Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review | Best new rugged smartwatch for 2021? 2022

May 18, 2023

Reviewing the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, a fresh 2021 rugged smartwatch designed for fitness tracking out in the wild. This super-tough smart watch has survived 15 military grade tests, boasting a drop-proof temperature-proof design with 10ATM water resistance. I’ve been testing the Amazfit T-Rex Pro for over a week now and here’s my final verdict – is this one of the best rugged watches around?

The OLED screen is sharp and supports Always On Display, although this feature does impact your battery life quite severely. I found that I got around four to five days of use from a charge, which falls behind rivals like the Huawei Watch GT2e. Still, that’s better than most smartwatches using WearOS and the Apple Watch.

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro has all the usual fitness features include heart rate monitoring, SPO2, GPS, and supports lots of exercise types. There’s no support for offline music playback sadly.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – Blah blah
0:45 – Design
2:12 – Setup and Zepp app
2:49 – UI and features
6:07 – Fitness tracking
7:45 – Sleep tracking
8:32 – Battery life

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  1. I was always a Fitbit guy. Tried Garmin didn’t like. Wanted something more rugged look than fit bit.

    I love my t- Rex pro and the app reporting and tracking.

  2. This might be a bit late but how in the world are you getting your own watch faces? The ones on offer are terrible.

  3. Does it have alarm for wake up?

  4. I loved how my man was listening to LANDMVRKS. Even more respect for the good music taste

  5. Im just confused between trex pro and gtr 4!! I play alot, but I'm also a doctor and so got confused what to choose between these 2. Can u help me out!!!?? Thnx

  6. Is there any way to see your trainings history and other fitness data on some kind og web page ?

  7. 2:50 how do i get this clean wallpaper?

  8. Thanks for the wonderful review. Is the battery replaceable? We have had 4 Smartwatches between my wife and I, and Battery life is always an issue. My friend has the same issue, also with 2 Smartwatches, and vows never to buy another Smartwatch again. 😵‍💫

  9. who the fuck is zepp? It was supposed to be Mi Life not zerpp

  10. Does anyone know if this watch will stand up to 48 continuous hours of GPS tracking? The battery seems descent but I need 2 days of tracking for what I do.

  11. So you can't put spotify on it, 😭almost had my money

  12. how to set watch face. moon phase

  13. Hi. Does it do floors?

  14. Shame it's plastic!

  15. I'm getting max 3-4 days if I stay on 25% backlight. I'm not a fitness freak so I don't use those fitness functions. Just notifications. Still 4-5 days. The big advantage is its rugged design. That's what I found perfect for my daily tasks (army). It replaced my old Casio G-Shock and after few months using it, I have to say it's doing its job well. I would reccomend to have a separate power bank for this watch, if you taking a several day field trip. 3000 – 5000 mAh would last forever just to keep your watch going.

  16. T-Rex Pro? Should've called it the Popeye Pro…T-Rex's have tiny arms and wrists lol

  17. Ur reviews are the best

  18. Man I lost it when I saw you were listening to Landmvrks 😂 one of my favorites

  19. Can u reply on messages using watch?

  20. Hey, not sure what im getting myself into here. Been pestering you for inspiration on my next phone purchase and then yesterday saw my mate in the gym with a really nice rugged smartwatch. Initially I have avoided smartwatchs for fear of them being gimmicky and mainly that I break all my watches but if there are smart watches out there as durable as my current G Shock then i may consider…here we go then

  21. Hi, im not into sports but I do fishing.. is it good for me? or ill get a regular watch like g shock?

  22. Love your videos thank you for sharing this great watch 👍

  23. Give me this?bro

  24. Assaults on nature xD love your reviews!

  25. I buy many watch before but all of them didn't last long especially on the body..this watch is all i need…

  26. I need the wallpaper

  27. Can you change the always on watch face??

  28. What’s Anime character You Put On Wallpaper 🤔

  29. Reply
    Ageing Ungracefully Pushing The Limits May 18, 2023 at 10:39 pm

    So it is roughly about 17 months since this vid has been published. Has there been any improvement in being able to replace the band if it is worn out or damaged??? Not being able to replace the band is a deal breaker for me.

  30. Reply
    ციფრული ოთახი May 18, 2023 at 10:39 pm

    just bought black one

  31. Hallo have this altimeter?

  32. Reply
    Budget Cars And Bikes May 18, 2023 at 10:39 pm

    This or the TicWatch Pro guys?

  33. Bought one. It'll be here tomorrow. My only concern is the size. We'll see.

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