BBC News Review: Apple vs the FBI reviews

June 29, 2022

Should tech giant Apple help the US government unlock a mobile phone belonging to a gunman? They have refused up to this point, but now it looks like the US government will open the device themselves.

In this video, Finn and Neil take a closer look at the story and teach you useful words and phrases used by the world’s media.

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  1. I like the smile you drow on ur faces while recording the broadcast , the excitement and the diligent work u do to make it clearer and more beneficial . As an eng learer i really appreciate your help .
    Thank you Neil Finn FiFy Rob and all the BBC's team ❤️🤗

  2. Your speaking is clear I understand easily because it is not my native language however I watch your vedios daily due to which I am learning language👍

  3. Its very interesting when I listen this videos because I have oportunity to learn some topic in little minus. I speak spanish but whith your videos Bbc… I am learning step and step. Excelent your idea… greeting from Queretaro, Mexico.

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    Junroung monwisetq June 29, 2022 at 12:14 am


  5. Finn, your accent is excellent I want to speak like you.

  6. Interesting! Tks

  7. Accordance the context  of the sentence " Raw " can be a stronger expression than the other synonyms . Am I right ?

  8. I think news review is the best esl show on bbc. Thanks

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    Нурсултан Нуртуганулы June 29, 2022 at 12:14 am

    easy to understand

  10. thank u…

  11. This kind of format is interesting, because we may see you, "the voices behind of the program". I have had listened you and learn so many things with 6 minutes of english. Thank you BBC for share it.

  12. Why is Neil sad ? 🙁

  13. Hellow welcome to news review the program we bring you the language you need
    to talk about the news

    Im Finn and Im join by Neal Hi Neal?

    Hi there Finn.

    Tell us about today's story.

    Today's story is about mobile phone, criminal and government agency.

    mobile phone, criminal and government agency
    Ok, I think we need to know a little more.
    so. let's listen to this world service news bullitain.

    NEWS listening.

    so, this is a story about a battle and agument between the tech giant Apple
    and the american government.

    so the US government agency FBI also known as ( ) wanted Apple to help them
    open and unlock a mobile phone belonging to a gunman.
    but they might not do this anymore
    because they may have found way to do it themselves.

    indeed this is a very big story. isn't it Neal?
    and you've been having a look at some of the language that is used in coverage
    of the story what have you picked out?

    I've picked out three word that are being used a lot to talk about the story
    they are row , hack ,back down.

    row, hack and back down let's defind those first of all.
    a row as a noun is an argument or disagreement often quite noisy one.

    and to hack is to illegally enter a computer system
    you break in you hack.

    and to back down is to stop saying or to stop threatening that you'll do something
    you step away you back down.
    usually because people disagree with you.

    so Neal how are these words appearing in news headlines?

    OK I've got a headlines here from bbc news website.
    News headline to read.

    so that word a little word row
    and I think the fact that a little isn't important
    it means the same as a argument or disagreement.

    but those a long words they don't fit into headlines very well.
    which means the row is very common in headlines.

    journalists like short word. don't they?

    I think that's general truth.

    yeah but we don't row. do we? never never anyway

    NO NO we don't row, we do a little bit of row about a umm..
    You were doing something to my phone.

    I was just looking at it. I mean what are you suggesting?
    Im suggesting you were trying to hack into my phone.

    well If I knew how to do that Neal
    I would have done a little long time ago.

    shall we have a look at this word in the context.
    umm so we have from ABC news website.
    News headline to read

    again here sydney morning herald
    News headline to read

    oh yeah absolutely Neal let's not have a row about. shall we?

    OK I'll back down.

    Tell us more about this word hack.

    yes, so hack meaning to break into a computer system
    again a nice and short word
    probably why it's become so popular goes in headlines well

    a person who does this thing is a hacker
    and the area of ( ) is hacking

    and although I dont ever hack we do make a news program called Ringer hack

    It's program that breaks into the news to help you understand.

    great. let's look at our last word.
    Ok so we have back down here in this headlines from news . com
    news headline to read

    back down is one of those phrasal verbs
    which is quite easy to understand
    because it's got a physical feel to
    you can imagine moving back and down from a confrontation

    so when you accused me Neal that I hacked into your mobile phone
    I noticed that you ( ) back

    I did I did back down.
    I didn't want to have a row.

    just illustrate today's language.

    that's right.

    and to find out more about today's story
    let's listen to this report from ( ) who is bbc's north America technology reporter.
    News listening

  14. I miss the script videos, for someone who doesn't have a perfect and avanced english, they were the best.

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    Александр Гуров June 29, 2022 at 12:14 am

    They are talking so clear.
    Easy to understand every word they said.

  16. the best for English learners

  17. Very good! Thank you!

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    Юра Маркович June 29, 2022 at 12:14 am

    Rly nice

  19. Put a link to your Facebook page in the description, please.

  20. It is better to watch video than listening to audio. MCs are charming and always keep smiling.

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    もやしゲーム June 29, 2022 at 12:14 am

    It is so easy to understand English

  22. awesome explanation I liked it

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