January 6, 2023

Newcastle United face one of their biggest tests of the season so far as they take on Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

The gunners have had a fantastic season and find themselves clear at the top of the Premier League. However, Newcastle are also having an amazing season currently lying third in the league. A very exciting game could be ahead of us.

Join the guys as they look ahead to this huge game.

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  1. Need to drop Longstaff and Wood and bring in Maximin and Wilson for this one. Both need 10 chances to score 1 goal. Keep them for Cup games.

  2. The winner of this game will be found in Joe n Bruno vs Odegard and Partey, whoever wins that wins the match. HTLs!

  3. Super Joe is our one unreplaceable player, said it before, his command of midfield allows everything else to tick, including Brilliant Bruno.
    I am not a Ronaldo fan by any measure, but the cheek of getting around FFP is cute, woah be tide he takes Super Joe's shirt number, FUCK that!

  4. ill be sticking my headphones on listening to yous while watching the match

  5. I'd rather have woody than Ronaldo he might not score as many goals but I wouldn't want the pretentiousness Portuguese princess anywhere near our team

  6. Wood may not be future but don't forget his contributions

  7. Thanks!

  8. Would love to see Paul eat his left toe nail but isak aint playing bois πŸ˜ͺ

  9. Message for Nick Pope and newcastle United players as usual:
    1). As a goalkeeper, don't be out of position and don't drop your opponent with the potential for a penalty, this message is proven, keeping Nick Pope clean sheets for up to 8 matches (?)

    2). For the defenders (5 players) who are incredibly compact, as always don't take down your opponent in the penalty box alone or hand ball which results in penalties.

    3). For midfielders and Forward/attacker's, please be creative to make goals, as long as you have defenders and a tough goalkeeper, but if you lose the ball, don't forget to help defend, this is against Arsenal, you know, the leader of the EPL standings, the estimated player who has the potential to make a goal is Almiron, Willson, Bruno, Joe Willock, Wood, Murphy score 0:1 or 0:2 for the victory of Newcastle United .πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

    #Sorry for Joelinton and Maximin, you still don't have the instinct to make magical goals, even though your position is attacker's😬😳😢

    Even though making a goal is easy, if it is a long distance shot, just try to kick it flat into the mouth of the opponent's goal, because the ball has the potential to fly, if it is a short distance it can be a little to the end of the goal because this is a short distance, the ball does not fly.
    All you have to do is control the feet of the shoes and the ball, if you kick the middle ball position, the ball slides fast flat, if the bottom of the ball, it will fly up, if the top of the ball makes a bounce or goes flat to the ground, it's easy right? and don't forget to swing your legs, if the distance is full foot from behind, if you are close, you don't need a full swing, just swing your legs from the side of your body so that the ball doesn't fly, success in making goals 🌼🍟🌻🌺

  10. Kuol has barely started a game for CCM he has been used sparingly, he is coming to a football culture whose intensity is on a level way above that of the A league, the lad has potential and a tremendous talent but that needs to be grown, developed, physically, emotionally and tactically, he faces a huge change more importantly at 18 he needs time and patience to become the player we believe he can be. I doubt he will be anyway near the first team for a while, he is one for the future

  11. kuol only lands here tomoz he wont be acclimatized by f a cup game

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