

  18. Another comprehensive and enjoyable review Andy. Btw i found your Bedford Loop vids from 6 years ago..with a mate we’re giving it a go next Sunday! That Weir book is v handy!

  19. We've had butter mountains and milk mountains, has anyone considered the environmental impact of all these not fit for purpose electric bikes that no one is going to buy? There must be a big one full of Harley dead wire bikes already. What Urban only market is there that would consider one over say a small car?

  20. When are you doing the review of the Road 6 tyre's on your GS? I'm waiting with baited breath for your thoughts!

  21. Andy
    I had a street scrambler in a Matt green colour and no matter what I tried to clean it with it looked crap!
    It didn’t matter what type of polish I used it would never look right and I hate Matt finishes on bikes now! 😕

  22. Nice to see you refereeing the Arsenal game tonight! No end to your talents! 😊

  23. BSA Im 63 years old i have not got time to wast on that BSA it of shit!! give me the FULL Power 90 BHP kit or Fuck OFF!

  24. By the time the cobalt mine owning green washers force us on to electric bikes, I’ll be nearly 70 and have garage full of ICE bikes 😂

  25. I'm gonna start adding a little smoke oil to my gas just to get a good cloud going behind my bikes…🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🏍

  26. Best stuff for cleaning mat finish, is Williams Waterless wash and wax. Been using it for years,panels, wheels the lot.🙌🙌👍give it a go. A lot quicker and easier then getting the power wash set up.

  27. Just to let you know I have had two messages from a person making out to be yourself,that I need to contact telegram to claim a prize that you are giving away

  28. Hi Andy. Iv never seen a decent review on a bmw k1300r… if you ever get the chance interesting to see what you think 😊👍.. love the channel by the way

  29. It will be interesting to see if in 2035 they stop making combustion bikes will they stop making parts in Britain too?
    I imagine it will be a sort of Havana Cuba situation with those old American cars, except with motorcycles and less hot women.

  30. My Street Triple RS was in Triumphs lovely matt grey and my Ducati Supersport is matt white, these finishes are just as tough and are fine if you use the right “polish” although it isn’t polish coz that’s what you don’t want. Only thing is where your knees/thighs rub it will patinate and shine up anyway. Probably not quite as easy to look after as gloss clear coat but it wouldn’t put me off if i liked it.

  31. Even though you don't like the looks of the new XSR900 (I don't blame you!), it would be cool of you could get one to test ride. It'd be interesting to see how you think it compares to the other retro nakeds, and see if you think it looks any better in person, or if it grows on you at all after riding it. If it wasn't so weird looking I might even trade in my '17 for one. With a new seat and headlight it might look a lot better.

  32. Yes, my pausing skills are impressive.. 😆

  33. Yamaha isn’t the type of company to make major revisions to a model 2 years after its release. Especially if they already can’t make enough to keep them on the floor. That bike caught out with the radar unit (and the dash off a tmax) was likely just a internal testing unit to develop/ integrate the tech for future models. An actual production model (as far as the tracer 9 goes) is probably quite a few years off

  34. Was that a glimpse of a TBM 850 ?. Another great news review thanks.

  35. It's the Desert X, not Desert 10. In the video with Foggy the man says the name. Also, it has an X and not a 10 in the name, we're living in literal times, c'mon! 😅

  36. Andy,
    You need a heather grey t-shirt. 50-50 blend with a cool rendition of your logo screened on it in all black. Get an artist to help with the design if necessary. I’ll take 2 in XXL. (That’s USA XXL for us over-fed Americans). Love the channel and want to show my support.

  37. I bought my first bike – Z900RS the day after getting my license without test riding any other bike- all thanks to your previous review of the bike Andy. So …a big thanks to you and look forward to your next video 😃

  38. I like the look of BSA, just a shame it can't be built in the uk.

  39. Andy, great video as always, however, I wanted to pick up on your comment about ‘limit point’ / ‘vanishing point’. When employed consistently it will allow you to ride at your normal pace with a greater degree of safety, or faster at your current level of safety. I would highly recommend you pay a visit to your local IAM group (Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists, based in Wokingham, Berks). You’ll meet a group of likeminded motorcyclist and if you join, you’ll get some of the best advise and guidance for free (well, the price of an IAM test & membership). I think it would make a great set of videos as well. Keep up the good work (inc. the flying videos).

  40. Hi, being one of only two channels I subscribe to, thanks for doing what you do. I think you. I think you should get into making a tv show, all we have to look forward to is Henry Cole, what a knob. I think you would do such a good job, without the false cough or the words accoutrement, Detroit’s or vista. Get some backing and do it. His guests are are great, but it’s him that grates. Time someone put an alternative put up an alternative. I do belong to possibly the biggest triumph owners club and we all think the same. You can do it.

  41. I went to the Triumph Women only meeting as I self identified as Shirley on the day. What???🙊

  42. Andy you sent me a message saying I had won a prize followed by a series of numbers. I am not sure what I am supposed to do, I did text. If it’s an error that’s fine just let me know. 😁

  43. Thanks for bike news as always Andy. Of the three modern classics I'd probably still go for the Speed Twin (1200) having had one as a loan bike whilst my T100 had it's annual service. Throughly enjoyed my time with the ST – bit of a hooligan in "Sport" mode isn't it? That said I was happy to get back on my trusty T100 mainly because the fuelling is so spot on – thank the single throttle body for that. But that's just me. I noticed a small hand held radio on your desk there which looks suspiciously like a TYT 2m/70cm portable. Do you have a Ham radio licence now? Looking forward to the next bike news. If you're considering a flight to Propellors (IOW) soon, we'll be there the first week of September.
    De. M7PGB

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