Bath & Body Works Black Cherry Merlot Review + Labor Day Sale News! reviews

September 17, 2023

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  1. I am a little upset. I didn't receive 25% coupon this time. Deciding of me next body care purchase is black cherry merlot vs sweet whiskey vs moonlight martini. Thanks for review

  2. I have the new Black Cherry Merlot mist and shower gel, but I Specifically didn't buy a cream or lotion because I have a Lot of deep cherry and wine frangrances from Victoria's Secret that I need to use up. But….. I'm really, Really mad at myself now!😆 I'm loving this scent, and said to hell with it, let me get a lotion – and they are sold out online And at all of my nearby stores!😭😭 Maybe, I'll luck out, and it will come back online. I might pick up another shower gel, though…🤔🍒💜

  3. This version does not smell the same to me. I like the old version better it was sweeter

  4. 💛🧡🤎🍁🥰

  5. I'm one of those who doesn't love BBW cherry scents. I'm ok with candles and air fresheners, but body care… not so sure.

  6. What happened to the red body spray

  7. I’m glad summer is coming to an end. Bath and Body works came out with the summer stuff way too early tropicals in February/the dead of winter was just too much. I’m welcoming all the fall scents right now. I was over all the kool-aide flavor scents before summer even started

  8. Happy September! I was not impressed with black cherry merlot. It was weak to me.

  9. I love this one and also Sugared Cherry Crisp.

  10. We never really got a summer here in Ireland this year 😭

  11. FREE SHIPPING FOR APP MEMBERS! LOLOL.JK. maybe they're going to wake up Christmas haha Bonnie, I can't believe there's only one store near you you have to move here we could go to seven stores in 7 hours, hit Lush, and hit to Yankee Candles, and then the Vera Bradley and the Disney store outlets and as a bonus, we can refill are McDonald's ice tea several times and never leave only two zip codes😅

  12. BONNIE!👀👁 where did you get that shirt? And do you have any of the eyeball stuff from last Halloween


  14. Love this 🍒

  15. Where are these coupons? I’m not getting any.

  16. 👑Yes To The Leaves 📖 🛐 🕊

  17. I don’t like this scent at all…beautiful packaging though.

  18. Summer definitely disappeared at lightning speed for me too. Aside from Bonnie loving Fall anyway, BBW really did nearly skip over Summer this year, so it only makes sense that Summer flew by here on the channel as well.
    Have a great one Bonnie ❤️

  19. Hi Bonnie, happy Thursday night ! I love Black Cherry Merlot . 🍒 I love the color of the faceted collection also. It's so pretty! Can't beleive it's Sept 1st tomorrow! Summer went too fast. I'm ready for fall though. Favorite time of the yr for me. Happy for the bc sale this weekend. Ty for the great review. 🤗❤️🍒🍇❤

  20. I love your necklace! It's so cute! I love the new fall packaging in the body care and fragrances, especially Black Cherry Merlot. So elegant! I love the Black Cherry Merlot mist and lotion. I'm hoping to the get the body wash soon. I don't like this scent in the hand soap – for some reason it smells like cough syrup.

  21. have you tried the new vanillas?

  22. Hi Bonnie speaking of Yankee candles rumor has it that they are closing stores left and right going bankrupt not sure of this information being accurate but I have been seeing yankee candles at Marshall’s and Ross for as low as $9.99 for the big once and as low as $3.99 for the medium to smaller once found the dark cherry one today and picked it up right away since that was also my favorite candle from them also the pumpkin donut one and so many others I think I bought five candles for under $40 which was a great deal considering that one of these are usually upwards of $30 to $20 something originally. I really hope Yankee candles are not going away these are iconic I have loved these since I was a high school kid and that’s over twenty years lol so aging myself right now, let me know if anyone has any legit info on the Yankee candle thing. Great video as always 🤗

  23. Reply
    Witchy Angel Ambience September 17, 2023 at 3:59 pm

    Hi Bonnie! Happy Thursday!

  24. I've always somewhat enjoyed black cherry merlot, like it's obviously fruity and I don't dislike it at all. But I also always found it to be way too strong. I can only stand a scent for so long when it's a dark fruit scent that strong. I wish they would come out with a lighter version.

  25. I think two different prices body lotion an shower gel is 5.50$ an body mist an creams 6.50$

  26. I really love black cherry merlot mixed with everlasting magic

  27. I have the mist from a few years ago, picked up the body care and a few candles.

  28. The cherry crisp body care was good too

  29. I hope they include body butter 😅

  30. I'm going to get the lotion and I love the cherry blossom I'm hoping they come out with it

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