All-New 2022 Infiniti QX60 review// This or the Pathfinder? reviews

May 9, 2023

#Infiniti QX60
This is a Motormouth couple car review of the all-new Infiniti QX60 mid-size, three-row luxury SUV. The QX60 is a big seller for Infiniti, which makes this new 7-passenger SUVan important model in their lineup. Gone is the CVT, Infiniti has moved to a 9-speed automatic transmission with improved torque delivery and response, it shifts quickly and smoothly. The 3.5L V6 engine with 295 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque is carried over from the previous model. Standard AWD in Canada but both FWD and AWD options on all four trims in the US.This Infiniti has improved fuel economy, an upgraded suspension and steering, a quieter cabin, a more comfortable drive, less body roll and standard towing capacity of 3500 pounds. The top two trims can tow 6,000 pounds, which is enough to tow a 22-foot Airstream.The QX60 has a bold front bumper, black grille, unique digital piano key LED headlights and is the first Infiniti to offer two-tone styling with an available all-black roof. The rear features an all-new wrap around glass treatment creating a clean and simplistic design. Our test model is the Sensory trim, one below the top trim. It comes with 20” alloy wheels, LED headlights and taillights, chrome accents, silver roof rails, a motion activated liftgate and a panoramic sunroof. The QX60 offers an inviting and warm cabin with a saddle brown leather interior and a black open pore ash wood trim in our test model. Infiniti says, every detail of the QX60’s interior was well thought out including, the placement of its controls to make it a user-friendly experience. Infiniti embarked on a global two-year study to find the most pleasing materials at touch points and brought those surfaces and textures into this SUV. The zero gravity seats with an available massage feature in the front row are comfortable and plush for long trips and the second row has a standard bench seat, available captain’s chairs. The QX60 offers more passenger space now, the hip to heel room has increased with an extra 1.5” in the second row and almost half an inch in the third for a more natural seating position. Getting into the 3rd row is easy with a one touch second row and you don’t have to remove your car seat, the seat pitches and slides forward. There’s 14.5 cubic feet of space behind the 3rd row and you also get 1.91 cubic feet of under floor storage. The QX60 comes with a redesigned infotainment system with a 12.3” touchscreen. The display can also be controlled at the centre console. The base trim offers plenty of standard features if you don’t want to make the stretch to the higher trims including, a panoramic sunroof, power liftgate, leather seats, driver seat memory, power driver and passenger seats, a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, wireless Apple Carplay and wired Android Auto. One up from the base model is the Luxe my “best value” trim, it gets you the 12.3” digital driver display, ProPilot Assist with Navigation and 20” wheels. In the US, you also get ventilated front seas on this trim. The top two trims come with head up display, motion activated liftgate, heated second row seats, ventilated front seats (Canada), a wireless charger and Bose sound system. The top trim has captain’s chairs with a removable centre console and perforated quilted seats with contrast stitching.

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  1. He likes the big knobs 😜😜

  2. Hi Andrea & Zack
    I'm looking to get a premium SUV and after going through various brands have it down to Lexus RX , infiniti qx60 , BMW X3 and genesis GV70 all 2023 models. Which do you think would be the best pick . I'm leaning towards gv70 but if it a reliable brand ?

  3. Similar suspension quality to a Porsche?

  4. Sorry guys. They need to step up their game. Look at the Mazda CX9 and CX90. Better value for $$$

  5. Thank you for the video. Those sun roofs do they have option to close? If you don't want sun and light constantly shining on you?

  6. I like it. I even like the chrome bits on the front and rear. I think they add some visual differences and interest. I just don't look at them as fake exhaust outlets. I really like the interior a lot better than the Pathfinder. I just don't like the high price. It's not that amazing to command the price differential in my opinion. I also like the FWD option here in the U.S.

  7. Good review. Can you please review the Infiniti 2023 QX60. How does 2023 QX60 stack against Mazda CX9?

  8. The acura does not qualify for the tax incentive in the United States…the xfinity does.

  9. no night life shots??

