January 4, 2023
  1. Well said all,the country needs a purge from bribery and corruption,and a reformed tax system for all.A truthful leader.

  2. Atiku and Kwankwaso should never be in the presidential race no northerners should be in d race if push themselves in nobody should vote for either of them presidential candidates is from the South dis time around

  3. I love our president of Nigerian Peter Obi for 2023❤❤❤

  4. I can see this criminality on Atiku Abubaka

  5. After the elections come 2023, the next president will take over a seriously troubled country. It will be likened to a man that lost everything and has to start life afresh. If such a man is not able to make tough decisions, uphold discipline and stop extravagant living, he will never recover. For Nigeria, if the next president is not someone with humble lifestyle and that can lead by example, things will be worse for the country.

    The complex enterprise, Nigeria, is looking to hire a CEO. The right candidate can only be elected based on equity, fairness, justice, character, competence, capacity, commitment, stamina, empathy and accountability (prudence with public funds/resources). If any of these qualities is missing in the next president, we have got it wrong again.

  6. Charles is to Arise TV as Seun is to channels TV
    Both moderators are good
    Straight to the point

  7. I thank the moderator of the dialogue for asking decisive questions which shows he was good control of the direction he was driving to. Cheers!

  8. I am particularly delighted about this program for quality of intellectuals assembled to address issues and the dept of attention they are drawing to issues that were not given attention.

  9. APC PDP criminal gangs

  10. Charles: you are absolutely very good at what you do! God bless you and yours! jtsdrd, USA

  11. Great conversation. Nigerian's problem can be solved. Voting for the person that can do it, is the answer. Voting for the people that want all Nigerians not the people that want those who will vote for them. ''All the people praying for better Nigerians should vote for better all Nigerians". If Nigerians can turn in their sons and daughters responsible for insecurity … victory will be closer.

  12. All the achievements of Obasanjo between 1999 and 2007 we're obliterated by Jonathan a bit and more by Buhari.Buhari destroyed Nigeria and we are worse off than we have ever seen

  13. Obidients should work harder this remaining time to avoid a run off . More donors requested and more momentum

  14. In 2023, APC and PDP should be flushed out and we embrace a New Nigeria with PO and LP

  15. This Tinubu speech wearing white Agbada was not done in 2022. Tinubu has depreciated badly and can't make coherent speech

  16. I have no desire to watch you anymore…you LOST all credibility.

  17. Those who stole our oil the heartthrob of the nation must be brought to book. This unpatriotic actions must be taken with a sense of responsibility and all culprits must be held accountable and serve as deterrent for others.

  18. Mr. Waziri is wrong to assert that electoral contests in the present democratic dispensation have been free, fair and transparent. He asserts that besides a few issues here and there, the outcomes of those elections wouldn't have been different. I disagree. Before the signing of the electoral bill into law and the digitization of our electoral process by INEC, elections in Nigeria have been a charade. Election rigging, ballot box snatching, thuggery, vote buying, intimidation, violence, INEC compromise etc, have been the hallmark of past elections. We hope that the 2023 elections will deliver to the expectations of a majority of Nigerians

  19. Why is Dr. Okey talking so much about Kwankwaso?

  20. Bros tell yourself the truth. There will be no competition. Those old cargoes should step-down and allow Nigerians to make their choice not usual rigging of votes. That will stop. Obedient all the way if Nigerians want to be together as one.

  21. I never believed they would find a clip where Tinubu spoke fairly coherently

  22. Fantastic analysis.

  23. If we don’t get the best candidate from those 3 which is heads and shoulders above the other 2 in Peter Obi, I can tell Nigerians we are FCUKED.

  24. Nigerians are yearning for State and Local Government Policing system, Kwankwaso is talking about central policing that has not taking Nigeria to nowhere.

  25. Why is all these old fools copying Obi?

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