BBC News Review: Migrants rescued off the coast of Libya reviews

June 10, 2022

Thousands of migrants have been rescued off the coast of Libya. Join Sian and Catherine in News Review as they bring you this story and the language you need to understand it.

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The story
The Italian coastguard says it coordinated the rescue of six and a half thousand migrants from the Mediterranean on Monday. It made more than 40 separate sorties across the day, making it one of the busiest days in years for the multi national rescue effort.

Tim Allman – BBC News
Around 20 rickety wooden boats, packed full with men, women and children, mostly from Eritrea and Somalia. Some cheered when help arrived, throwing themselves into the water and swimming to the rescue vessels. They were found off the northern coast of Libya, a country that’s become a hub for people trafficking. The migrants are now likely to be sent to the Italian mainland or Sicily.

Key words and phrases

to quickly leave a place, normally because it is dangerous or unpleasant

used here as an adverb before a number to mean ‘approximately’

a place which is the the centre of a particular activity

short missions

not stable; likely to break

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  1. Nouns and verbs 😂

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    Elnegreetoenglishclass June 10, 2022 at 3:08 am

    Your videos are just fascinated..keep up the good work!!!

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  5. hi my techer bbc i very vero hoppy for this i m ampruotiont that thanks i love to watching with suptitle.

  6. really it's very much effective for students

  7. Thank you.

  8. Thank you! I've learned a lot from this video and Sian and Catherine are funny.

  9. Looks like Italians are doing poor job there. Turkey have more than 2,5 millions of Syrian refugees in here

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    Alexandre de Souza Travassos June 10, 2022 at 3:08 am

    Nice way to learn. There isn't subtitles to help us, but the conversation is easy to understand anyway. If I can't understand all the words that are said, at least I can understand the subject of the conversation.

  11. excellent

  12. Wonderful video – Thank you

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    Nguyễn Đình Hiệp MKT June 10, 2022 at 3:08 am

    put subtitles in is better. like voa learning english

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    Manuchehr Mukhidinov June 10, 2022 at 3:08 am

    Sian, nice T-shirt 🙂

  15. Well-done girls. I kiss you.☺

  16. hello, welcome to News review the program we give you words and phrases to help you talk about the news.

    Hi, Im Sian, and joining me today is Catherine. Hi Catherine?
    Hi Sian.

    What stories do you have for us today?

    today's story Sian is all about very ( ) rescue.

    ok, let's hear all about this story in this bbc news reports.

    The Italian coast guard says it coordinated the rescue of six and half thousands of migrants from the mediterrian on monday and ( )
    making it one of the busiest day in years for the multi national efforts.

    so the Itaian coast guard is there and coast guard is kind of police on the scene.
    ( )

    and they rescued more than six thousands five hundreds of people on the mediterrian sea.

    ok, and this story is obviously in the news at the moments.
    so what words and phrases have you picked out from the story?

    ok, yes, we've got three very short but it is really interesting and important words.
    and we have the word "flee" we have "some" and "hub"

    ok, so, that's flee , to quickly leave the place nomally it's because dangerous or unpleasant.

    we have some which is used in here an adverb. before a number to mean approximately
    and we have hub which is place which is a center of a particular activity.
    so how are these words and phrases appearing in the headlines and news storise?

    ok, we'll start with flee and from the Guardian website
    their headline we have is "Dramatic photos show refugees fleeing Libya being rescued at sea"

    so they're qucikly leaving because Libya is dangerous place to live in at the moment.

    yes. wherever they came from orginally is going through Libya and running away.
    yes, flee means to leave somewhere quickly because it's dangerous.
    often it means you didn't have time to prepare
    you just get up and get out.

    and this word is always used with country or it can be used with place.

    it can be used with place you can flee building if it's on fire.
    you could flee unhappy situation , if you are on horrible ( ), I might flee the studio in tears ?!?!?!
    ( I don't know what they are talking about. 🙂 )

    I promise I won't be.

    so here we've got "flee a country, flee the studio" there's no preposition?

    no it's exactly like that. you just flee the place
    but if you, for the place you go to , you can use "flee to somewhere"
    so for example , I fled to the bathroom.

    it's often quite common with for your life , flee for your life ,or fled for their life from danger. '

    ok absolutely I think because, this situation the Liby situation ( this part I can't understand ) would be entirely appropirate , they fled for their life.

    and past tense of flee is as you just said "fled" f.l.e.d
    and it's same for the past participle so flee fled fled.

    so they have fled. yeah.
    alright. how about the next word? this is very common word. "some"
    how is it used here?

    it's used in really interesting way here, actually
    and we have the headline from the DailyNation
    "Some 6,500 migrants rescued off Libya: coastguard"

    and the word "some" here means approximitly or "more or less"
    we don't know what exact number , but we know it's about @#@$#%^!

    and it's always used with number, then?

    it's always used with numbers , you can't say " some lots of, some many"
    and it's often used with slightly high numbers , you can't say some three people.
    it's usually , it means it's quite a lot.

    and a number you can't count necessily.

    can't count and it's usually significant number.

    like ( this part " on weekend we were at a party? ) at a party and some fifty people turned up.

    some fifty people Sian, would I appear not to have been invited?

    next time I promise!!!
    ok, how about the third word?

    ok, third word we have on this BBC news website
    the word is hub and the sentense we have is
    " The instability in Libya has made the country a hub for people-trafficking

    so it's a center of activity.

    a place where most of activity happens so we can have for example.
    a finacial hub will be an area in the city where lots of Banks, lots of dealings
    ,lots of stock market, ( ) in London is finacial hub.

    and we can use it for shopping ,for example,
    if there is a place where lot of shopping happens, we can say shopping hub.
    the center of activity.

    and finally we've got some features of headlines here.
    so they're not word but more gramatical features.

    so we're gonna look at the verb rescue , which is used in a couple of headline.
    and just looking at the way the headlines are using this verb.
    so in the Telegraph website we've got really simple subject, verb, object

    "Operation in Mediterranean rescues 6,500 migrants off Libya coast"

    so it's using "present" here but this happened in the past?

    that's interesting thing about News headline
    they often use present simple but something that's recently happened.
    even if it's not actually happening now
    "present simple" makes it dramatic , makes it important
    makes it news, immediate.
    this is news , present simple.

    and then we have slightly different use.
    we've got a subject , verb and no object this time.

    BBC news website says, Thousands of migrants rescued off Libya.

    and now that might appear that it's past
    but actually what we're looking at is a "passive construction"

    so the aucxially has been dropped

    the aucxially aren't there,
    so if we put the aucxially back.
    it could either be " Thousands of migrants are rescued off Libya"
    which is dramatic present simple

    or it could be "Thousands of migrants have been rescued off Libya"
    it's present perfect for past things that news ( )

    it could even be " Thousands of migrants were rescued off Libya"

    but News paper headlines don't care about aucxially
    we're going ( )
    so thousands of migrants recued, it's passive but it's been reduced for the news paper.

    save spaces and also it makes more immediate , doesn't it?

    and while we're looking at saving space
    we also have off Libya.
    in both of these headlines end with off Libya.

    there two missing words are there
    longer way to write would be "off coast of Libya"
    but we just go straight into the important information "off Libya"

    so the gramatical words are , not all of them but lots of them are missing in the headlines

    it's all nouns and verbs , nouns and verbs.

    out of time

    bye every one. have a good day.

    see you all later.

  17. excellent explaination and keep good work

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  19. Great vídeo! Thanks for help me with the word "flee"… I saw this word in a game that I played in these days…

  20. Thanks for this great videos!

  21. lyrics should be there

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