Bike News Review – December 2022 4K 2022

January 18, 2023

In the final edition of “Bike News” for 2022 I cover Royal Enfield’s new UK distributor, New Brough Superior Dagger Roadster, New Kymco CV3, MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS, Zero DSR/X, New Honda Hornet, CFMoto 800MT Sport R, Royal Enfield Hunter 350, Herald Brute 500, Mash Two-Fifty, 2023 BMW S1000RR, Return of the KTM 790 Adv, New battery technology for bikes, Yamaha TMax Tech Max, BMW CE 04, Honda NC750X DCT, Parish Notices and much much more! Happy New Year!!

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  1. What about a Fazer Fz6 or the Fazer FZ1, if you can and potentially a Daytona 650 or 675 🙂

  2. Sound quality is awful sorry

  3. I liked KTM's 790ADV but wouldn't touch it with a barge pole if made by the Chinese even if KTM staff were supervising. In addition their 'Demo mode' is just one big CON. It stops dealers chucking in the Tech pack worth £1,500 at the point of sale for free to shift bikes that haven't sold well. There is no way if after 1,500km if you go back to a dealer they would reactivate the Tech Pack for free. KTM just lost me as a future customer as I was thinking of chopping in one of my bikes this year for a 1290 SA.

    I can highly recommend riding in the Canary Islands. Great place to ride a bike.

  4. I think the electric bike is a waste of time not only for the drawbacks mentioned here but the fact that oh they are environmentally friendly the rare earth minerals that go into the batteries to manufacture them pollute our planet even more.
    My main concern with regards to electric bikes is the silence.
    I think there will be a greater level of road traffic accidents because of this!

    Would disagree with what was said about Rolls-Royce they diversed into the aircraft industry.
    My grandad worked on the Supermarine spitfire in the drawing office.
    The Rolls-Royce Merlin engine was awesome the sound of it really makes the hairs on my neck stand on end!

  5. I have to agree about Ducati remaining aspirational, as with many aspirational brands, you need to have a certain amount of financial freedom to afford the maintenance alone on Ducatis, they are not cheap to own. There is nothing to stop anyone having one as a starter bike other than Money, a colleague of mine bought a monster as his first big bike, spent more time in the dealer having work done than it did on the road, they swapped it for another and that was as bad, electrical nightmare, he got rid and went to Kawasaki for problem free motoring. Even with that, I'd still have a Ducati because they're gorgeous, same with MV, beautiful but temperamental

  6. It will be interesting to see you your opinion on an electric bike. I looked at the back end of last year and was willing to be persuaded, however they are not for me yet. Living close to the Pyrenees I went for a k1600gt and enjoying every moment riding it. Thank you for your content and happy new year.

  7. The new Hornet at that price is going to give some of the less well know brands a big headache. Just reading the latest Ride magazine and along with the hornet there is a review of a 459cc Herald Brute and a Moto Morini Selemmezzo. Both these are far less well known brands and the bikes offer far less than the Hornet package and they are the same price.

  8. How about reviewing a Fantic Caballero ?

  9. This type of videos are actually very nice. This is the first one I've seen from you.
    About that subscription from KTM…well,they can keep all the electronics, frankly you only need ABS. Unless they take away your disc brakes as well after 1500 miles 😂

  10. I am extremely against the KTM model of offering customers features, and then charging you to keep them. I despise that sort of financial model.

  11. I seem to remember the Monster being introduced as an entry level budget Ducati. It did not do the brand any harm, and saved the company from liquidation.

  12. Kymco CV3? Is that supposed to be a new thing? Look up Piaggio MP3. Was riding one of those in 2008. An excellent practical and safe commuter machine. Though it's not as nippy as some two wheelers, the two front wheels are barely wider than the handle bars of most machines.

  13. Hi TMF , I enjoy watching your videos and reviews, could you possibly do a review of the moto guzzi griso 1100 please , I'm very interested in this model .
    Thanks 👍

  14. Enjoyed my own way of picking up the MCN news without having to buy a paper where only a fraction of the bikes it features are of interest to me, but I had to smile at your comments about Ducati's reputation as a 'premium' brand, and them now being 'aspirational'. 

    My formative biking years were from the end of the sixties through the seventies and onward. While at that time Ducati made some interesting, good handling, and fun bikes, they were hardly considered 'premium', as their build quality was crap, reliability borderline, they were 'different' to work on, and parts availability when the inevitable problems raised their heads was entertaining to say the least.
    At the time, the earlier Japs were also very different to work on, but they weren't seen as premium, and they were quick for their size, reliable, and mostly fairly cheap for what you got.

    I realise today's Dukes are a different matter, but mud sticks and old prejudices become ingrained… I worked at a multi brand dealer for a while, who included Ducati in his portfolio (now a leading Triumph dealership), so got some of those prejudices first hand. Some of the stories wouldn't be believed of a manufacturer and its importer if told today. – When the official importer tells dealers to swap parts for components bought from Triumph and BSA dealers to new bikes before selling them (sticking a Ducati sticker over the printed Triumph or BSA logos), one wonders about those bikes and that manufacturer. Likewise, when three supposedly identical (frame numbers were close, but not sequential) brand new 'top of the range' models are delivered, each with different major components to the others (forks, shocks, exhausts, electrics.) reflecting which outside component suppliers would deliver parts to the factory on credit that week.

  15. Try a Triumph Thunderbird 900

  16. With regards to the comments on Chinese bikes and theusa holiday series in Canada and USA, I would watch a 3 week motorbike tour of China would be something to watch , enjoying the news,

  17. Always look forward to bike news and must say, disappointed it will be missing for the next 3 months..
    New lighting looks good..
    Sound very good..
    Always enjoy the touring videos… "BUT" the Alaska one, 23 was too long and I wonder how many didn't watch it all?.. maybe breaking it up with additional content is the way to go..

  18. Reply
    Samudra Barman 1040 January 18, 2023 at 3:43 am

    Bajaj is a brand which wanted to ditch india own country for cheaper and non strict manufacturing places like China, Thailand, Vietnam. No wonder ktm is giving contract to cfmoto as ktm is partly owned by Bajaj

  19. I’ve always wondered what happens if a manufacturer sends a bike for you to review and you don’t like it and it’s abit rubbish and has there ever been a bike you tested and didn’t bother to make a video

  20. Hi there, enjoying tours and test.. for your classic bikes pre 2012, I have recently added a 2011 BMW R1200R Classic to my garage, which really enjoying as a cheap(fish) naked (although has nice Wunderlick bikini faring) 110Hp so plenty of go – and good fun..

  21. Reply
    Supercharged Llama Detailing January 18, 2023 at 3:43 am

    Lovely video as always TMF. Thank you for putting in the effort for these. And especially with the approach you're going to take with the Tour videos, I think the fettled approach will be an improvement.

    In terms of classic reviews, the Pan European 1300 is something I'd like to hear you opine on (especially as the VFR1200F was a great one, I know it's another Honda but it's held in really high regard).

  22. Happy New Year Andy. You go steady on those new-fangled electric motorcycles, I seem to remember the last one threw you off 🙂

  23. As ever, thank you for the news update. Like the sound of the evolving channel format. Personally, I enjoy the tour episodes in the Alaska format (continuous series) but appreciate this isn’t for everyone. Variety is the spice of life!
    Electric bikes – it is an interesting and emerging market. A factor which isn’t aired widely is battery quality and stability and the associated fire risk, particularly during charging which E scooters have already amply demonstrated. Tangential I note developers are omitting power sockets to cycle stores and the like. Placing bikes in our unoccupied garages does come with risk.

  24. " Andy Answers " 😎

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