Audi RS3 review – NEW 180mph performance car driven + 0-60mph test! | What Car? reviews

April 7, 2023

In our 2022 Audi RS3 review, we’ll be finding out if this new 180mph performance car is a worthy rival to the Mercedes A45 AMG. We’ll also be putting Audi’s 0-60mph claim to the test.

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  1. Top-notch video review

  2. Very good Review! Based on our 32,143 mile testing, the only change we made were
    wheels/tires now running 245/40/18 on Neuspeed RSe10 18X8.5 wheels, which greatly
    improved the quality of our weekly country back road runs. Now at 44,643 total miles, our
    2019 RS 3 has performed perfectly, based on my many years of country back road runs,
    since 1958. A truly great vehicle indeed!

  3. If Mercedes goes to Tenerife, Audi goes to Elevenerife.

  4. But…… is it reliable???

  5. I just wish the exterior design was more different than the S line.

  6. 5cyl!!!😍😍😍😍

  7. Kyalami was available on the last gen rs3 as well

  8. It looks like a Mk4 Jetta. Sure, it has all the goodies, but the lines, proportions and the size remind me of the Mk4. Why not a hatchback I like the Mk4 GTI?

  9. What’s it like off the start? I have the old RS3 and it’s pretty crummy from a start. It’s very jerky…all or nothing. Gets annoying when you’re not drag racing every time you stop and start. It’s not a great around town car, but it’s damn awesome in the canyons. My R8 I can put in COMFORT and it drives like a S8 sedan, the RS3 in comfort is still herky jerky. And in PERFORMANCE mode it doesn’t shift anywhere as good as the R8. Without having driven an R8 you wouldn’t know it, but having both I can feel how slow the RS3 shifts when paddle shifting. The RS3 chassis is also very flexy and not all that stiff. When driving up a driveway if you take it at an angle you can hear the chassis flex and creak. But in the corners it’s super fun. Have to figure out how to drive it though which is half the fun. When you figure out that it likes to accelerate through a corner (a no no in most cars) it opens up a world of smiles.

  10. Great review.
    Does this still have a duel clutch?
    Those shifts sounded a bit slow on your 0-62 runs.

  11. is that the ugliest PUKE GREEN you have ever seen and the fakest sound that you can pump into your cabin with a stereo! "Its a pity that Audi decided to go the route of a synthetic sound through a speaker"
    when will the germans ever learn how to design and engineer a car…no SWAG!

  12. 3:45 that is not true. The colour lines in the vents come with an ADDITIONAL package not the one that includes the steering wheel in alcantara and with the middle point marker. Those are 2 separate packs.

  13. Audis are starting to look ugly to me and I loved audis since I was kid

  14. I put a deposit down on one a couple weeks ago, but damn I wish they offered this in a manual transmission in the states. This would be the perfect car in a manual saloon in my opinion. Who wants an automatic driver’s car?

    I’m trading in my M2 Comp for it, and will really miss the stick

  15. Wow you can feel the steering more in the type r? Damn who woulda known you could feel it more out of a fwd lmaooo wait till the big turbo vids come out next year

  16. I just can't get my head around the idiotic decision to make a steering-wheel like that.
    FFS it looks ridiculous. Like one of those cheap covers from the 90's….

  17. This or a cla45 amg?

  18. Daewoo Leganza over the RS3 for me

  19. It sounds like a mini R8 V10! With that kind of power and sound, I'd take this and save the money spent on a R8 any day.

  20. Coming from a 2.3 turbo i4 mustang owner I’m jealous of how the 2.5 i5 sounds. It sounds so damn good, whereas my 2.3 sounds really good but the difference In sound between that and a rs3 is crazy. These cars are absolute beasts and as insanely quick. A tuned rs3 would would give a gt500 a run for it’s money

  21. You didn't mention the restricted luggage space…markedly less than lesser versions of the A3.

  22. Sad days for Canada no RS3 was really wanting one 🤦‍♂️

  23. hört sich so schei*e an mit OPF

  24. Reply
    Unapologeticallyleo April 7, 2023 at 9:09 pm

    Can I get one like this in the US ?

  25. He’s pretending driving the sport pack version 🙄
    This is no hot “hatch”

  26. I know the saloons are slightly heavier than the hatchbacks, but both this RS3 & the Mercedes rival just look so much better as a saloon…

  27. Everyone out here driving bmw n mercerdes audi the underdog which is why I like them so much💯

  28. My golf r with a 600 dollar tune is faster.

  29. -10 points for not actually driving the hatch even though titled as such

  30. Fantastically compact.

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