Autism Treatment E2 Visa Business Review reviews

February 12, 2023

Vetted Biz presents an Autism Treatment Business Review With Success on the Spectrum

What you will learn during this Live Stream
1. Opportunities to open your own business in the autism treatment market

2. How SOS Franchising incorporates science, community outings, safety and high parent involvement into its unique business model

3. Key markets for growth in the autism spectrum treatment industry

If you would like more information about Success on the Spectrum visit the Franchise profile on our website

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00:00 Nicole & Joe backgrounds
04:25 How big is the industry?
05:42 Importance of early diagnosis and treatment
06:52 Awareness and education
08:27 Financial perspective
10:04 Payments model
13:17 About the clients
14:26 Growing plans
15:16 Franchisee profile and responsibilities
18:35 Why ABA?
21:48 Franchise costs
22:45 When do you become profitable?
24:23 Why you decided to franchise?
25:59 There is a community of parents
27:47 Opening in more states
29:39 Industry during COVID-19
31:57 Sales recovery
34:00 The future of kids with autism
35:22 Concluding thoughts

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