Apple, Facebook and web privacy: BBC News Review 2022

October 19, 2022


Apple has announced measures intended to frustrate software tools used by Facebook to track web users automatically.

Apple’s software chief said its web browser, Safari, would in future ask owners’ permission before allowing the social network to monitor their activity.


Key words and phrases
short, often petty, argument
-We aren’t talking at the moment. We had a spat about whose turn it is to wash up.
-Dan and his brother used to get into spats over video games.

secretly observing
-How did you know where I hid the biscuits? Have you been snooping on me?
-The spy snooped through the documents on the ambassador’s desk.

took a shot
-The boxer took an early shot at his rival during the press conference, but missed.
-The presidential candidates took shots at each other during the televised debate.

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  1. dan 🤩🤩🤩

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    Илёс Химматов October 19, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    Take a shot = attack
    Snoop = secretly observe
    Spat = short argument

  3. Spat = short argument => get into spat
    Took a shot = Attack
    Snooping = Secretly observing

  4. what did u call lover's spat?! i can't really catch it😔

  5. how can i find pdf of this

  6. Just the best👌🏻

  7. Thanks b.b.c English

  8. Thanks for your video.l love it so much.

  9. What happened to the 6 minutes English mobile app? I cant find it?

  10. Biscuit goblin 😂😂 Dan is so hilarious ! He is my fav. his funny personality that lies behind his serious facial expression.

  11. I love the host niel

  12. its lovely learning motive to learn english..wov exellant, keep it regularly..

  13. Your contents and presentation concepts are really is much helpful to improve our day to day speaking as well as corporate sector's english….

    It has been my favourite hindi channel since my chilhood and now my favourite for english..
    It is very useful, reliable & faithful source for Non-Britishs' for learning quality world class english.

    thank you sir….

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    Tuấn Khuất Đình October 19, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    Hi there!! I am from Vietnam. This is the program I like most on BBC Learning English. Thank you so much for your videos. About 10 minutes I learn many things besides three new words. My English is quite bad now. I am trying to improve it. I'm sorry if I say something wrong. 🙂

  15. I’ve been watching News Review since last year,I can’t love this program more!!!😘

  16. What a good english🖕

  17. hiii i m watching your news since 2 month plz help me sir how i can improve my pronunciation

  18. I have doubts regarding the pronunciation of the word: 'privacy'…

  19. really made me smile everytime I heard about that biscuits… seems everybody's favorite…

  20. Super videos. Thank you very very much (Hi from Azerbaijan)

  21. Thax BBC for helping me

  22. hey, where is the subtitle?

  23. I really like you guys voice, and BBC Learning English too!

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  25. I am Lam, from Vietnam. Your videos are really helpful and informative.They help me pretty much with my studying, thanks for uploading.

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    Sergio M F Valeriano October 19, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    News Review is a legend. Thanks BBC.

  27. These guys are the ones I like the most!

  28. you are greatest teachers.

  29. My dog's always snooping around in the kitchen. Thanks, BBC Learning English, you're the best!

  30. clear voice very good~

  31. I like Catherine so much. Her students are so lucky. She is the perfect English teacher!!

  32. I need someone to chat pls

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  34. Congratulations great team…keep doing that…Thanks a lot…

  35. Hello I am from Vietnam and so much thanks for your video, I have learned a lot of helpful stuff from BBC learning English 🤓

  36. Hi, tnx alot for your useful lessons.🤗 With your today's story, I can remember one of the oldest tradition in our area in which some women were standing in crowded public area and were snooping on other people to see what they are talking about at the moment to can predict future. Sometimes they got into spat as well.😏

  37. On account of your marvellous videos i can gradually enhance my essay-writing skill. Thank you BBC!

  38. First view and like :3

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    Zikray Prophet Mustafaصلى الله عليه وسلم October 19, 2022 at 8:26 pm


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