Bike News Review – August 2022 4K 2022

January 22, 2023

Welcome to another monthly Bike news, in this months edition I cover the MCN YouTube channel, Triumph Tiger 660 Cost of Ownership, the new Horwin CR6-Pro, a new Baby Triumph Bonnie, Maeving deliveries, New Ducati Models, Kawasaki’s latest electric bikes, the Honda CB500X v KTM 390 Adventure v Royal Enfield Himalayan v BMW G310GS v Benelli TRK 502X, Moto Morini 6.5, Speed limits cut to 20mph, Can-Am Pulse and Origin,New Royal Enfield Hunter 350, new Hesketh Heresy, MCN Bike of the Year, Parish Notices and much much more!

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  1. As regards why is Kawasaki targeting learner bikes, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Uk or the biking manufactures say they would stop making the combustible engine sizes of the learner size first?

  2. Being a yank living in Washington State looking forward to your USA tour series👍

  3. Just think of the mechanical advantage of having a gear box with a smaller light weight electric motor, hence having a battery that lasts longer and take less time to charge! Perhaps a 10-speed e-bike is the way to go:-)

  4. Please interview Noraly (ItchyBoots) maybe she is already in Alaska

  5. Regarding the ev bike with gears and a clutch… I don't know about the gears, but do welcome the clutch. Being a person who likes to get mucky on a bike and do some trails, I know how handy a clutch is to aid the riding on tricky terrain, so I welcome the idea of one. I also think it has advantages on tarmac too for control, so I very much hope other manufacturers add one to their bikes too!
    Awesome to see the EV Kawasaki has a clutch! 🙂
    60 should stay 60… I assume with my cynical mind, that this is them trying to get us to be angry about this rather than something else that is more important! But saying that… Wales has gone to 20mph speed limits in towns. Personally, I think it is bad for the environment as cars and bikes are tuned to work well at existing speed limits, so making them run slower will be bad for the environment and also encourages people to find users to find stimulation from mobile phones etc as they will be so bored driving at under half a speed limit that could actually be raised with modern vehicles.
    Is a shame, but I agree, Triumph missed the mark with the Speed Triple RR, I think that Triumph would have been better making a Speed Triple S and also offering much better paint options on their range, I know they have done the matte orange Speed Triple, but they really need to lose the matte paint and bring back the Tango orange, lime green and purple paint options of the 90's
    Brill to see a V7 in your upcoming videos, I love my 2012 V7, but not ridden the new 850, although very much loved my V85TT which shares an engine, even if it is a different tune etc.
    The ABR festival is gonna be ace, hope to see you there! 🙂

  6. If your in the Plymouth area my Benelli TRK502X is just run in. You are welcome to test ride it.

  7. Gearbox = lower revving motor! Must be something in it to justify cost of the drivetrain probably usage of existing gearbox, clutch and final drive developed technologies married to frame designs handling reduced gyroscopic forces from lower revving motor.

  8. The Kawasaki Z900RS is a worthy winner. Lovely looking retro bike. Was only looking at a brand new one in my local Kawasaki dealer a couple of weeks ago.

    Totally agree with Mr Nieves and you on the Triumph 1200RR. I don't even think it looks that pretty either. Triumph really produced a lemon with this one. As you say it will quietly disappear from their range maybe by end of next year. They should instead have just given their Speed Triple 1200 RS electronic semi active suspension and left it at that. KTM gave their SDR 1290 3.0 Beast semi active electronic suspension and called it their EVO model. They kept the rest of the bike pretty much the same. Sadly Triumph seem to be pretty good at pissing off their customers and potential customers as they just don't understand their products. If they had done any research on their Speed Triple range they would have found it has a cult following and to mess with the bike too much would be curtains. BMW knows this with their best selling GS 1200/1250 so any changes are evolution rather than revolution. Triumph could learn a thing or two from BMW and KTM.

    I'm really looking forward to your Honda CBR1100 XX Blackbird review as I have one. Why such a long wait?

  9. I would agree with the Triumph 660 if it had cruise control, big mistake by Triumph I think

  10. Thanks Andy for your bike news review and I’m really looking forward to your tour feature the wife and I really loved the tour your did with your friends earlier in the year.

  11. If you're wondering where would make a good tour ride… I heartily recommend doing the whole of the Blue Ridge Parkway. You'd love it!

  12. The changes to the channele sound great 👍 looking forward to checking out the tours

  13. I think a more off road multi strada would be interesting I bought a tiger 900 Rally pro as it’s currently more two surface capable.
    Mini bonnie and moto morini sound good be nice to get the youth back on two wheels, seems to have skipped a generation.
    I strictly adhere to town limits, but surely we can still have some fun in the countryside.
    Looking forward to the adventure touring vids along with reviews.
    Keep up the great channel ✊🏍💨

  14. There appears to be a concerted effort to take all the fun out of life since the Millennium. Makes me feel grateful to be in my autumn years.

