Anthony Morrison Business Review 2022

June 7, 2022
  1. Impressive Video! Very glad I checked it out.

  2. He is the biggest scammer out there! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAMMER' there are hundreds of complaints. The news should be aware of this. I myself paid for 2 programs over 3 weeks ago and still have not received access, I have sent 6 emails and no reply. The phone # is also not in service. What a scam!

  3. What about You Tube Marketer by Anthony Morrison?? 

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    bosiljka pravilovic dudukovic June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am


  7. question; what would you recommend then regarding CPA business

  8. Interesting

  9. why I recommend fast traffic sniper by Anthony Morrison? Check out my review.

  10. STFU !!! you complainer….just because you gave up doesnt mean everyone else has to

  11. Antonio , lmao, taken several times?? i think you need to cancel your internet services and just read books lol

  12. Just like MLMs, you have to be in the top 1% caliber of salesmen to make it. They make it sound like anyone can do it, but most fail. 4k up front costs in a business that has that much competition is a recipe for fail for most people. I went to the sales talk and we caught them in several lies. For instance they tried to sell us on texting ads saying there are 5 billion cell phone users. This is impossible. There's only 6 billion people worldwide and 80% could not afford cells phones.

  13. Yeah, I paid $67 to get in thinking I will be able to learn something right away-I just got more sales pitches . i hope my credit card doesnt get charged for each time I clicked on a link- Dont even try it This is a rip off- If he does teach something, you will not learn it until your bank account has been exausted.

  14. What do you mean? Tell others about what? Of course I've heard of blogging but I've never done it and I'd like to know more.

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    KENNETH BARNEYCASTLE June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am

    his new fast track snipper does this make money
    can i make money easy on this.
    thank you is my email

  17. I just got my money back from Anthony Morrison program…and I joined the most powerfull SYSTEM now on making money at GREATMONEYMAKE. COM

  18. I just joined Anthony Morrison's program. I hope I get my value. Here is my free video KEY to Success: Copy & paste:

  19. I was scammed, so if there is ever anybody saying good about this you know what, he or she is working alongside the piece of shi_.

  20. I have fallen several times for crap like this. They are the once getting rich. Not us. They get rich out of people like us. The desperate and poor. Or jobless or whatever you want to call it. That's have it's been for years.
    The only one that has worked for me is selling on ebay. And they get a part of the total for what you sell. Go apply at Walmart or Mc Donalds , anywhere. You will do better than all these scams

  21. I just went to one of his seminars in Austin, TX on December 8th. The literature that was sent to me with a ticket to admit two. And it says, right on the paper, that you will get a FREE Resource Guide called "My Secret Sixteen" resource guide. And when I went to the seminar, you did not receive that…just tried to sell you the entire program for $2995 total. I even asked one of the helpers about this, and didn't get an answer.

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  23. i got a formula to get money for you:
    Blog daily, tell others and get paid. Trust me if you do that i'll give you 100% commission

  24. I have lost all respect for Forbes Rielly, the woman along with Adrian Morrison in the infomercial. She also sells her trash on HSN. Now I know how full of it she is. I knew just from watching the Anthony Morrison infomercial that there would be a load of upsells when you call. Never fall for any of these infomercials, they prey on people's desperation. Save your money, they are millionaires because of gullible people.

  25. my husband, who is desperately trying to find a way to make a living without going to work, is drinking the anthony morrison kool aid. He paid a shitload of money to this creep and I think we are fucked. Has anyone actually made this work? or more to the point, has anyone sued this Anthony Morrison? Help!!!

  26. People always seem to suspend logic whenever there is a scheme touted to make you rich. Why do you think there are so many financial bubbles that burst throughout history? If these infomercials were correct and genuine, the country would be awash with millionaires. The fact is, the only millionaires in such schemes are the ones that create them….and you folks create the millionaires by parting with your cash for these promises of gold.

