Ave Maria, FL the Town (MY REVIEW)~ Schools, what to do, jobs~ Catholicish Town in Florida reviews

January 17, 2023

More information about Ave Maria, FL https://www.avemaria.com/

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  1. I'm looking to transfer to the University there this Fall! I've been dreaming of studying somewhere very rooted in our Faith… finding Ave overwhelmed me with excitement (to say the least). I am; however, having trouble figuring out how I will live off campus with only homes surrounding the college. I'm hoping this comment might come across someone looking for a tenant… I'd love to find some work while I'm there so I'd even be happy to accept a live in nannying position. I'm open to different options as well!

  2. Im from Brazil (biggest catholic country in the world) and I would love to visit Ave Maria.

  3. My aunt in law works at the university there and she adores it! Truly a beautiful town.

  4. This was a great idea for a video!

    Two of my daughters went to school at Ave Maria, so we are very familiar with the town. We love it and are thinking of buying a home there eventually. It reminds me of the European towns of yesteryear when the Church was the center of life (as it should be);)

  5. I'm sending this to my goddaughter. She has applied to Ave Maria University. She has been there once, but I hope this will help her move towards her goal.

  6. Reply
    LUISA MARIA VILLEGAS LOPEZ January 17, 2023 at 8:11 am

    I loved it, thanks 💙

  7. Is Ave Maria mostly for upper class incomes? Are they making space for people who do not have wealth?

  8. IT WAS JUST THE BEST TO GIVE YOU A TOUR OF MY BEAUTIFUL TOWN!!!!!!! And THE BEST to spend some time with you : )

  9. Went yesterday for college visit. Daughter LOVED it

  10. We are looking to purchase a condo in Ave Maria to use during the winter months (we live in upstate NY). If anyone knows of any that are reasonably priced with lower HOA fees, please let me know. Someone mentioned this town to me 2 days ago and now I am obsessed!! I love the fact that it is based around a Catholic Church/Campus, looks so quaint and very enticing. Thanks for the input, great video!

  11. Reply
    Michelle Harrington January 17, 2023 at 8:11 am

    I’m even more confused. We are actively looking to buy a home in Ave Maria. We have visited multiple times snd loved it. What’s not to love?? Anyone??

  12. Thank you for the info. People might find "the church in the main center of town" to be odd, but you go to Spain and that is the common set up… and no one questions that! Ave Maria is beautiful!

  13. Heather I live very close to Ave Maria. I go there often. I’m in my 60’s and have thought of moving there. I currently live in Fort Myers. Pros: It’s a beautiful peaceful community. I love the idea of living in walking distance to the church and being a bit secluded around people of the same beliefs.

    Cons: it’s not really a small town. It’s on the outskirts of two big places. Fort Myers and Naples. Not to mention extremely close to the Seminole Casino. Besides having to travel an hour each way to work depending on which city you work in it’s the same thing for a Drs appt.

    There are many reasonable homes there but of course I would be looking for a condo. Best of luck if this ends up being your destination.

  14. I am blessed to live about 5 miles from Ave Maria in a small town named “Immokalee” which means “My Home” in Indian. I do love living so close because I get to attend all the Marian Conferences and see the Catholic speakers they bring. Oh, I also love there book store.

  15. My sister brother-in-law live there during the winter. I love it there I love the church I love the bookstore the Publix grocery store has the best fried chicken in the restaurants are wonderful..

  16. Great video, thanks for sharing. If you seriously consider moving there, be sure to check out the cost of homeowner's insurance first. It can be very high, especially lately. In the last few months, several Florida-based insurance companies have gone out of business. Would love to see a similar video on Steubenville, Ohio.

  17. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Wishing you and your family many blessings. Recharge and come back renewed. This is why retreats are good. We need to be refreshed spiritually too. You might want to look into Alabama where Mother Angelina built her shrine and started EWTN. They have retreat houses. I haven't been there yet, but it is on my bucket list.

  19. Just went there a few days ago! Loved it!

  20. I love this! It would be amazing to live in a community of Catholics…I do wonder though…how ethnically diverse this town is. Just wondering cause my family is mixed, we're latinos/afro-latinos and I know small towns in the south can be a little behind the times with people of color so I'm just curious if we would fit in there.

  21. Two more videos on Catholic towns and Catholic places tonight please

  22. It’s great that it’s an all-Catholic (or almost) town. However, I lived in Florida for 12 years and I would never move there again. I cannot bear the heat, humidity, and the lack of seasons. Had I not grown up in a place that did have all four seasons, maybe I would not have minded. But having spent my formative years enjoying the beauty of nature’s changing seasons, I found it very difficult to adapt to Miami.
    And I say this as a Catholic Cuban who was born in the tropics. I have a love for all things Cuban— except the climate!
    So if you can deal with the climate in Ave Maria, it may be a perfect place to raise a family.

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