BBC News Review: Apple criticised for stopping VPN in China reviews

November 9, 2022


Tech company Apple are going to stop providing virtual private network apps in China. Dan and Catherine teach you the language the world’s media is using to discuss this story.

The story:

Apple has been criticised by providers of virtual private networks, or VPNs, after confirming that it’s removing VPN apps from its store in mainland China.

One VPN provider accused Apple of aiding China’s censorship efforts. Another called it a dangerous precedent.

Key words and phrases:

avoid a problem or issue

agreement – often made unwillingly

move quickly to do something

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  1. Oh Dan is so gorgeous

  2. Answer A

  3. sad story for Chinese people

  4. Why she says "IDEARR" instead of "IDEA"? Can't understand the reason of this pronunciatiom, it happens in every video…

  5. Easiest way …to learn difficult words…………quite…..impressive

  6. Apple is kowtowing to ccp!shame on you!

  7. thank you very much, really great programm

  8. Reply
    東亞病夫Dr Aaron / November 9, 2022 at 12:14 am

    I strongly support our Chinese government to ban all non-state controlled VPNs. Actually ideally all foreigners living in China should have to register with real IDs to use Chinese version VPN to access the websites outside China. Yes, it's happening now.   All these anti-China channels inside China willl be gone. Actually, this makes a lot of sense. All employees  working for big companies or government in USA are usually forced to use private version VPN to login the workplace servers,  database. They usually have to use private email system,  private chatting, online conference system etc..   We Chinese should enforce all expats living in China only allowed to use online applications which are under a tight watch by the state-surveillance-system  .

  9. Wow! you read the Facebook's comments. Thank you BBC!

  10. Reply
    Сымбат Сабибай November 9, 2022 at 12:14 am

    I like it !!!

  11. I think I just watched this video yesterday….

  12. I need the subtitle because my listening skill is quite bad.

  13. I wish BBC provides the subtitles about this video series for studying English. Youtube auto translation would be also good. Even so-so meterial like Youtube translation should be better than nothing. Thank you for the video!

  14. update again😊

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