ANDOR EPISODE 7 REACTION!! 1×7 Review | Star Wars | Disney Plus 2022

October 21, 2022

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Andor 1×7 Reaction, Breakdown, Recap, & Spoiler Review featuring some very telling flashbacks, reunion with Bix, Syrill returns, Mon Mothma, Luthen, a very touching goodbye with Maarva, & more! Watch us while you wait for Blind Wave Media to upload their reaction.
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  2. Seems like an ode to Terry Gilliam's Brazil (1985)

  3. Don't mean to step the boundaries, but a little injustice that Brittany Griner went through. Just got in town and already sentenced to a long term confinement.

  4. I feel like this is a show of 3 episode acts. 1st about Cass being a fugitive. 2nd about the aldhani heist. 3rd Breaking out of prison/k2so helping?? Keen to see where it goes.

    I imagine the 9th ep will be action packed and then reset for the final 3 eps to round off the season.

    This show is lit.

  5. Well now I know that K2 is in the show. Thanks 👎🏾😡

  6. The acting in this episode was 🤌

  7. I really dug the Palpatine name drop, because it makes sense he’s possibly been alerted to the Aldhani heist and is shocked to learn that a small group not only stood up and rebelled against the Empire, but did it in such a significant way that EVERYONE knows and now people around the galaxy are being inspired. And I’m all for Palpatine showing up, if it makes sense for the story and episode and is handled properly (good writing, dialogue, tone, menace etc.). Besides, if Palpatine at least was to make a cameo, this would be the show to do it since it’s in large part about the intricacies and politics of the Imperial/Galactic Empire. The Imperial forces take their orders from Palpatine since he’s on top, so it makes perfect sense for him to get involved if the situation is serious enough.

  8. This show is so fire 🔥

  9. I’m a fAndor! Best Star Wars for intelligent humans

  10. Guys, Clem is his father. Luthen said they will hang him like they did his Father. Clem was the one with his mom who took him off of his home planet. Clem has been referenced as his father since the first episode

  11. Another excellent episode in one of the most well written and performed Star Wars projects to date.

  12. I ADORE this morally gray rebellion, it is so so great. Yes, the rebels are fighting for freedom. Yes, that means people will die, some must suffer. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows and that’s great

  13. Fiona Shaw Emmy/award when?

    This episode was a flat 10/10. Honestly among the best writing I've seen in sci-fi. Holy shit there were some strong performances here.

  14. What if Supervisor Mira is Andor sister????

  15. Maarva and her husband Clem are the ones that rescued Cassian from Kenari. Clem was his adopted father.

  16. This episode was dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏻

  17. I love your comments about this episode! Your thoughts were well said!! The way the actors created tension in the scenes. It also brought more depth by showing the stakes! Andor may not be portrayed by the best actor but his character is very well written and there is an awesome supporting cast.

  18. B2EMO reminds me of my dog, such an adorable little droid

  19. Filmed in the Mclaren Technology Centre, Woking
    Brunswick Centre, London for the spaceport and the meeting location with the blonde woman.

    Parts of Ferrix / Morlana One, Coryton Refinery in Essex.

    Niamos, filmed in Cleveleys, Lancashire

  20. I love the way they switched between adult Cassian and boy Cassian watching Clem at the square. Around 11:20 or so. And then to see young Cassian running to attack the storm troopers while Maarva (sp) is talking about only needing 1 person to stand up = ❤️

  21. This show is so good!! I deserves so many more viewers. Great job Reel Rejects on reviewing this episode

  22. It’s a damm shame this show isn’t doing as well as other sw shows

  23. Yularin is a hop skip and a jump to Thrawn, Aralani, Vanto, and the Grysks!!!

  24. Loved the episode, it had some great character moments. I gotta say though … that handheld shot with the Star Destroyer flying overhead felt a bit like a fan film moment. As if someone just learned how to do motion tracking and wanted to show that off. The vanishing point of the scene felt off too.

    As for the music: while I miss the classic orchestral style of music that is such deeply rooted element of what makes Star Wars, I also have to say that I enjoyed some of the music here. That Niamos establishing shot with the space flamingos in combination with that music definitely evoked a Miami Vice vibe. I also liked the synth score at the end with the singsong like a tape with varying speeds. Very 70s/80s which is fitting for that era of Star Wars. Still … I miss the orchestra. Three things make Star Wars so unique: the art design, the soundscape and the music. By dropping the orchestral music – which was still a huge part of Rogue One by the way – they dropped some of Star Wars' identity.

  25. Nobody:

    The Imp security at the resort: wHy aRe yOU rUnNiNg

  26. Can I share your video as a reaction video on my channel??? 😊😇

  27. This show is absolutely amazing. I just wish more people were watching. I hope it doesn't effect the shows future.

  28. The dialogue in this series is amazing!

  29. This show has CONSISTENTLY been the best written show airing right now. I'm a huge fan of House Of The Dragon, but this show has nailed it every single episode for me.

  30. 24 episodes exploring and building Clem Andor and he's going to be a legend

  31. Besides the nature and pacing of the show (which I love), I think one thing affecting the series' viewership is the lack of viral moments or any character hooks to draw people in. It doesn't have a Grogu or a Boba Fett or a young Leia. And I think K-2SO and his relationship with Andor will provide that in season 2, and hopefully pull people into the show, and even get them to check out season 1.

  32. Love that Mon is smart enough to know her husband isn't trustworthy and able to call it out.

    But hate that she keeps taking her narc driver literally and figuratively right to Luthen's door. She's leaving a trail unnecessarily. And leading the Empire to someone very important in the rebellion.

    She needs to open up a secret line of communication with him instead of always only doing face to face meetings.

  33. Mon Mothma really stole the show with that dinner party scene the acting in this show never misses

  34. I was gonna say "Hey where the white troopers at" 😆

  35. I may get roasted for pointing this out but a character played by an actor who is not a Caucanoid is arrested and sentenced to SIX YEARS for walking to the corner store. Yeah, no way that is an indictment of the current state of affairs in the criminal "justice" system.

  36. I love your content as usual this is pretty random but this game heroscape is coming out after 12 years it’s by far better then any board game I’ve ever played I just thought I’d let you know because it might not happen unless you back them up anyway that was random love the reactions

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