Beneath The Crown: The True Story of Sydney Johnson | Netflix reviews

November 16, 2022

Sydney Johnson was the longtime personal valet to Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor. A key figure and storyline in The Crown season 5, this is his incredible true story.


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Beneath The Crown: The True Story of Sydney Johnson | Netflix

Diana and Charles wage a media war. The monarchy’s role is up for debate. Welcome to the ’90s — and Queen Elizabeth II’s biggest challenge to date.

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  1. great story , pity about the agenda

  2. This was a genuinely racist commentary. Unbelievable. So many people just like to upkeep this shit about the long suffering black servant.

  3. I loved this! That was one of my favorite episodes also!❤

  4. Such humility to do a job like that without resentment. Sydney is truly more admirable that all those he served …in his next life he will be king and they will be his servants

  5. After watching the crown from the beginning the more I know the less I want to know the Windsors.

  6. the way the Queen avoided Al fayed for who he was is disgraceful , the way Al fayed would have dismissed Sydney for being black until he found out about his association with Edward was disgraceful. there are good and decent ppl of all ethnicities in this world and yet ppl judge not knowing their salvation their true champions could be someone they discarded as unworthy. May I never be such a person, even with all my faults may I never be such a person

  7. The first cough he did in the show I was like "NOOO, not him!"

  8. At least they didn't race swap people again.

  9. So we gon celebrate a valet driver who literally only was there to make them feel good about having a black servant. Not celebrating this 🦝🦝🦝. He should’ve ☠️🪦 they ass

  10. The 5th series is so painfully boring! I won't be able to finish it.

  11. I’m really glad this great previously unknown figure had some of his story brought to life. I applaud the show runners for this. Sydney was pure class.

  12. Wow, never knew Mohammed was obsessed with the monarchy that far back. It would explain why Dodi went after Diana. And why Mohammed spread the lie that they were engaged and Diana was pregnant. This guy is obsessed.

  13. Thanks for sharing this incredible story.

  14. Loved episode 3 when they show the humble beginnings of both Mohammed Fayed and of Sidney Johnson. One was a blowhard, while the other was the most humble man ever. But when these two later meet they connect and one teaches the other and we know the result. Mohammed Fayed is still here today at 93 while Sidney died in 1990. However his story lives on. No doubt Fayed still thinks about him. Very touching.

  15. Reply
    Michael D. Williams III November 16, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    Wow, so informal and deeply moving, so much hidden history. 👏🏽💫🇬🇧 I am finishing up Downton Abbey currently after, I’ll begin watching The Crown. 👑

  16. What a stupid comment. How many people Form ethnic minorities know about English History and Palaces??? HARDLY ANDY. That is why there are any. Most employees of the Crown are in the palaces as curators, historian, restoration etc. THINK before you tell such stupid lies.

  17. Elon buy google please

  18. This is epic for me especially given me being a Bahamian. Beyond proud

  19. Theres so much in this show that you hope isnt true or embellished. But the relationship between sydney and mou mou is one you really hope is true. It may have begun with a class or racial bias by both sides, but really morphed into something thats nice to see.

  20. What an incredible story! Props to the actor playing Sydney, he was absolutely amazing. His reaction when Dodi tells him to leave the hotel, still haunts me: so suttle and yet so sad. Best episode of the season!!!

  21. Thank you for this wonderful video! When I watched this season I was so curious about this man. It brought me to tears when he passed. He should be remembered always as a valuable part of history! RIP Sydney.

  22. Who plaid Sydney Johnson?

  23. Reply
    Teresa Di Giambattista November 16, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    Bellissima storia

  24. I worked for Mr MAF in security. I was sacked. In house politics. But, Mr MAF never treated me badly. And was generous when I left.

  25. lover it so amazing

  26. I just watch the episode tonight and found this on YT. What a wonderful story is this of Sydney. I have never heard of it and this is one of the reason I love this show because it brings these details that were never brought to most of us attention. Well done!

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    In The Beginning Was The Word November 16, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    ..Wow I love this! Thank you Netflix for shining a light on Sydney. This was really nice.

  28. 'lowly status of his race'???????

  29. Sydney Johnson was a respectable man. May God rest his soul. Although this was a story of that era, servitude is NOT, was NOT and will NOT be viewed as admirable by oppressed people. If these individuals were truly given the opportunity to express their true feelings, others may not like what is said. Sydney Johnson helped a known racist for what reason? Nothing here to smile or be ecstatic about. The New York Times gave Sydney Johnson the most respect by identifying him correctly.

  30. This was the best episode from the season.

  31. Still watching the Crown 👑 very interesting!

  32. This is the only episode of this season which struck a chord with me.

  33. He was accepted as part of the family. He was respected and was taught alot. He was respected and trusted.

  34. I’m really disappointed in this season. Also don’t like casting.

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