Bad Company Review – with Zee Garcia reviews

February 5, 2023

Zee checks out Bad Company, a dice-driven heist game with lots of silly characters.

*Small Correction: You do NOT gain the rewards on the road if the police car has already passed that point.*

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Overview
10:26 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Thanks for your review.

  2. How does it really play in solo mode, please ?

  3. Before seeing the review I thought there was very little chance I'd get this when I already own Space Base, but I do like a couple of things here. More freedom with the dice on your turn and using half of them on other people's turns. That's awesome. I've found it surprisingly difficult to explain the red ("So I get this on other people's turns?" – "Yes, but you have to build/deploy it first." – "How do I do that?" – "You buy a card and the card of the same number is turned upside down and then you get stuff on other people's turns." etc.) and especially the green boxes ("You have to charge the green ability before you can use it." – "How do I charge it?" – "By spending dice on it." – "OK." – "When it's charged you can use it right away, on your turn, on other people's turns, and the number doesn't need to come up for you to do that." – "What?") in Space Base. Maybe I'm not the best teacher, but this game seems to "fix" both of those while also giving players some direction (fulfill goal cards, stay ahead of cops). It is definitely simpler, though, which will make it easier to get to the table (this has become a very important factor for me in recent years), but it makes me a little worried about replayability.

  4. My boardgame group love spacebase and this seems like a nice version of that. I live the theme and the art.

  5. Ok, you convinced me. I was waiting on Space Base, but I might never get it now because this one looks like a must have.
    If only it was in stock…

  6. Bad Company is to Space Base what Cubitos is to Automobiles.

  7. Thank you, Zee. I love Space Base, therefore I was in doubt to buy Bad Company. I did it and don't regret it. Much more fun in Bad Company. Great!

  8. If you were to choose between this and (the upcoming rework) Caper Europe, what would you pick? They have the same theme and similar visual style.

  9. How boring this look, design from the 90

  10. Boring design

  11. Reply
    Jeffrey Mishra-Marzetti February 5, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    Thanks Zee! This is not one I was initially all that interested in. But, after watching your review, I am very Interested. I looks like a really fun game.

  12. Kinda reminds me a bit of Long Live the Queen…

  13. "More grounded than Space Base." Clever

  14. Is the game out? Or is it exclusively a kickstarter? I can't find it anywhere?

  15. "A straight up wizard is robbing the place."

  16. Components are nice, except the slightly cheap feeling dice. But those are easy to replace if one wants to 🙂

  17. This sure won't replace Space Bace for us. I like the streamlined ramping up of the engine/tableau in Space Base, it really does what it does almost flawlessly. I can see where some would like this different take on that style of game, but the theme and art holds no appeal to us… and this just seems muddled with the central boards and the mechanics related to them. Thanks for the review Zee, always well done.

  18. Where are players getting this? I've looked around online but nothing. Seems like only at Essen. Why review games if you can't get them? I understand you get games to review them. There are several that The Dice Tower Reviews or previews but are not available here in the states such as Demeter, Riverdale, Bad Company

  19. I'm glad Zee mentioned Space Base at the end, it was kind of the cosmic elephant in the room. Still wondering though, might this be a Space Base killer?

  20. Killing me that this isn't actually available anywhere yet.

  21. Rarely while watching the rules overview do I get excited for a game, but man! I like Space Base, don't love it like many do, and I think that's mainly due to it being kinda dry. The personality and world-building here seem to supply what I'm missing from that one.

  22. Reply
    Kristian Amundsen Østby February 5, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    Thank you for a great review!!

    A small note: You do not gain rewards along the road when you are behind the police, so the police car's position during the game does matter 😀

  23. Zee selling me games as always… sigh

  24. Bad Company is super fun! Received it in the mail yesterday and have already played it twice. My whole family loves it! There is actually an advantage to staying ahead of the police car because you can’t collect all the “loot” if you’re behind the police car or if the police car has already reached the “loot”. This game is a big winner – it’s fast, crazy fun and everyone is completely engaged the entire game!

  25. Played it today with a friend at SPIEL in Essen and love it. The friend bought it, looking forward to the next play.

  26. Yeah, for sure it feels like the cop car feels less impactful than it ought to. Maybe a variant could be the cop car arrests one of your dudes? Or takes some of your money or mission progress? Something more meaningful. As it is, feels like you could largely ignore it to little detriment.

  27. Love your reviews. Do you prefer Bad Company to Machi Koro, Machi Koro 2, Space Base, etc.? Or are they more all in the same area?

  28. Heist Base!

  29. I'll definitely check it out.

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