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March 19, 2023

I flew on American Airlines International Flagship Business Class on a 787 to Frankfurt, and then back to Charlotte in a 777-200. In this American Airlines flight review I will show you its flagship business class in both aircraft, and you can determine if it’s worth it to fly American Airlines International Business Class.

The seat comfort on both American Airlines flights, first in the 777 and then in the 787 aircraft is very similar, quite comfortable. But in my opinion, when it comes to food, American lags behind many other airlines. Also, some of the flight attendants need to smile a bit more and be more courteous, although others are very friendly; it’s a hit and miss.

I hope you enjoyed this flight report on American Airlines.

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  1. Agreed. Hit or miss with the service. But, I appreciate the layout of business class on American. A bit more privacy. Thanks for the video, well done.

  2. I have flown American , Delta and United and by far American is best. United was the WORST in food and service

  3. Excellent! I am booked on this flight in August in BC.

  4. You're spot on with the service. Some of them give a shit… some don't. It's a shame :/ But at least it's a 50/50 i guess

  5. But it sure beats Lufthansa in my experience.

  6. You travel a lot and it seems like you really enjoy it. I love your videos!

  7. Next time can you show us the cockpit?

  8. Nice review of a terrible airline.

  9. Wow the lounge in Charlotte looks awful, but then again, the airport is overcrowded at all times.

  10. Catering is done at each departure point. American utilizes the same standards (below average) at all their origination points.

  11. The food in American is horrible. If you think about it though, any airplane food is processed for extreme conditions. Nothing nutritious when you eat airplane food.

  12. I have flown American Flagship once, never again.

  13. Admirals Club suck, and Flagship can only be visited on long-haul international flights. If you compare AA’s lounges to any carrier in Europe or Asia, it’s an absolute embarrassment, not to mention their less-than-courteous staff.

  14. Seats look really comfy, love your style. Well done.

  15. Pretty cool idea to share with us the entire round trip experience.

  16. Reply
    Sugehidy Petruzzelli March 19, 2023 at 11:36 pm

    You are phenomenal ❤️ ✨️ ♥️ 💖

  17. they never take catering to overseas because they don't have that much space they might use same catering company but never take with them and also I thin AA its much better than Lufthansa which semi low cost company even their business its not something special and still they use 2-2-2 configuration I think AA its better choice over United but poor choice over BA which is their partner 🙂 next time make business class report with Delta and by the way I love that you show galley snacks keep doing that thank you.

  18. Frankfurt is not an important destination for American due to Lufthansa’s strong hold, flying to many US cities. Try them next time.

  19. Great review, American is a solid airline.

  20. American Airlines is terrible, I much prefer Delta.

  21. Love your channel, any new hotel reviews.

  22. Food looked nasty, can’t believe that was business class.

  23. You have done a thorough job in this flight review about poorly managed American Airlines.

  24. American Airlines is the second largest airline in the world, there is a reason for that. They may not have the best catering service, but maintenance is second to none. Asian and Middle East airlines may have good catering and customer service, but their maintenance safety is nowhere near U.S. standards. USA is #1, then Europe, Middle East and lastly Asia.

  25. It's the exact same catering from London to US, so I assume it's standard catering with LSG throughout? Do they have enough space in the gallery to store catering of roundtrips for all the passengers? That'd be the only reason I assume they wouldn't.

  26. Nice report. When in Frankfurt, why didn't you use the JAL Lounge? They also take AA Business class passengers.

  27. Nice trip report. I've flown their Business Class Internationally once, it was decent.

  28. I noticed you commented about the lack of a reason given for your delay departing the United States.. US airlines struggle immensely with communication. What little communication that is offered is not genuine and is scripted. This is such an easy area for management to improve, but no US carriers seem to even recognize poor communication as a problem. Their planes are full of angry, frustrated passengers, yet their communication is seriously deficient.

  29. Very detailed and in-depth review, nicely done.

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