Barstool Pizza Review – Da Legna at Nolo (New Haven, CT) reviews

June 30, 2023

Dave finishes up the New Haven pizza revisit at Da Legna.

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  1. Da Legna's at least an 8, easy. I grandfather them in with the rest of the classic new haven pies.

  2. Sally’s looks a lot different from his first video there

  3. Try the "Honey Pot" ….. my favorite New Haven pie. Sally's, Pepe's, Modern OK but i love Da Legna.

  4. Wth is Dave packing

  5. Reply
    Stephen Bartelmann June 30, 2023 at 5:27 am

    1 bite notta. fake

  6. Looked like a 9.4 to me !

  7. become a pizza man

  8. This is the place that one guy who walked into the review on the very first Debbie video (Minervini's) recommended.

  9. What a worthless rushed review. First bite no cheese. Waste of time.

  10. That's NOT De Legnas dirty Dave "fiji over aquamarine baby blues" Portney. That's whatever the f*ck they opened up in the old laundrymat across the street

  11. If u want more crisp just ask for it well done. Boom

  12. the key to the best new haven pizza is never leave the box shut to "sog" the pie,>>. and if you can get it heated/crisped by the slice: bada-boom!

  13. Mulberry st pizza Manchester ct


  15. Womens paints

  16. you gotta do tipsy tomato in derby its pretty good

  17. A little too much burn on the crust.

  18. That pizza looks like shit

  19. Bro next time your in the area – Fuoco in Cheshire, CT

  20. Looks burned to me

  21. Those pants are obviously cutting off the blood circulation to Pres' brain

  22. Reply
    Matthew Charbonneau June 30, 2023 at 5:27 am

    I wonder what he does with all the left over pizza….

  23. Sally's is the best pizza in America

  24. Dave gives pizza in Kentucky the same score he gives this…

  25. Alright… Speeder

  26. 0:20 “alright speeder” that was the coke talking

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