American Born High Rye Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review 2022

January 7, 2023

William Schappert won an arm wrestling tournament, with both arms tied behind his back.
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  1. New graphics package is outstanding. Craftsmanship is the target, not just being old. Not a huge country music fan but I share their love for whiskey. Oh wait. You guys are reviewing whiskey

  2. I bought a bottle of Monkey Shoulder 3 years ago, when I started drinking whiskey. It was lovely. I bought a bottle a few days ago and I get the vomit note on the nose that Daniel has mentioned a few times in the past. I didn't get that vomit note 3 years ago. I can't work out if my palate has changed or whether this is due to batch variation or both. The only way I'm getting through this bottle is by adding a little bit of Laphroaig 10 to each dram.

  3. lol, i literally skip over the titan piece every single time.

  4. For those curious, the Morse code playing does have SOS and the total message is: "SOS this is T"

    Daniel I think you need to practice your short blinks versus your long blinks. Should be short, short, short, then long, long, long, then short, short, short.

  5. Hey guys! I was wondering if you could do a review of the Brother’s Bond Bourbon as well as the Brother’s Bond Cask Strength? Because it was made by the two main actors from the Vampire Diaries, it’s getting a lot of women into whiskey and I think that a review would bring a lot of women to your channels and help them navigate the world of whiskey like your channels have done for me! You guys are my favorite thank you for all you do!

  6. bring back REXMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I just fast forward whenever the Titian music starts even if it's sped up lol

  8. I laughed so hard first time I saw Rex toss that floppy rocket 🌶😂

  9. Instead of another MGP review why don’t you talk about that roll of paper towels that has been on table behind you? It’s been there for some time. Are they Bounty? Brawny? Select-a-size? What did you spill?!?!

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  11. I love that the Trash Titan intro keeps Fancy Dan around in some manner

  12. Love the Schappert intros! They keep Fancy Dan's voice alive on the channel. But most importantly, they give me enough time to decide what MGP I wanna pour, pour it, wash a stray dish or two from cooking, then cozy in to see what Shenanigans are in store for the video.

  13. Instead of a MGP shelf just have a MGP trough, like an 80-gallon fish tank you pour all MGP in with a spigot to use as the well whiskey in fang and feather

  14. Walks and Wall Street brought me here!

  15. Good video 🥃

  16. Bring back Rex week

  17. might as well get a sponsorship from stock photo sites

  18. Reply
    I don't have a YouTube channel January 7, 2023 at 1:52 am

    I'm here responding to an OSO

  19. I love trash titan . Not a fan of the long drawn out mind numbing version. I ORDERED YOUR ILLEGAL BOOZE! WHERE IS IT?????

  20. Wait…. I thought ol William had already prestiged and had graduated to Prestigious Magnificent Bastard 😂

  21. "American Born High Rye Straight Bourbon. No step on Snek."

  22. Y'all should do a smokey whiskey with smokes episode. I love the effects on peaty whiskey when smoking a cigar

  23. Will never skip the full Titan sequence. Will always skip the Trash Titan sequence!

  24. Wooo… Trash Titan Animation!!!

  25. Friends, it’s not a proprietary blend if you tell everybody the formula, and it’s not “old world” if it’s made in America. Even in advertising, you need to pick one story and stick with it.

  26. I don't mind the sped-up Titan…ing…thing, but I do rock out when a regular Titan comes along and we get the regular version. It's like a special treat.

  27. Love the "new" Titan animation! That is some high class graphics right there! 🤣

  28. Late to the party again… damn work hours…. 🙂 YAY a review, love the shenanigans!!! Thank Mr. Weenus and Grundle

  29. MGP's new slogan "I'd be fine with drinking that"

  30. How about having someone go through the backlog and screen out the MGP variants. Then deal with the unique stuff.

  31. Try some of the bonded whiskey's. Old Grand-Dad high rye Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Also again Rittenhouse Rye is a bonded whiskey.

  32. Do the people who get annoyed by the Titan animation not realize _they can click the progress bar at the bottom and skip it_? Oh you guys should totally split these up into marked segments / chapters … [Intro], [Titan Animation], [The Whiskey], [Comments], [Filling Time because Shappert sent us another MGP], [Toast] 😀

  33. The only way a whisky would be faked is if you paid too much for it.

  34. 262👍

  35. A review like this to pad out the time change the playback speed to 75%. Leaving guys leaving sound even more unenthusiastic and disappointed.

  36. Another MGP? sigh

  37. Speaking of seals, how does redemption get away with not having a type of seal that shows its been tampered (ex: the perforated plastic around the top, or a tax stamp type seal) for their 9 year barrel proof? All it has is a small rope wrapped around the neck and over the top of the cork. This could easily be pulled aside, tampered with, and place the rope back without anyone knowing.

  38. It's a big internet and there's plenty of whiskey to drink friends, find something that warms your heart and your chest and be well.

  39. Question what is MGP?

  40. Reply
    StillLivinginthewoods January 7, 2023 at 1:52 am

    As soon as I saw the name of the whiskey in the thumbnail, I knew that Daniel was going to hate it.
    He's SO predictable, and cannot hide his dislike of anything that is presented as even remotely patriotic.

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