BBC News Review: Recycling light 2022

June 10, 2022

Scientists in the US have taken a classic design and brought it into the 21st Century. The new lightbulb uses three times less energy than the old-fashioned version. And it does so by recycling light.

In this programme, Neil and Catherine explore the language being used by the world’s media to discuss this story. Watch the programme and learn the words and phrases you need to talk about the news. Then see what you’ve learned with a short quiz.

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  1. Is this technology economically viable ? There are still many incandescent bulbs in the market

  2. Incandescent with range
    have a light bubble moment – have a great idea.

  3. Reply
    Saikal Esenturova June 10, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    INCANDESCENT – a. producing a bright light from a heated filament or other part; ex: incandescent lamp
    b. Showing extreme anger or happiness; ex: He was incandescent with rage
    COMEBACK – an attempt to become famous, powerful, or important again after a period of being much less famous; ex: She is trying to make a comeback with her first album for 20 years.
    REVAMP – to change or arrange smth again, in order to improve it;

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    Лаура Хайдарова June 10, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Please write the new words

  5. could you please write down the new words any where so we can identify the proper spelling thank you Katherine for your simple clear way

  6. this video is so nice and more useful……please continue this

  7. anyway at least new words list should shown end of program as it was in lingohack,thank you guys

  8. can't see subtitle

  9. Thank you.

  10. It's very nice finally see Neil's face when you usually only hear his voice on the podcasts!

  11. Good

  12. thank you for this server

  13. Love this news reviews thing.

  14. Hello! How nice to see Sir Neil and Lady Catherine.
    I like your accent very much and I have your App. in mobile Phone, It helps me a lot, to improve my pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar. Thank you for your excellent work.
    Heartly greetings from Portugal.

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