  15. Great news , really enjoy the latest news and reviews, continued success 👍

  16. Really looking forward to the tour with both the Flyers.
    I think the tours are a fantastic part of your channel so the more the better.
    Keep up the hard work 👍

  17. This channel deserves more subs:) One of youtube`s best motorcycle-channels:)

  18. Try the benelli trk very good but not for smaller folk

  19. Cpc works for some people. We don't all have the means to " just save up " most of us won't agree with spending nearly 20k on a royal enfield so I don't think most people will listen to you financially advice lol

  20. You're at 233K now, not long before you join MCN subscriber numbers 👍

  21. I get wanting a clutch on an electric bike…its a way of cutting / feathering the power, we all know that, right?

  22. Really enjoy the tour videos. That is how I found your channel. A few reviews, but just reviews gets boring. IMO.

  23. Andy, regarding “Parish Notices”, if you made a bit of a tour in Colorado and didn’t get in touch, I will be a very sad Pooh Bear. That said, I do enjoy your bike reviews, but understand your desire to do more things that you enjoy… like touring vids.

  24. Regarding speed and safety, I think ridiculously low speed limits are actually dangerous because, when you're bored out of your mind your thoughts tend to wander away from what you're doing, whereas if you're riding a "normal" speed, your attention is on the riding.

    You just missed Noraly in Canada! I believe she crossed the border from the U.S. about a week ago.

    Hugely looking forward to your thoughts on Honda's DN-01. Mostly all I've ever heard is how much people hate the styling (which I kind of like because it's so weird — like me).

  25. Looking forward to your tour series TMF, good idea publish them in quick succession.
    I really enjoyed your Norway tour some years ago when I was new to your channel.
    Having said that I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the Guzzi V7; I have an earlier 750 which is a bit lighter and more nimble 🙂

  26. Wow! can't wait to see the North American tour! I really liked the Cornwall series too.

  27. Clutch and gearbox on electric. Yeah, a bit odd, but.. if it offers a benefit, say longer range, better top end etc. It should be ok. One of the many things I like about bikes is the sound though… sure most of us think that 😃

  28. Not a fan of the tours, so I won’t be watching, but I’ll stick around for the reviews and news though.

  29. Not sure if you are aware of the Motorcycle Action Group, MAG, as the organisation aims are to look after and protect the interests of motorcyclists. This includes speed limits and the use of ICE engines. MAG certainly deserves all the support it can get in my opinion.

  30. Always great to look forward to another bike news episode,looking forward to your uninterrupted trip videos coming soon as well.

  31. Electric bikes with clutch and gearbox? Wonder if this might extend range?

  32. Electric, electric, DRAT! I came in with gas and I'm going out with it!! BTW, love the changes coming up!! Well done TMF

  33. Well done Andy. . Keep it fresh, looking forward to the new format 👍

  34. Is it me or is MCN struggling with content, new idea’s & the latest info? I think I may just rely on your great monthly updates in future!

  35. Hmmm. …Well I live in Dorking and love rides out on the country roads but in the past few years you have numpties in their Range Rovers & Mercs doing silly speeds around these lanes with no thought other than their privilege’s selves coming close to maiming bikers, cyclist or horses.
    So, basically something needs to be done unfortunately to the detriment of jolly decent bikers 🤪

  36. Manual gearbox and clutch on an electric bike are a waste of weight that will just reduce range, acceleration and top speed!

  37. Reducing Speed limits because unfortunately you can't educate idiots. Why in this country should competent road users suffer oppression because of the Darwin Award winners!?!

  38. Just a thought – can people who use Litelok make a noise about getting it on the insurer lists. I’m a user very happy with twin locks used both for mountain bike and my bike but it annoys me it’s nowhere to be seen on these lists.

  39. 13:20 had me cracking up! Not saying I could do any better at pronunciation tho lol

  40. The 20mph speed limits on rural roads in Surrey are like the scooters that are restricted to 30mph, sounds a safe idea but in practice try riding a scooter at 30mph and you are at the mercy of other faster road users, the speed limits have to be reasonable otherwise people will just ignore them and for good reason.

  41. Hello Andy, how's it going. Here in my neck of the woods (Scottish Borders) the council introduced a 20 mph limit 18 month trial in all built up areas. Needless to say it is now permanent with some caveats due to numerous complaints. Like the idea of more tour vids. Looking forward to the big one. Give my regards to the lovely Carole

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