BBC News Review: Flying fox bats invade Australian town 2022

August 31, 2022

Hundreds of thousands of bats have arrived in the Australian town of Batemans Bay. The people who live there are fed up with the noise and mess they make and want them moved. How much will it cost to solve the problem?

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    Dr Syed Mohammad Fazlullah August 31, 2022 at 9:24 am

    Bats require to be annihilated in whole.

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    sathyanarayana kalancha August 31, 2022 at 9:24 am

    Hi Catherine…hi neil…

  3. Flying foxes are mammals with eyes, they SEE. They need eyes to find fruit. Real BATS have radar to find INSECTS

  4. Plague is incorrect. Our megabat species are in a serious decline. There are less than %5 of the population of megabats left from the start of last century. They are being decimated by loss of habitat and man made hazards such as powerlines (they are electrocuted) and fruit tree netting that they become tangled in and starvation as we have destroyed most of their forests. They are forced into surburbia because they have nothing else to eat. We did this to them.

  5. "Invade"??? You mean a bunch of people are lucky enough to experience flying foxes, one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet??? Right. I thought that's what you meant.

  6. Thank you~!!! Please, never top doing those news review, they are amazing.

  7. updated and outdated is like that's insane and bat's insane 😀

  8. You might like to educated yourself about a species you don't know or have had experience with before you comment how you don't like them.
    The news reports are about Megabats. Your talking about two different species, Microbats and Megabats.
    Megabats don't invade. Consider its the UK that invaded and the people invaded the camps/roosts that the Bats have used for 1000's+ years.
    Megabats follow the environment. They are pollinators and seed dispersers and are very important to the environment. They are one of the reasons why you can breath.
    Blind as bat! Bats are not blind.
    Megabats have the same skeleton as humans.

    Get educated before you make your words public.
    Bats_Rule! There's a reason why they do.


  10. keep uploading more video ……….its really nice

  11. Hello, and welcome to news review the program where words and phrases
    you need to talk about the news.

    Hi, Im Neil, joining me today is Catherine.
    Hi there, Hello.

    what you've got for us today?

    Today, we've got a story all about mass migration but not people.

    Mass migration but not people.
    let's find out more about that in this BBC world service News bulletine.
    The authorties ( ) in the Australia ( )
    have declared an emergency to help the town ( )
    has been ( ) by tens of thousands of bat.
    the ( ) of authorty plan to spend about 1.8 million dollars to relocate the animals.

    so the migration in this story of bat, they are in Australia
    they are all over one town.
    and authorties are trying to get rid of them.
    Are you a bat person, Neil?

    I have to say, I don't like bat at all. because?
    I think it's the wing, the skin between the wing and you know , the bone.
    it look a bit ( ), yeah.
    you like them tough.

    I like them a little the way they hang upside down
    they've got cute little face. little teeth,
    Im quite fun to ( ) actually.

    ok right, diffent opinion is in there. very much so.
    so, you've been looking around the internet.
    looking at the story
    and there are some expressions that you've picked out.
    what are they?

    We have "state of emergency" we have " plague " and we have " bat's insane "

    ok, some definitions then.
    state of emergency that's a temperary set of rule ,and authorty uses to deal with
    a dangerous situation.

    "plague" that's an unusually number of unpleasant things.
    " " that's an interesting expression. that's actually ( ),
    which means play on words ,
    this type of thing is typical in the popular press in the headlines in English
    in the popular press , we'll look at that detail in a second.

    Catherine , can you tell us how are these being used in the headlines?

    I can. we first was to kick off with "state of emergency"
    and from ABC that's an Australian broad casting company News website.
    we have the headline
    "Batemans Bay gets $2.5 million funding to relocate bats as residents live
    in "state of emergency"

    and "state of emergency" there is in ( ) commas
    and "state of emergency" is a situation where the government or someone or the council or people in charge change the way people live for short period of time
    to cope with a difficult and dangerous situation
    so they might say "everyone,you have to stay in doors,
    or they might say "everybody leave your house"
    or they might say "shut the windows"
    probably because of the bats , they've gotta shut the windows and stay home.

