Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Review – CRAZY FAST 3D PRINTING! reviews

August 30, 2022

My Review of the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon that launched on Kickstarter and is now making its way out to its backers.

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Loki Crown & Daredevil Helmet by NikoIndustries ➜

Samurai Darth Vader & Soldier Boy Helmet by Yosh Studios ➜

Articulating Storm Trooper & Dragon by Creature Crate ➜

Pooping Balloon Dog / Yoga Dog by ChaosCoreTech ➜

Sandman Skull by Hex3D ➜

X1 3D Printer Purge Bucket by Cleberlop ➜


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  1. I pre-ordered one the first day with AMS. I'm either too dumb or too busy for my ender 3's endless needs. I hope this will just print things that I want without making a career out of it.

  2. FedEx was once the gold standard of shipping companies….now its the third world country of shipping companies. Total trash.

  3. Thanks man, now I’m in trouble from my wife for preordering a 1500 dollar printer. Hope you’re happy Jessy

  4. I've just received mine…and Bloody hell, it's fast

  5. 🤔 you are kinda selling me on this. I have the prusa XL preordered but this speed is looking pretty nice.

  6. Great video, the printer looks like a solid machine! Side note, please print a cod piece for your Ironman mannequin in the back! Letting your man catch a breeze there.. haha

  7. Speed wise how is it vs say a Super Racer or a V400 from FLSUN? Print size and cost difference is pretty much a wash between the V400 and it so I really wanna know.

  8. Does anyone know if this printer is compatible with both 110V and 220V mains? I'm sure the psu for the electronics is, but wondering if the mains heater will behave differently in Europe than in the US.

  9. I LOVE my X1-Carbon! SUPER DUPER Fast… I have to build a stronger table for it. It's moves so quickly, that the inertia for the relatively light head creates a lot of vibration from my table. But even then, there was NO ringing etc… Setup was super simple (just remove 3 screws with included long hex wrench that have red tags and cut one zip-tie) and I was up and running right away. Total setup time (including reading the quick start guide… yes, I watched THAT live show) was less than 15 minutes and most of the time was spent waiting for the calibration.🥰🥰😍

  10. As Angus said, 3D printing has been so accustomed to cheap and mediocre printers for so long that products like these rattle the entire industry. Which is good! We need people to come along and shake things up and show that we don't have to settle for poor performance and poor reliability (and cumbersome tinkering to get even a baseline level of functionality). We CAN and SHOULD be able to print things smoothly, quickly, and easily.

  11. I wonder if someone can design a tray for the bottom that you just remove to get those bits of fillament out the bottom of the machine

  12. I bought one via kickstarter, I can confirm it's awesome, been printing stuff all week. Comes out great each time and yes it's fast, now I can print a lot of my older models and they'll be done before lunch. So much fun.

  13. Reply
    Snow Wolves Productions August 30, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    too small… should have made it 400 x 400 x 400 at least… Too expensive for the size for me…

  14. Why does it says 20 $ usd?

  15. I too would like a 300 cubed printer.

  16. Great review and hey you can use those saved 6h of printing to sand!

  17. We need a top 5 fastest printer list!

  18. Reply
    Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk August 30, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    comparing the bambu to the neptune, shows that neptune has a lot of ghosting, whereas the bambu has nothing 😉

  19. Didn't one of the major slicers have the ability to change the layer height mid-print to minimize those rings on the last few curved surfaces? Any way to use that on this printer?

  20. What does the maintenance for this machine look like?

  21. 🎃Stay Spooky👻

  22. Hopefully they can come up with a larger unit that does 300-400mm cubed. That would be really fantastic.

  23. Got mine the other day. The kids and I have already printed more stuff than we have with our Ender 3 pro that we got months ago.

