Apple announces the death of iTunes: BBC News Review reviews

October 2, 2023

News Review – Apple announces the death of iTunes. iTunes will be shut down and Apple Music, Apple podcasts and Apple TV will launch.

The story
The tech giant Apple has announced that its music download service, iTunes, is to be shut down. The firm announced the launch of a range of replacement apps at its annual developer conference in San Jose. iTunes quickly became a hugely popular alternative to other music online services when it was launched in 2003, but has lost subscribers in recent years as listeners increasingly turn to streaming services.


breaks down and changes
• Old technology dissolves into new technology. It’s the normal way of things.
• After the revolution, the old government was dissolved into the new one.

phase out
end (something) slowly or in stages
• As cars became more affordable, the horse and cart phased out of society.
• We’ll phase out cash in all restaurants and phase in contactless payment.

too large or inefficient
• After two pizzas, Dan was too bloated to go home. He ate a third while he waited.
• After the merger, the new business was bloated with middle managers.

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  1. Reply
    BBC Learning English October 2, 2023 at 7:43 am

    We've talked about Apple before in News Review. Why not learn some more vocabulary from a related news story here:

  2. ⚽ Nokia phones dissolve into new kinds of smart phones.
    ⚽ Old wire phones phase out into new smart phones and tablets.
    ⚽ Can you share this pizza with me? It's bloated for one person.

  3. I like Dan

  4. similar to dan i bloated after eating porridge yesterday then i used cola drinks to fill better

  5. Thank you

  6. Reply
    Phú Nguyễn Thiên October 2, 2023 at 7:43 am

    the story is about the end of an iconic piece of software.
    the tech giant
    the government undertake an approach to reduce petrol car use, so probably, they would start doing it step by step, maybe no petrol car in a particular area, and then a few months later they extend the area. they phase out the petrol cars and phase in the electric cars.
    Dan said he's a massive pizza lover.
    slim down/ streamline.

  7. I think Dan's voice is really good. Though I'm an ordinary man, I love his voice. Good luck all you guys.

  8. iTunes has always been rubbish

  9. Reply
    SyedShabbirHussaini October 2, 2023 at 7:43 am

    We usually bask on our roof at the time of January. they bask in there .
    they are selling tickets like a hot cake. he sells pizza like a hot cake.
    govt phase-out the taxes and phase-in gunna tax.
    after 5 time meal he too bloated to go home.
    He became too bloated after having tea.
    our business becomes too bloated after acquiring our competitor.

  10. Where can I find quiz?)

  11. Nice video BBC long live

  12. Reply
    حنان عبد الله October 2, 2023 at 7:43 am

    Dan is a good looking young man why is he working behind the camera while he should be working in front of it?

  13. Dan 😍💗

  14. Hi Mr Dan and Madam Katherine, thank you so much
    When I put my finger in water it doesn't dissolve…right?

  15. Hi Dan. I love your voice ❤️

  16. Dan ! you have a very unique personality

  17. I should start listening to brits more and more.
    The American English seems like a joke now to me🤣

  18. Phase out X Phase in …. Bloated …. Dissolves …. I'm phasing out my fear in learning English and dissolving myself with you guys to be fluent. Currently, I'm bloated with many English vocabularies.

  19. Here, my heros :')

  20. Dan is so cute 😊

  21. Dan <3

  22. it is so nice and useful English learners

  23. Reply
    Sergio M F Valeriano October 2, 2023 at 7:43 am

    Always doing a great job. One question : "bloated" can be used in a positive way ? Like "my mind is bloated with grateful thoughts about News Review"?

  24. It’s so educational.thank you for making this brilliant clip!

  25. Brilliant

  26. How to add a captions?

  27. Last party, I ate two big size cheese pizzas after that I couldn't eat anything because I feel bloated.

    My English learning phasing in due to BBC news review videos.

    My company going to dissolves the old software into a new software.

    Thanks Dan and Catherine for awesome videos.

  28. Why do you need to wear the head phone?

  29. Old medications dissolve into new treatments thank to medical research

    Novartis will phase out Viagra’s production ( don’t worry, I’m kidding 😉)

    Vegetable coal can be useful when you feel too bloated.

  30. Dan is always charming <3

  31. Hello everyone , Do you know your smile very cute Dan !!

  32. Dan is always a great presenter!❤

  33. Reply
    Islamic Research And Propagation Centre October 2, 2023 at 7:43 am

    What a pronunciation it is

  34. Your explanation is great

  35. Thank you, BBC. 💚

  36. bloated what an interesting word.

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