Asiana A350 Business Class Review LAX – Seoul Incheon (OZ201) reviews

December 22, 2022

Asiana Airlines Business Class
Flight information
Date: April 18th, 2020
Flight number: OZ201
Aircraft Type: Airbus A350
Registration number: HL8079
Seat: 6K

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  1. Did the baby cry all 15 hours?

  2. It's great to know that even in business class, there's always a worthless parent with their insufferable child that won't shut the fuck up the entire flight

  3. Sometimes you get a different plane,and sometimes the food selection is different, but it's ok no matter what seat we all arrive to the same place,safe and smooth is nice

  4. Awesome review!


  6. Amazing trip report. Asiana's service is excellent

  7. Asiana need to removed b777-300 out of the feet is very old n smell very nasty in the plane.

  8. 12:52 A tip of etiquette: cutlery, once removed from the table, does not touch the table again. They must be placed on the plate, always.

  9. Fuck's with the gloves…?!

  10. I continue to thank the Wright brothers every time I fly.

  11. Nice video 👍

  12. Enjoyed your review, very informative. Heading back to Jeju-do April 2022 to visit family I have not seen in almost three years. Fed up going via the Gulf.
    Asiana can take me direct from London to Seoul in 14 hours, add in my first flight from Inverness to Heathrow and its still quicker.
    The business class product looks great, I would expect nothing less from a Republic of Korea Airline, like the seat configuration too.
    Also, they are great on price, return Business Class is just over £2,200, excellent value, my only criticism is the limited IFE.

  13. A350 ❤💖💝

  14. Pretend i'm traveling right now 🙁 I miss going out of the country huhuhuhu

  15. I'm not from the US but the dancing avocado at 1:28 is the most West coast thing I've ever seen 😄

  16. view of the engine during taxi and take-off is all I needed

  17. a350 oval windows are also on A380s

  18. Well Done. Every detail were superbly focused and well explained. Excellent camera work. (Many idiots move the camera to fast) 수고했어요 😀

  19. Typical Asian standard i would say. Good food and a nice selection of wine. Asiana is among the better airlines and represents Korea in a nice touch. I like the fact that they are true and reliable Airbus customers. We need companies like them here in Hamburg to secure our workmanship. 👍

  20. Were there first class on the A350?

  21. Nice report and lucky to have flown the A350 vs the older B777. Was there an air vent on the overhead anywhere or near the seat?

  22. once covid is over I'm flying this business class to Korea from lax as well to see my family.

  23. Why is Korean Air still 2-2-2…

  24. Thanks. Great review. Very helpful. I needed to know if the beds lay flat for a London-Sydney flight. This is at least 22 hours so sleep is important.

  25. This is the worst Airline Ive experience they allow only 1 luggage per person and then I paid for my 1 extra luggage for 80 dollars,620 HKD

  26. I took asiana airlines to Philippines and it was good going there but coming back was a bitch.,over crowded. Food was ok they could use some improvements

  27. Sorry man I can't watch this. Not because of the footage but that kid is annoying!!! Babies in Business Class…….

  28. Isn't it disruptive to open windows shade when the entire cabin is dark?

  29. The engines are mindblowing

  30. Reply
    Mikhael Angelus Milano December 22, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    love your review! but I'd suggest using a hand sanitizer or washing your hands frequently.. than using gloves. 🙂

  31. Nice video the interior of that business class is gorgeous

  32. Reply
    German Ji Jinhee 독일 지진희 랜선 유럽여행 December 22, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    Empty empty…

  33. …Cool, except for the excessive wobbly camera panning. it's inducing motion sickness in the viewers.
    Please get a tripod so that you can stop spinning around (with your thumb holding the Record button?) after your opener, and shoot "still" shots of the details in the scene. See some of Nonstop Dan's work for ideas.


  34. JaweaiAqii was

  35. It's nice that Asiana server their regular business class meals during this current situation. Other airlines such as Air Canada and Singapore Airlines reduced their business class services. Air Canada gives their business class passengers pre-packaged meals and the only choice of drink is water. Singapore Airlines serves their business class passengers economy class meals.

  36. Impressive!!

  37. I was surprised by the quality of your video. It's very clean. If you can, can you tell me which camera or smartphone you use for video?

  38. Must be fun to travel during this time cuz without so many people yay

  39. Great video! Asiana's service seems excellent! It will be better if higher quality headphone can be provided! Take care and stay safe!

  40. Did you get any peace and quiet at all from the toddler across the aisle? 🙄

  41. so crazy how empty it is…

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