BBC News Review: Social media giants tackle extremism 2022

June 8, 2022

Tackling online extremism:
Social media giants get together to deal with the problem of extremist pictures and videos shared online.

Find out more with Neil and Dan as they look at how the world’s media is reacting and the words you need to talk about the story.

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  1. Complicated subject.

  2. Dan and Neil both are handsome.

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    Team up

  4. Dan and Neil both are outstanding!
    I am really improving my English.
    Thanks to BBC.

  5. Reply
    Laura Elena Muneratti June 8, 2022 at 9:01 pm

    Would you mind to subtitle the class, please? I can follow better your explanation

  6. Why i can not choose subtitle?

  7. BBC learning English is very helpful.

  8. bbc news review helps a lot. learning new words becomes easier

  9. you did a good work for anybody

  10. Amazingly helpful! Please keep going!

  11. love love love DAN!!!!!!!!

  12. i love bbc

  13. bbc learning is the best I would see it every day. thank very much

  14. outstanding service

  15. Thanks, guys.

  16. Well done!

  17. I´m learning so much with these videos! Thanks a lot!

  18. how could we make it without BBC 😍😍 .. can I suggest a question in the end of the video like " can u use the three words in 3 different phrases in the comment section ? " to interact with the subscribers ..

  19. I remember recent video with Sian about Discourse markers. She claimed that "so basically…" tends to mean summarizing. But in this video Dan said these words at the beginning of his talk. Why is that?

  20. So you come to work late, Dan? 😀

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