  24. Reply
    L.R. Design Studios Laurie Sullivan Roy August 30, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    Fed ex has been horrible lately — I have had packages take a month or longer for a 3-5 day
    Shipping — multiple times this summer

  25. Reply
    Jonathan Michael Johnson August 30, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    That opening. Like nails on a chalkboard. Seeing you skid twist a thousand dollar machine with so many moving parts. Dude

  26. This machine IS a revolution ! 😁

  27. Nice, but I still think that the sweet spot size for a 3d printer is 300x300x300.

  28. Wow, talk about an enthusiastic review! But, I would have liked to see a comparison from other printers on that curved top layers issue to see how much is a slicer vs printer problem, and some more specifics on the "speeds and feeds" that it's using, again for comparisons to other printers, particularly other CoreXY configurations..

  29. the only thing that stoped me from getting that printer was the build volume, its just to small for helmets. so yeah a 300x300x300 would be an insta buy

  30. I'm getting worried. Seems like everyone got their KS order, but I've received no shipping information or update at all. I've actually gotten more information from my Ankermake backing than Bambu.

  31. Uncle Jessy, what are the outer dimensions of this printer? I'am looking to replace one of my 3D printers and it's in an enclosure, and have found that most bed slinger type printers are too large. Wanting to replace a 3D printer with a 250 x 250 bed but not willing to go smaller, which looks like the only way a bed slinger will fit.

  32. All the time it prints crop circles as bad as that, not interested.

  33. Im glad your beta unit was just a raspberry of the batch, shame they couldn't get to see what the issues were, maybe bad firmware or something. Talking about firmware, now that they are shipping units retail we hopefully will see more concentration on firmware and software side of things as it seems that is where the remaining kinks are. Nothing looks too serious to hinder how good this machine is though and so nice to see a company take a risk on a new design and features. Im both looking forward to my printer coming and also where this printer is going to go. Im happy to purchase proprietary parts as long as they are reasonably cheap and allows to continually fund BambuLab as long as they continue to maintain and develop this and future machines.

  34. Higher flow rates call for higher nozzle temps. When I print at 400mm/s on my V-Minion (which is pretty much my default profile), I'll typically print 30C hotter than if I were printing at "conventional" speeds. Those silk filaments loose their luster the hotter you print them. Typically, I'll print at 190C and slow (40mm/s) to get a really shiny finish.
    What temperature are you using on the Bambu, and how does it compare to the Neptune profile? You might find that it's just not possible to get both speed and luster with silks, as the additives that create the finish break down at fairly low (for printing) temperatures.

  35. This printer just shows the power of having people from a real tech company and that Prusa is not.

  36. I have…. one that I backed that should have shipped in July (it was June KS with a July ship) that hasn't arrived yet (Australia they shipped by Sea and I have to wait for it to arrive and then be sent via a local distributor) and I already pre-ordered a 2nd because I didn't realise that i could fit 2 in the place I was going to put it until afterwards (so missed out on the savings). But I really wanted to receive the first one before having to pay the remainder of the pre-order on the second.

  37. Somewhat pedantic point, but there's no way that's a LIDAR. Low cost LIDAR have around 10cm accuracy. It's almost certainly a laser triangulation sensor, which is actually the right tool for the job.

  38. How is the noise level? Is this something you can be in the same room of, while it is printing in quiet mode, and still have a work meeting?

  39. 💕👍

  40. Ugh, I picked the AnkerMake over this based on your reviews. Now I get to wait until November to be feeling misled and full of regret.

  41. At the 7:33 mark I'm now noting to myself that when I get this printer the first thing I'm buying for it is a lazy susan.

  42. I would love one of these, but just got a Neptune 3 so funds aint there anymore lol

  43. Is this machine faster than Flsun v400? Seeing great print with high speed. This printer looks nice tho.

  44. Ya know the whole filament swap and loading issue you are having could be solved with an AMS lol.

  45. With the AMS unit there is a load and unload functions. There is a single layer top checked I had to uncheck so the top layers are better.

    My issue is the bed, I went through the three cool plate stickers. The first started bubbling. The other two ripped with PETG even with glue stick over the entire bed. Under the sticker is the same material as the engineering side so been printing on that with less problems. I would like a textured plate though.

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