BBC News Review: Hikers rescued from Uluru 2022

July 11, 2022

Three people have been rescued from Australia’s most famous rock, Uluru. Find out more with Neil and Catherine as they look at how the world’s media is reacting and the words you need to talk about the story.

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  1. Really thank both of you .love your beautiful voice !

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for the BBC News Review.

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    Ngân Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên July 11, 2022 at 4:21 am

    – designated (adj)
    the designated pathway is the way that you're supposed to use.
    example: designated smoking areas.
    Catherine responds: if you wanna smoke, you can just smoke anywhere but there is one area, which is especially reserved for the official purpose of smoking, so you have to go to the designated smoking area.
    designated drivers are somebody who are in charge of driving others after parties (cuz this one doesn't drink)
    – a plea is an emotional request.
    – indigenous (n) người bản xứ.
    example: indigenous peoples, indigenous animals, indigenous plants, non-indigenous.
    – sacred (adj) precious

  4. Ohhh the same happens to me and my vinyls! 🥰

  5. There are three designated smoking areas throughout the factory.

  6. Zthey shouldnt of climbed it

  7. Really thanks

  8. 👌

  9. People with a 's' at the end? Tell me more about this one!

  10. Thank you.

  11. Hello, and welcome to News Riview , the program where we give you the language you need to talk about the News.

    Hi, I'm Neil joining me is today Catherine, Hi, Catherine! , "Hi, Neil"
    What's our story?

    Today's story is about rescue from a Rock.

    Rescue from a Rock. It sounds interesting, let's find out more from this BBC world service News bulletine.

    Reading News articles on screen.

    so, three guys were climing on Ulurn ,which is famous rock in Australia ,
    they got stuck , they had to be rescued.
    it's quite controvercial , some people in Australia think that nobody should climbe that rock at all.

    ok, well, there are some interesting language in that report.
    and also in the News website you've been looking at.
    what are the three things you've picked out?

    ok, Three words to look at today are ( designated ), ( indignous ), ( scared )

    ( designated ),( indigenous ),( sacred ) how are they appearing?

    ok, let's start with ( designated ) , and we have on the BBC website
    "The men ventured off the designated pathway on Monday and became stuck in a crevice on the rock formation in the Northern Territory."

    ok , designated path , what's the difference between path and other path ,
    are there other path?

    and there probably are! and the word desigrated gives us clue that there are several paths but there's one that is reserved for use or officially the one that you're supposed to use for this particular purpose.
    so that designated path is one that you're supposed to use.

    ok, so, for example, also in this building , BBC outside.
    there's designated smoking area.

    absolutely. if you want to smoke, you can't just smoke anywhere.
    but there's one area which is especially reserved for this official purpose of smoking , so that you have to go to the designated smoking area, have a cigarette, and you won't get in trouble.
    if you go else where?!?! it's not designated.

    not allowed. not designated.
    and this word designated can also be used to talk about people in a certain role.

    it can, yes, in many different roles,
    you often hear in the role of driver, designated driver,
    designated driver is somebody, if you're going to a party or event.
    people are going to be drinking alchole,
    driving in drinking is a problem, you shouldn't do it.
    so one person will decied not to drink alchole,
    so they'll be designated driver so the person who is being chosen to drive the car.

    that has been me in the past.

    what was like ( ) experiece?


    I can imagine, yes.

    ok, our next word we're looking at is ( indigenous )

    ok, yes, it is. ok we have in the Mail website.
    "Muppets: Social media users hit out at three men after they become stuck
    on Uluru – ignoring Indigenous pleas not to climb the sacred site."

    ok, indigenous pleas.

    yes, plea being meaning, plea is a request.
    and indigenous , if you're indigenous, indigenous person is, refers to people who were there first , before other people came.
    so the up original ( ? ) of Australia , they were there before the western settlers
    the way to describe it is indigenous.

    so, indigenous people meaning that people who are there in a certain country
    before later a wave of immigrants.

    yes, it's kind of a bit , sometimes controvercial,
    are they original, were there poeple even before that.
    but in a general sense ,we mean the one's there first.

    and it also refers to wildlife , plants , animals.

    plants ,animals , yes , so, for example in the UK now,
    we have squrals ,lovely little fluppy things "all over the place"
    every where ,especially in the south of England and here in London
    some of them are red and some of them are grey
    now the red ones ,they're kinda jinger color really.
    and they are indigenous, they've been in UK for a long long long time.

    you don't see them though.

    No, why? because the non-indigenous grey squral has come in from abroad
    it's taken all of habitats ,eating all the food,
    and red squrals are now becoming rarer and rarer
    so indigenous red squrals in UK are now in danger.

    and that often happens ( ) with wildlife , plant life can suffer ,
    because of the non-indigenous. "it can" verieties.

    like Japanese ,( ), not against Japanese,

    Japanese ( ) takes over ,destroys everything.

    it's a plant that grows very very strongly, and we have to, when, it's acutally legal
    ,you see, you have to destroy it in this country.
    because it's,, not all, not all non-indigenous things are bad.

    we in korean have a famous saying for this case
    it says "굴러온 돌이 박힌돌 빼낸다" Lol.

    that's just an example.

    ok, next word sacred,

    sacred, so look at again in Mail.
    we have "muppets: Social media users hit out at htree men after they become stuck on Uluru – ignoring indigenous pleas not to climb the sacred site."

    and we have a quote from a sign which is repeated here on the New daily.
    and it says "That's a really important sacred thing that you are climbing ..
    you shouldn't climb"

    yeah, so, sacred has the sense of something being religeous ,( ),
    having religeous significanse.

    often yes. so, if something is sacred , it's usually an object that has specific religeous meaning and because of that
    it has to be treated really carefully , looked after very carefully , kept in a special place ,and most importantly often with sacred thing ,you shouldn't touch them.

    yeah, because they are precious.

    because they're precious, yeah, absolutely.

    and not always, in modern use, for religeous reason.

    No,No, the religeous word is transfered into everyday use
    so if you have something that's really important to you
    it might not be expensive, it might not be precious in a monitary sense.
    but it means a lot to you, you don't want anybody to play with at all,
    touch at all, you know you keep it special,
    you get it out, look at it. kids aren't allowed to play with it.
    I'm sensing that you've got some sacred object.

    keep your hands off my ( ).

    all the record.
    I can't get rid of them.
    I haven't got record player , so I can't play them.
    but they are sacred.


    do not touch them.

    because they are very special to me.

    very special to you. it's often about a personal reason,
    because to me your I'm sure you're ( )

    ok, that's it. Thanks BBCLE and Neil and Catherine.
    everyone's fovourite English program we enjoy once a week.
    the program BBCLE News Review.

    it feels like in just one minite that from starts to the end.
    I can't already wait next episode of this program.

    everyone in the world , hopefully you are all working hard on learning Eglish for the week, and get improved English skills to see you next week.

    have all great day and night.
    see you again.


  12. sacred usually an object which has religious meaning ,so you should not touch it.

  13. indigenous the original people of the place.

  14. designated used for the chosen area which is made for special purpose and for the person who doesn't drink alcohol in a party so he would be the chosen one to drive the car.

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    Manuchehr Mukhidinov July 11, 2022 at 4:21 am

    Neil and Catherine, thanks. It was informative as usual.

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