BET+ The Family Business Season 4 Episode 10 Spoiler Review #CarlWeber #WTF #DoBetter 2022

November 6, 2022

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  1. Don Frederico's death was announced at the table's meeting when Antonio came and set next to LC and he said that Don frederico was murdered coming out of his restaurant the night before. In episode 10 Consuela told Vegas and chippy that it was Kenny's confession that he killed the biker Cory Black and he killed Don Frederico.

  2. Valerie. Pettiford had an Emmy Award-winning performance in that scene. After raising a child over 30 years and they turn on you like that, forget that wig. That was not even relevant to the point that they were making about how hurtful it is for a woman to lose her son to someone that had nothing to do with raising him and didn't even want him when he was born. You are 100% about Jr's actions. He was totally off.

  3. I enjoyed the finale. I'm glad LC is back.

  4. Crazy Holly killed Sasha

  5. The Don was shot on canera

  6. Harris shot the dawn

  7. I actually went to school with the Jamaican girl on the show. Kim Patterson

  8. I’m sorry but I really felt bad for Chippy! Jr was too damn old to act like that! I am glad LC is out! Glad brother X is gone! They could have kept Sage/ Sasha (forgot her name). So new family business now? Harris I am sick of!

  9. Don't think Sasha's dead

  10. Which finale was better this show, house divided, or Kanan?

  11. I think Harris stole Larry money, because Harris said he made the money in biotin.

  12. I wanted Dennis and the crazy girl to die

  13. Iron I agree why Chippy is not mad at Nay, Curtis, or the daughter? Only mad at Donna cause of the past. That doesn’t make since. 😂 Iron your Brandi talk expression hilarious.

  14. Iron ❤when I saw the background with the trash can 🗑 with fire 🔥 I knew it was going down. Kim I’m glad to see you back. 😂not Oklahoma or Chicago. The finale wasn’t that much at all I went ahead and canceled my Bet subscription. Is that possible for people to have children the sand age minus the few months? I didn’t know that. Junior took me out you mad only at LC, chippy, and your wife who had nothing about it. You should be made at Donna as well. Wow I know people like that have to go home ask people for a birth certificate that means parents enable them you can go to the health department for $5. So Junior and Sasha are twins? So Donna got with Lou after so they don’t have children together, do Lou know? Kenny was getting on my nerves. Donna call Nay Nay out and said she knew. The doctor didn’t know how to hold a gun was hilarious. Sage dying really was pointless. Paris should of just killed brother X he is crazy I hope he is dead completely. I knew Nay was going to let Larry and Kenny go they should of die then still living in the house her, Curtis, and the daughter are trash 🗑 for that. I agree kim I don’t that is Orlando child. I hope Brandi got out of town. When the Italian made Harris the made men and pull out the 🔪 to prick his finger with blood 🩸 and burn 🔥 the paper I thought of supernatural.

  15. They only gave us 10 episodes 😬

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