Auburn Football Review: Texas A&M 2022

November 17, 2022
  1. Plz man Cadillac Williams the permanent HC 4 Auburn

  2. If he can somehow beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa, the Cohen NEEDS to promote Cadillac to HC. I just think it’s the only way

  3. Hire Cadillac as the head coach, then put a together an allstar coaching staff to back him up.

  4. Ga bulldog fan here.

    I hope they hire him. He knows the team. He has respect. He loves the school. He's a good coach and he's hungry

  5. We are beyond thankful! You are the man and thank you after the disaster of Harsin. We appreciate you so much.

  6. Man, I get choked up and teary eyed every time someone calls Caddy "Coach".
    It means so much.
    Weagle Weagle War Damn Eagle!

  7. We got more energy PLAYING these last 2 games that that I have seen all season .I'M not a coach but I think we need to run the ball MORE that's more AUBURN of football . I'M A BIG AUBURN FAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE AN AUBURN FAN .

  8. I hope that is we hire a new HC that CADILLAC is also hired as the AHC. he is going to be a great HC.

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    Packers auburn Eric ! November 17, 2022 at 5:40 pm

    Auburn family regardless

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    Chris Isbell Five Star Landscaping November 17, 2022 at 5:40 pm

    No one better for a Coach. He has been them they will respond to him over any one. Can't relate to someone that hasn't been there

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    Chris Isbell Five Star Landscaping November 17, 2022 at 5:40 pm

    If they know what they are doing at Auburn. They will try him out and believe in him and give control if not then let the boosters coach a game. They aren't head coaches if they dont run the whole thing. Hints head of all

  12. I love culture Build Put in that Work this Off-season AU I’m watching You Duuuuuuval

  13. AU should play FSU as a Nole I respect AU I remember y’all my breakout team For 2023

  14. AU is so fortunate to have this man. Thank you and congratulations Cadillac ❤

  15. I want that shirt

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