All-New Porsche 911 (992) GT3 RS Review: Fast, but is it Fun? | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat 2022

December 6, 2022

The new, 992 generation of Porsche’s GT3 RS is the most extreme, ever. Henry Catchpole gets behind the wheel of this latest 911 on track at Silverstone during the international launch and is understandably blown away by the speed it is capable of delivering. It certainly lives up to its Rennsport name. But he has a question: Is it fun as well as fast?

In this episode of The Driver’s Seat, we look at the latest GT3 RS’s glorious naturally aspirated flat-six engine, the wild aerodynamics, the lightweight Weissach pack and then, perhaps most interestingly of all, the adjustability. Because in this new car you can easily tweak and tune the set up to your heart’s content. You can adjust differential settings, traction control, stability control and the dampers all from behind the wheel.

That last topic is where the mountain bike comes in. To help explain some of the basics of the suspension Henry decided to head to the woods with a YT Industries Capra, complete with Flight Attendant (that’s a fancy suspension system not someone who serves a meal on a Boeing).

Finally we delve into some of the more technical aspects of setting up the car for a circuit like the Nurburgring Nordschleife with none other than Jörg Bergmeister. A Winner at both Le Mans and Daytona, Jörg then gives Henry a passenger lap to demonstrate just what 860kg/1900lbs of downforce (combined with a lot of talent and experience) can do through high-speed bends like Maggots and Becketts or braking into Brooklands.

We hope you enjoy the film. If you’d like us to make a video with the GT3 RS on the road or perhaps compare it to a GT4 RS, then let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Absolutely the best car ever made. Period.

  2. The one thing Porsche does: being a Porsche

  3. Reply
    TOMMY CR-Z Sport Cars & Super Cars Club Korat December 6, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    Super Awesome GT3 RS

  4. Henry explains the subject with simplicity. Top 3 presentation on the GT3 rs

  5. really wanna see lap times of this compared to something like the senna

  6. they asked
    for the
    four turn
    overs, tracks

  7. it needs,
    more than
    a parking,
    garage for
    every where
    it goes,
    for more

  8. Reply
    Christophe Jergales December 6, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    Good God, that is one ugly vehicle.

  9. nice bike

  10. Has Henry left Carfection then?

  11. Great vid, what watch are you wearing there Mr Catchpole?

  12. "Are you a compression person or a rebound person ? " ….. I don't know ! But I do want to see that video from dry to wet over a weekend and if Andreas Preuninger could possibly be involved then WOW that would be AMAZING !!!

  13. that man can drive

  14. It’s an amazing car but more adjustability is not what I want. I’d prefer a solid setup that I have to adapt to rather than it to me. With infinite adjustments, there is still only one perfect one.

  15. Bruh wtf it has DRS

  16. coached a new student in a GT3rs recently, 2020 version I think. He'd never been on a track. Won't go into details, but maybe, only 100 people in the world can drive this thing to it's capacity. In it's all safety devices on mode, it won't let you go to far wrong, up to a point. My sense is that it's really too easy to drive very fast in this thing and gives you a false sense of ability. It's perfect, truly, but you really don't want/need that to have huge fun. And the people that can drive this thing 10/10ths would probably yawn at it's abilities given they're probably coming from F1 or similar.

  17. i thought i opened a carfection video 😂

  18. as usual fantastic review love your work!

  19. Porsche could have charged anything about this masterpiece!
    But, they are being reasonable
    At £185000!
    This car will go up in value, like crazy!

  20. Would love a video just talking about the damping and diff settings.

  21. Now we need to see Jorg and Henry in the Gt3RS at the Ring.

  22. im getting one, to the detriment of my bank account and credit score 🤣

  23. thank you Hagerty and Henry 🙂 👊. I love the audio sound track at the end

  24. Show the damn engine!

  25. This is such a beautiful car. But I always think of Jeremy Clarkson when he’d troll Richard Hammond about his Porsche by saying, “Nice VW Beetle” lol 😂

  26. Looks like he is about to oversteer going into some many corners and then the car just turns in and hits the apex and rumble strips. It’s like watching witchcraft. Great job Porsche 👍

  27. Anyone else surprised at how little the diff/rebound/compression varied between completely different racetracks, even with the chief development driver? I really can’t see the myriad setup possibilities being anything other than a gimmick for pretty much everyone that buys the gt3 rs. Also great review and video, ❤️ HC

  28. well that's not bad for a road car hey

  29. New record set!!!!

  30. Incredible video, thanks so much for sharing!

  31. Ok, im done with carfection then… only suscribed to that for Catchpole. Looks like im joining this channel now

  32. 12:35 the ambient sounds of race cars flying by, just in case you wanted to hear it

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