Atop the Fourth Wall Movie Review: the Worst Channel Awesome Film reviews

January 21, 2023

I discuss the worst Channel Awesome movie, bar none.

Kinky Linky Channel:

Music Used:

The End- The Forest OST

Your Affection- Persona 4 OST

Greek Theme- Age of Mythology OST

Amino Man- the Aquabats

Substory Track- Yakuza 0 OST

Life is Beautiful- Deadly Premonition OST

Hydroponics 1- System Shock 2 OST

Ops 2- System Shock 2 OST

Hope is an Anchor- Sunless Sea OST

Khan’s Heart- Sunless Sea OST

Heaven’s Night- Silent Hill 2 OST

Null Moon- Silent Hill 2 OST

A World of Madness- Silent Hill 2 OST

I’ll Face Myself- Persona 4 OST







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  1. I think the thing that irks me the most about the CA movies is the lack of effort. With Doug's movies, it's somewhat excusable because they're basically just his regular videos, but massive collabs… but Linkara's movie epitomizes it. And I can even excuse the lack of acting skill. What I'm talking about here is the lack of care given to things like… blocking, lighting, camera work, sound, music, and with regard to Linkara's movie in particular (since he obviously had a fair amount of money to work with), utter disregard for sets. Why is Mechakara on a fucking COUCH? How many villains can look threatening on a couch when being filmed with an el cheapo camera? Sets aside, there are ways you can invest in your film that don't cost anything except the time it takes to put into doing something right… and these clowns just… don't. Do you know how inexpensive it is to rent just a camera stabilizer so your camera's not jiggling all over the place?

    …I wonder when that Spoony movie is going to get made…

    Remember? Back when Spoony opened his Patreon, almost immediately got enough funding for a Spoony movie (which he almost certainly thought was a target that would never be hit), and then stopped making videos entirely?

  2. Let's be real Linkara is just a more competent Chis Chan

  3. a real anniversary movie would be if every member of channel awesome did a day in the life style video where they film their routine and how they each come up with their videos and what there process was and compile all of it. James Rolfe did that and it was some of the most intriguing things ive seen him do to come up with his videos, my favorite videos of his is when he would talk about all the stuff he would do just to do film making

  4. I was funny enough a big fan of Linkara when he first came around on channel awesome.
    He let me learn of a whole bunch of whacky and dumb comic shit and also sort of reignited by love of tokusatsu crap.
    But at some point his ego and narcissism just became his whole thing in and out of character.
    I got so many good memories of the TGWTG crews and liking their cringe-tastic crap in high school but after suburban knights and all the crap that came around plus real life stuff I stopped watching.
    This series of vids was a good look back at cringe but also a good history on the crap that surrounded the downfall of some of my favs.
    great work as always man. First you reintroduce me to berserk with that ungodly long vid now a look back at TGWTG.

  5. after this entire video.. all i can say.. hopefully there is an anime of my life as a villainess. no but in all seriousness.. this really does potray more of the "Document" in a far different and nuanced way. not that any of them were perfect.. but they really did pretend there shit didnt stink and it was just those three at the top… i always wondered why so many tried to also push that doug was just dumb and ignored… its cause they still wanted his fame.. so they could just shit on him.. they wanted him to remove his brother and mike so they could also be basically bosses… doug might have dodged a bullet when they all seperated. this does scream petty, arrogant, ego bloated youtubers.. everywhere in this channel awesome thing.

  6. 49:41 Velma!?

  7. 18:28 "Space station has gone quiet.." Plays music from 'System Shock 2' See what you did there !

  8. Frank Miller is one of my favorite comic book writers alongside with Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and Mark Millar. Clerks is way better than Linkara. Matter of fact, Clerks is one of my favorite movies

  9. Well, everything Linkara does is pure trash.. so you know..

  10. Reply
    Not what I signed up for. January 21, 2023 at 4:06 am

    Holy shit was Crossed around at the same time Holy Terror? Because that’s WAY WAY WORSE! In more than a couple ways!

  11. Reply
    Not what I signed up for. January 21, 2023 at 4:06 am

    Frank Miller didn’t really have a “Noir” style in those Batman stories. It was completely unhinged, and rather than having the hot woman who starts off the story it was just prostitutes telling Batman how much they love him. And I’m pretty sure he hints that Flash and GL were queers together.

    The racism thing…. Well who wasn’t angry after the towers? Admittedly misplaced anger.

  12. stop being a fucking racist

  13. why do you don't like hbomerguy and or contrapoints them and you are in my like top 5 favorite people on youtube pls give their content a chance just because lisy elles was one of the first bredtubers doesn't mean the whole genre is bad and not worth watching hbomerguy has some great videos like the vaccine one and fallout new vegas and the oof one and both scanline videos pls give it a shot bro

  14. All these channel awesome movies are so boring visually, for movie critics they sure dont know how to use a camera.

  15. Where the hell did all this "they viewed it as a chance to make it to hollywood" shit come from? It comes up multiple times in this video and like…when did any of them say that?

  16. That "dramatic" rant between Linkara and Marzgurl (about 35 mins or so in the video).
    Linkara channels his inner Curly before every sentence trying to pull up that "oh he's so flustered, he's breaking his voice" emotion.

  17. Between this series and truly learning Berserk from you, I consider you worth subbing to.

  18. (48:51) What did she said?

  19. Lightbringer reminds me of Day Man and Night Man from Always Sunny

  20. Reply
    obsessed pathetic troll January 21, 2023 at 4:06 am

    more leik stink-ara – am i righttt?

  21. Reply
    The Moon Is Made Of Cheese January 21, 2023 at 4:06 am

    Ok I get YouTube's algorithm favors longer videos these days but holy fuck this didn't need to be over an hour long.

  22. CAN LINKARA EVER STOP BLINKING? As ANY of his characters?? Good lord, his eyelids are like Eric Freeman's eyebrows…even when he's Frank Sinatra guy, and his eyes are CLOSED, you can see him blinking constantly WITH CLOSED EYES. It's so distracting.

  23. “The studio we did end up renting did not see any need to supervise us, the people who owned and worked in the studio normally simply staying in the office area to provide any assistance that we requested”

    That’s supervising

  24. Defending Miller’s outright racist, xenophobic book immediately disqualifies you from being taken seriously.

  25. 35:50 death by cringe

  26. Never really liked that Erod guy. He always felt too much of a try-hard, and his "my background story on how I got to Channel Awesome" video he made after the debacle only confirmed that to me. He's like the epitome of doing hard work to "succeed" (if you can call it any sort of "success" what he achieved) doesn't necessarily mean you are actually talented and likeable. I get the feeling that he didn't really get into the "inner group" of CA because he was so good and talented, but more like he forced himself into it and pestered the channel until he got there. I could be completely wrong, though.

  27. I only ever watch Linkaras history of Power Rangers

  28. While I do agree that linkara is a full of himself delusional nincumpoop, bringing up shit he wrote is the past is assinine, most people did stupid shit in the past thast they are not proud of, it's called growth
    That said, linkara is an entitled asshole

  29. Apparently even Mike Ellis didn't like Linkara, saying he was a "fuddy duddy bitch" who cried about having to break rules due to being a by the books guy as well as being anal retentive and even being difficult to work with to the point that they didn't want to deal with him

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