Amuro Ray U.C.0079-0093 : Model Graphix Gundam Archives PLUS – Mook Review! 2022

June 21, 2022

This special edition of Model Graphix Gundam Archives Plus focuses on the mobile suits piloted by Amuro Ray – so mostly the RX-78-2… But there’s a lot of great models in this mook so let’s check it out!
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  1. Reply
    Heaven Piercing Man June 21, 2022 at 3:08 pm

    Model Graphix? Sentinel pls

  2. Always enjoy your mook review! Love, seeing through a lot of amazing builds and hearing your commentary.

  3. Thank you fo sharin!

  4. Why ZakuAurelius channel is always better than Mechagaykotsu???

  5. the first MG was like a pinacle of Gunpla history. I was there when i got the first MG and words cant describe how amazing it was

  6. Cool stuff on that book

  7. Thank you for this video. For all the others too. But a little more for this one! So interesting.

  8. Amuro also piloted his own custom Zeta Gundam but it isn't featured in this book.

  9. Zup Zack, it is an interesting book, sad that’s mostly or entirely rather written in Japanese, I find fascinating the evolution of this kit, thanks for the video 😎👍🏼

  10. No Alex Gundam?

  11. For people who can't read the kanji, you can do what I do. I use my android phone with google lens set to translate. It live translates on the page and projects the English right on to the page. Also super handy for reading instructions that don't have English in them.

  12. Also i think that was the non revive hguc not the fg but i could be wrong

  13. I picked up a gunpla starter set recently and it had the blue bandai logo so the g30th is still in print

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