Amway Pyramid Scheme? Business Review | The good, The Bad and The Ugly reviews

February 25, 2023

Amway pyramid scheme, is this mlm a legit business or should you avoid it? I worked in this business personally and in this review I want to go over my experience and share with you some good things about amway but also unfortunately, some things you must be aware of

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Amway was founded by richard devos with jay van. it is a network marketing company or multi level marketing company or mlm for short. there sell a variety of vitamins, health products along with other products as well.

You can get paid from the company by either selling their products, recruiting people under you to your ‘amway team’ and having them sell products and you get a piece of it or a combination of both

Be warned. you will have to pitch and sell if you want to be successful here, some people don’t like this so just be aware of this before you sign up.

I, Aaron Goldsten was a rep for amway so because of that I share with you in this video everything you need to know and understand before you decide to get involved in this business.

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  1. " A sense of life is not a substitute for explicit knowledge ."
    Ayn Rand

  2. Amway wants it’s representatives or should I say contractors to burden the majority of the cost for its business. They don’t pay much for leases since they don’t have store branches to sell and hold their inventory it purely relies on its representatives to sell and order these products. They don’t pay for much advertising either since they rely on their representatives to spread the word of mouth about their products. They also don’t pay for HR and recruiting since representatives are the ones trying to recruit new members to get paid. On top of that the mark up on their products are extremely high. You would think with such low operating cost being pushed to their representatives they could lower their cost on their products but their main goal to make money is recruitment of representatives since they have to pay for these membership. They know people won’t buy as much of these products. Why pay $50 for carb blockers when another retailer is selling it for $15 of the same quality?

  3. I hate to be honest I joined back in February but I didn't get my business until March until March II definitely feel like that they push a lot on you especially If broke and you're coming in do it. They definitely do push if you're if you're having trouble selling it's because when I'm not trying hard enough it's not that we're not trying it's more like people had bad experience back in the past and that's why they don't want to get into it again that's where I'm having my customer troubles.

  4. So Amway products are better than Walmart products?

  5. Amway was taken to Court in the UK and it was cited that 99.7% of all Amway IBOS had lost money.

  6. "There are people that make a lot of money with them"

    ~sigh~ uh… and here I thought you were being honest. Yes, there are people who make a lot, and they are the ones at the top, that's how a pyramid scheme works. For the rest, there's going to come a time where you stop making money because the only way to earn more is for your recruits to recruit more people, otherwise they stop earning you money.

  7. Let me guess: If you have trouble selling, they claim it's because "you're just not motivated enough."

  8. betraying the trust of others and the products overpriced and not FDA approved. false claims throughout the whole video and I bet this guy is scamming others because he has debt.

  9. So in short. Amway is set up for you to fail. And… Yeah, you don’t have to pay any money to get started with the 3 easy steps if you click the link in the discerption below… true… You’ll have to start paying after the 14 day free trial. 😂

  10. You are a another scammer

  11. Thanks for throwing light on this subject, your video was really helpful

  12. The ten grand caught me off guard lol unnecessary lol

  13. All it is is selling that's it, if you can sell to a person's pain point then you can do good in buisness

  14. Strong video.

  15. I think this video is very well put together and that people without their own videos should not be making any harsh comments. It takes a huge amount of effort to do this kind of job, especially for the first time or daily. Great video again and thank you for your sharing your experience with us.

  16. Conclusion "This pen is me… no, this pen is you, let's say this pen is us.. ok? no, this pen is you"

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