Banning 'steak': BBC News Review 2022

September 23, 2023

Plant-based food can no longer have meat-based names in France. The French government has published a list of words, such as ‘steak’ or ‘ribs’ that will not be allowed on labels for meat-free products. Farmers in the country have argued that using these words to describe non-meat products could confuse customers. Similar measures are being discussed in other countries.
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👉Key words and phrases:
🔎 meaty
interesting, complex or thought-provoking
– You’ll be able to write a lot about this – it’s a meaty topic.
– I’m reading classical literature at the moment – I like to read meaty books.

🔎 salvo
an attack or criticism
– His criticism was just the opening salvo in the attack on his colleagues.
– The new laws are just the first salvo in attempts to stop dangerous driving.

🔎 reignite
start up again
– The quality of films released this year has reignited my passion for cinema.
– The minister’s speech reignited bad feelings with her rivals.

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✔️ 0:00 – Introduction
✔️ 0:24 – Story
✔️ 1:17- Headline 1
✔️ 2:55 – Headline 2
✔️ 4:08 – Headline 3
✔️ 5:46 – Language summary

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  1. Reply
    Isabella Regina Beatrice Orfano' September 23, 2023 at 2:38 am

    An example. Yesterday evening I watched a meaty movie where the film director launches a salvo against social prejudice in order to reignite the discussion about discrimination.

  2. Excellent program!I leave you a suggestion, it would be very useful if you could spell out the words that are analyzed in each program, so that those of us who only listen to the program can know how to write it. In my case, I listen to the podcast and I can't see the word written, I just listen to it and stay with the doubt of how to write.A few years ago it was like that, Neil must remember.😊

  3. KMT party is reigniting their running for president and salvoing other parties using meaty social media.

  4. After being launched a salvo by my parents of my laziness , I reignite my passion again, read more meaty books, and take more exercise on a regular basis 😊

  5. Hi, could you create a playlist for BBC News Review?"

  6. Would you mind letting us know with the subtitle of it?

  7. The first headline is very clever. The words 'cordon blur' should be 'Cordon Bleu.' However, there is a dish called 'Chicken Condon Bleu,' made with real meat, and the headline means that there will not be any more mixups of actual meat and vegan meat.

  8. Correct labelling for meat packaging.
    There's a lot at steak.
    It's about this time some people may like to reignite their passion for barbecues.
    Or, perhaps just reignite their barbecues.

  9. In this episode, Beth's dress is very beautiful!

  10. Reply
    අරිය සච්චාන දස්සනං September 23, 2023 at 2:38 am

    The best presenting of the English

  11. Love The show

  12. Your community is best of the best 🎉🎉🎉

  13. Thank you for useful vocabularies! I personally like the word, meaty

  14. I love STEAK BEEF moo moo lamb and everything that is TRULY GOOD FOR US AND OUR HEALTH.


  15. Just because bbc promote themselves to FACT CHECKER does not mean it’s true, all MSN seem to be jumping on that band wagon, and it’s not about FACT BASED EVIDENCE, ITS SHUT ANYONE DOWN OR DISCREDIT THEM IF THEY REPORT TRUTH AND GO AGAINST THE NARRATIVE.


    Why Miss Spring lied on her application form and claimed to have worked with a certain JOURNALIST, who has FACT CHECKED THAT AS A LIE.

    BBC themselves have been caught out misrepresenting the REAL TRUTH including a war journalists who STAGED A REPORT, ITS ALL PUT THERE, YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK.


  16. Although your TV channel shares fake and biased news about Azerbaijan by calling out there loser and bribed armenian “journalists or politicians”, I approve your educational series of videos.

  17. Reply
    Артём Ершов September 23, 2023 at 2:38 am

    the best hosts

  18. tks

  19. The chef prepared a meaty dish with a salvo of spices to reignite the customers’ appetite.

  20. I watched Oppenheimer a couple weeks ago. It had a meaty plot, amazing music and talent actors. It reignited my joy about watching movies.

  21. I am a Japanese student and studying for an English exam.

  22. Excellent

  23. It was superb, Tha k you for sharing knowledge and reignite my interest in learning new words 🙂👍.

  24. Thank you very much 🌹🌹

  25. 👏👏👌👌👍👍🙂

  26. "In September I always want to reignite my passion for studying."

    "If I'm not happy with someone or something and you ask my opinion, be ready for a whole salvo.
    After finishing that film he launched a salvo of harsh criticism against it"

    "I'm not in the mood to read chick lit. Give me something meaty! "

  27. I appreciate if someone could help me with this in a sentense we use the main verb according to the tense….but in a sentence which have many verbs beside main verb, on which basis we change the form of those verbs which are not main verb?

  28. Thanks Guys❤ , From Sri Lanka.

  29. BBC News Review "Banning 'steak'":
    Summary of the story:
    – Plant-based foods can no longer have meat-based names in France. The French government will not allow labeling meat-free products with a meaty list of words like 'steak', 'ribs', etc.
    Words to know:
    * meat-free (adj) = non-meat (adj) – containing no meat or nothing made from meat
    Exp: Meat-free products or non-meat products do not have meat such as vegetables, fruit,…
    1) Meaty (adj) – (1st meaning related to food) – full of meat or tasting strongly like meat;
    – (2nd meaning) – complex or serious; often used to describe books or films.
    Exp: France prepares to ban vegetarian products from using meaty language. France is banning the way that plant-based foods are described. It is not banning the food itself.
    This documentary is meaty. It makes you think about it.
    2) Salvo (n) – (literal meaning – originally from military term) – the action of firing several guns at the same time; to fire all the guns at once.
    Exp: a salvo of guns/rockets;
    – (metaphorical meaning) – an attack or criticism. To launch to salvo (expression) – to describe criticizing someone.
    Exp: France readies New Salvo against Meat substitutes labeling;
    I launched a salvo of angry words in my neighbor's direction because they'd made a very loud noise last night.
    3) Reignite (v) – (1st meaning related to fire) – to ignite a fire again – start a fire again;
    – (2nd meaning) to start up again;
    Exp: France reignites bid to ban the use of words 'steak', and 'ribs', for plant-based foods
    French government started the political campaign again to ban the meaty language used for labeling plant-based foods.
    The good films reignite my passion for cinema.

    Thanks much for this video.

  30. But what’s the meaty

  31. I already have waited for 1 weeks , have a good day y’ll

  32. Reply
    Susana Espinosa Lupión September 23, 2023 at 2:38 am

    Hello! Thanks for more vocabulary.🤗

  33. It makes sense

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