Architecture Portfolio Review for Master's! (and jobs too) Ep.2 2022

August 14, 2022

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Portfolios displayed on this episode here:

0:00 Steven is confused
0:34 Intro
1:43 Portfolio 1
4:01 Portfolio 2
7:22 Portfolio 3
10:57 Portfolio 4
14:22 Portfolio 5
16:51 Portfolio 6
19:37 Portfolio 7
21:36 Portfolio 8
24:39 Portfolio 9
26:06 Extra comments
29:25 Questions about portfolios

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  1. From lasagna recipes to Oreo method. A deep study into why architects are always hungry. By Oliver and Steven 😂😂

  2. How do we submit portfolios to be reviewed?

  3. Is anyone else having a problem with links. i can't open them? btw please do more videos like tihs

  4. Correction: there are no master's in achitecture because it cant be measured. So called masters are usually use in martial arts or painting because you can measure it.

  5. Im new in your channel and this video is so useful for me, I'm graduating from architecture and currently I'm looking for a job, so, I have to create my portfolio

  6. Can We see your Portfolios please 🙂
    Send us a weblink

  7. Great content all the time,what font do you use on your website?it's perfect

  8. these episodes are absolutely amazing

  9. i like the video..

  10. thanks, bro to shear the wonderful information about it.

  11. Reply
    Office of Magnum Opus August 14, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    it looks great and let me know how to do a good portfolio

  12. hii sir i am from india you have any clue for how pdf file pdf plan convert into dwg file please reply sir

  13. 🤍

  14. Oliver you look really shy

  15. Hey guys! thanks for reviewing my portfolio anf for the wonderful suggestions.

  16. Thanks! I have a question that has always confused me. If I am applying for a position do I send an ISSU link of my full complete portfolio? Or do I send a pdf of a 5page (approximately) sample portfolio? Or do I send a sample pdf portfolio (so admin can print it out) as well as an ISSU link to my full portfolio?
    I'd really appreciate thougths on this. A PDF is of course required to be less than 5mb right…so

  17. Always a great reminder that my portfolio is hot garbage along with my schools graphic department 😅 always pushing us to greatness 🖤

  18. I've been wondering, most of the architects out there are using vray rendering engine , but I'm more comfortable with blender , is there any adventages that vray has over blender? Thank you ….

  19. what size do you recommend for a digital portfolio?
    I initially did it in A3 so it could be printed but thinking it will be viewed digitally anyways so might as well use a digital format and avoid the black sides 🙂

  20. Guys, Gonzalo Coquet's projects are from SOUTH AMERICA not Africa

  21. Anyway dont care guys just develop real state, if you wanna be rich forget this romantic portfolios because just another architects whit ego cares, clients dont care your portfolio, start to seach about finances, how to check the market, construcction and innovation designing new experiences in your project, build and sell or rent buildings thats all forget be worry of you portfolio.

  22. Reply
    just end my miserable life and give me the death August 14, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    What headphones are you using?

  23. Such an incredibly useful video !!! Thank you!
    Keep up reviewing the amazing portfolios:)

  24. So, how many hours/days would you all say these types of Portfolio take – if you have to adjust and detail the individual pieces as well?

  25. Why would any reasonable person go for m.arch. its useless. Its just your bachelors its no different.
    Try getting an msc. A master of science in energy in buildings or urban planning. Or construction engineering or structural engineering
    I suggest energy in buildings. It has nothing to do with architecture. Its all heat transfer and fluid mechanics. Your job opportunities will increase. Right now in my country building energy analysts are paid twice as much as an architect. Plus we get to work in government institutions. And the energy and petroleum sector. They employ us as consultants and solution makers and people that just calculate. In simple terms imagine mechanical engineering and enviromental engineering had a kid. It would be that. The world doesnt need more artists. It needs people that are good at math. Hard math. Fluid dynamics. Heat transfer… etc related to mechanical engineering.

  26. How many Projects would you put in for a masters appliance (when they didn't give a number)? And thank you very much, it was really helpful! I enjoyed watching it.😁👌👌

  27. Reply
    Carlos Bueno Rivero August 14, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    oh mai gaaaadddddddd THESE LEGEEENNNDDDSSS already love them from here to the end of the universssseeeeee!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  28. Thank you! Nice to follow you guys!

  29. what software does portfolio 3 use for his drawings

  30. Reply
    Dealan Stiven Chavez Garzon August 14, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    you are de best ! Steven and Oliver good video and amazing projects

  31. Reply
    ebrahim rezaeiannia August 14, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    likeee big likeeeee

  32. i have a big question, I m, an architect and i love to work with video but seems impossibile to include it on my arch. portfolio. any suggestions?

  33. Speak Spanish or Portuguese, not English.

  34. I'm sorry English is not my best, but I will like to know if it's acceptable to put into the portfolio construction details (in side). My work experience is more into the construction area (because is were i could find s job) and I will like try to apply into an architecture master or how I can do that? Thanks !

  35. Thank you guys! Wonderful to get some appreciation and surprised. Have been a fan for a long time!

  36. these two have chemistry HAHAHAH ship!

  37. That fake fight at the beginning was retarded, please stop the fake drama and introduce him like a real person, proudly.

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