    so they're talking usually then about natural disaters , volcanos , earthcakes

    yeah, sometimes because of political ( ), it could be a lots of violence on the street. and then government might have a state of emergency.

    so it's for a government to sort out a dangerous situation by changing or making rules for everyday life.

    right but we wouldn't use this to describe for example
    we've run our of paper clip in the office , so ?!?!

    it's an ( ) , it's usually politics , company ,business dosen't declare.
    ( ) declare state of emergency.
    it's usually government thing.

    so, next we have the word "plague"
    this time in the sydney morning harald
    NSW that's news ( ).
    "NSW bat plague firefighters extinguish suspicious blaze at Cessnock bat camp"

    so there was a fire I think the blaze ( ) fire.
    and probably people was trying to get rid of bats.

    so a plague means an usually large number of things which cause a lot of damages
    it could be insects , it can be spiders, in this case, bats.
    all at the same time ( ) many of them causing lots of damages.
    we also use it for disease.

    yeah, there was a famous disease in the middle ages known as the plague.

    yes. killed thousands of thousands of people,
    it was very difficult to control.
    it's about, the plague often means when it's that something's out of control
    causing lots of damages.
    we can use it as a verb.

    yes, something is plagued by something bad.

    yes, that doesn't always mean animals ,insects or disease.
    it can just be anything bad.

    so violence ( ), the town was plagued by violence.

    good example.

    and then finally we have this weird little expression " bat's insane "
    what does that mean?

    yes, I know , you've been enjoying this , haven't you?
    bat's insane , the headline in this sunshine coast daily.
    "Bat's insane! Coolum takes cover as flying foxes dispersed in broad daylight."

    and flying foxes is a type of bat, not a real fox.
    I think they're quite big, and red, so they look like foxes,
    but actually bats.
    so what a crazy situation, insane. "bat's insane" not "that's insane"

    I see!! it sounds like "that's insane" but it's got a bat in it, which is connected to the story.

    yes, indeed, the expression "bat's insane" describes unbelievable situation
    there are so many bats
    but the sound and meaning both apply to the story.

    I see , that's very common , isn't it?
    I've got some more examples. go on then.

    here's a story about particulary cold ( ) of weather in the U.K
    they had come from RUSSIA , from Russia with Love!!
    and headline was "from Russia with gloves" FANTASTIC, very good.
    that's a name of famous James bond film , so people in this country know that.

    and another story about animal the otter , which was cauing a lot of damage in a certain village. ( )
    " there was otter ( ), rather than ( ).

    so this is typical headline writing technic.
    yes it is, and you have to understand , it's difficult if you don't know cultural
    the meaning of the original expression that's playing with,
    it can be really confusing, that's why we're talking about insane, otters, glove things.

    but there's usually a link to the story itself. there is.
    so you could sort of work out by reading it.
    yeap. ( )

    ok let's find out more about this story from BBC's film ( )
    When native tress and basement bay of flowers , the sea side town is invaded by large ( ) bats , they're dropping ( ), ( ), infuriating residents who are demanding that one hundred thousands ( ) flying foxes be moved on.
    they could be bombarded with loud industrial noise along with smokin bright lights.

    giant inflatable tubes used outside car show room in fun fair could also be brought in to scare the bats away.
    the flying foxes are ( ) valuneble spieces
    so Australian authorties have been giving special permission to try to force them out of ( ) bay.

    now, our facebook challenge. we had to be something connected to bats.
    and it's gone crazy, we've got hundred and hundred people answering the question.

    and we asked people to choose the right adjectives to complete this English expression. as ( ) as a bat

    Thanks bbcle, Neil, and Catherine for giving us this useful lesson.
    every one in the world
    have a lovely day.
    see you.

  12. British broadcasting corporations

  13. Really thanks for the awesome work

  14. please put in mind to make subtitles for these kind of videos – News Review

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    BBC Learning English August 31, 2022 at 9:24 am

    Catherine said that ABC stands for Australian Broadcasting Company. In fact it’s Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Apologies!

  16. Thanks for the reply.

  17. Hi , Why is not there cc ?

  18. i love you catherine…

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    محمد امين العطاب August 31, 2022 at 9:24 am

    My name is mohmmad amin i live like bbc good

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