  27. This is just a Scam you get in to the program "he said 39.95 then every time you open a page IS another "offer, you accept BECAUSE all programs offered has two characteristics 1st one is to compeled you the 2nd is a hide treat that if you don't get in to the program YO WONT GET WHAT YOU DESERVE??? so I took 4 programs all of them with MONEY BAK WARRATY "Yea Right! it is imposible to reach him or any other people/web page or any other way to reach him to claim back your money DO NOT GET INVOLVE

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    Jacky An Elizabeth Hogan June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am

    would be nice if the Federal Trade Commission did their job by shutting down all the scams an fake bullshit……………..would of been nice for u to include a link to your site……..i looked for it an it took me to 10 other home based biz reviews…….how do u know who's telling the truth an who's blowing smoke up your bum! which 1's have been tested an work …any more additional information on any companies would be great.

  29. yesterday i invited 2 friends to my seminar, they just loved it. one of them dont have any money to start, but he is really motivated. i am going to help him earn his money so he can start doing it, you guys do not buy any kind of books, its better to make bussines with what you can really see, and feel,


  31. Still need to buy a fucking ebook? WTF?

  32. Hi, have you tried out "DotCom Success Maximizer" (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you will find a beneficial free video. This guy has in fact enabled me to earn money online. It may work for you also…

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    Sekhemankhtatenen Maatheru June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am

    Hope this helps people.

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    Sekhemankhtatenen Maatheru June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am

    Interesting…. well check it out for yourself at rip off report dot com and search for anthony morrison or the way I did it go to google.

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    Sekhemankhtatenen Maatheru June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am

    Well after some research he charges you different fees. One person said the training would have or did cost him like little more than $58.00 for training but at the event it would cost us over $3,000. It's a scam and people have also said when they called the number they had go through 3 or several other offers to buy the first they wanted and you have to give your credit card info to on going machine. And charged for offer they didn't want. A lot of different other ways too they made money too.

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    Sekhemankhtatenen Maatheru June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am

    I've actually been to one of his events. If you do want to get in you are going to have to pay 3,000 or more to get in to start making money and they say you can get that "tuition" money back 100% of it back and they supposibly train you how to do it and make money. The one I went to he wasn't even there. Some team of his did the presentation and they said once you sign up then you have to came for the 3 day class and he supposbly was going to be there and train you himself. Do Research.

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    Sekhemankhtatenen Maatheru June 7, 2022 at 2:38 am

    Do you research on the guy and see if listed on any scam lists or government scam lists.

  38. Hey Bill, nice job! I'm working on a concept myself that you might find interesting. I've taking the best out of all the marketing concepts I've seen over the years and rolled them into a nice little package. Its a club of local services called the 999 Discount Service Club! The company is in the development stages….maybe you could give us a review…..

  39. Can anybody come here who became rich through Anthony M teaching scam or whatever you call it.

  40. @beverlymartin1 I totally agree with you…..

  41. They ask you for more and more money on other projects,It was not an easy program to follow, for me.

  42. you dumb shits are so ignorant and just plain stupid. I bought his book a while ago and (gasp) I made money from following what the book talks about. i went the route of affiliate marketing and it works. Of course I'm not going to make 1 mil anytime soon if at all because that's just unrealistic. I make enough to pay the bills off and soon I will be free to spend the money as I see fit. It does work but it takes work(OMG the W word) and effort. It's not going to go "poof" you are insanely rich.

  43. Send me a dollar and a rainbow will appear less then 2 weeks or your monry back !!!

  44. Here my opinion, the guy market thing work but it only works good for him cause he started the whole thing. His books give you the fundamentals you see and hear about from him but I believe he is hiding a whole lot of stuff for him. Cause come on he said in all his advertising that people followed is methods but not one has made just as much money as he did. I'm sorry but that tells you something right there! How come everybody that bought his book ain't making as much as he is. It don't add up.

  45. man o man this anthony guy is rich cuz of dumb fucks buyng his book ,think about if you were makeing so much money why the hell would you tell the whole world it so that then eveybody would be doing it makeing it harder for him , hes rich cuz hes adressing a world withe people that are broke cuz our country is broke so u wanna buy it and thats were he gets his money takeing 20 bucks from people already broke hes a joke and i sit in my bed whaching his dumb ass on tv

  46. You talk about paying for the upsales, how much did you pay after the initial program?

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