  10. The 2023 QX60 models are on sale. Unfortunately, Nissan/Infiniti didn't take the opportunity to replace those fake skid pad/exhaust things in the rear. Whenever I'm seeing on this video the vehicle from the rear my eyes immediately are drawn to those because they are so doggone ugly. If I were to get a QX60 I would definitely look for an after market replacement.

  11. Love you guys! Just get a CX9 Signature… nicer interior, every option etc. considering it was first sold in 2016 it’s still relevant today and compares well with these. When the new CX-90 shows up and if priced right maybe the one to get. Anyway I ordered a CX9 Signature and getting it in Sep 2022. Best value and luxury imo.

  12. Infinity is the top Japanese lux brand !! 🇯🇵

  13. So is that a new QX4?

  14. The AWD systems are what separates the Pathfinder and QX60.

  15. A little late but quick question, This or the Audi Q7 ?

  16. I own JX35 (2013 version of QX60) since fall of 2012 for almost 10yrs now and have 90k miles on it. The original JX35 has only 265hp and the most hated CVT. However, I found it very comfortable, luxurious, low maintenance and reliable in these yrs and consider it a perfect family hauler. In these yrs have driven upto 900 miles on a single day with kids and found it to be very sturdy, reliable, quiet and feature rich (it has touchscreen, entertainment screens on seat back, 360 view camera). I am now shopping around to replace it and below are some observations. The 2022 model QX60 has addn features like HUD, side mirror indicators, better infotainment, digital rearview, auto-hold, better engine hp and better transmission. 2022 MDX comes close second but still lacks touchscreen, 360 view (only available in advanced trim), digital rearview, positioning of air vents, lack of it on third row and interiors not as luxurious as new QX60. MDX being a performance SUV, you can hear tire noise in the cabin. I won't compare Infiniti's reliability with Hyundai/ Kia. Kia/ Hyundai has a reputation for engine fires and so many recalls. 6 months back there was a recall on fire hazard on parked vehicles and advised owners not to park in garage or near other cars (imagine it) and last week there was recall on seat belts blasting and throwing sharpnels (??). Also, while test driving Palisade, there was some rattling noise and drive was not smooth around 70mph. Agree that Pathfinder has similar specs but definitely not as luxurious and comfortable as QX60 (much nicer interior materials, better tuned, much quieter and better ride quality). BMW X7 is fantastic but can be high maintenance and not as reliable as Infiniti (I own a BMW sedan, so know a bit on maintenance) on long drives. In my view, QX60 ranks as top 3-row luxury, SUV which is comfortable, reliable and low maintenance . Hope this helps, but please do your own research.

  17. I really enjoy your reviews! Just the right length and you don't go through every little detail, you talk about the stuff we care about. I also like the format of the information provided, and you guys make a really good team!

  18. I purchased this new QX60 because there is a 4 month wait for the MDX….Big Mistake!

  19. Reply
    Jordon Morris Artworks May 9, 2023 at 7:16 am

    To be honest, the fake chrome exhaust pipes would be the reason I wouldn’t buy this car lol

  20. Reply
    clarence Williams May 9, 2023 at 7:16 am

    Hopefully QX50 get infotainment updates & regular V6 engine not cvt 2023 or 2024 than infiniti win back it customers 🤷🏾‍♂️😎

  21. The chrome parts you refer to a fake exhaust finishers in the back bumper are suppose to be skid plates that match the ones in the front bumper. I was looking at a different trim level the other day and they are way less distracting in the mat gray color.

  22. What a cool review! You answered all my questions! Love the dynamic between the two of you. Idk if your intention is to deliver an informative message in a funny way but you do! That exhaust gots to go. Didn't realize it until you pointed it out 😬 MDX S looks way sharper and meaner. Luxury vs sporty on these two but MDX S turbo at 17mpg city is no bueno right now with the rising gas prices. Real world that could be 14mpg city. Yikes.

  23. What about the Genesis GV80? Isn't that an overall better vehicle?

  24. Thanks for a great review as always, Zack and Andrea!

    Question— I took this for a test drive and found it to stutter a little coming from a full stop around town.

    Also on the highway, when at 70mph and needing to go around someone, there was a full 1 second delay after pressing the gas pedal before the power kicked in. Did you experience anything like that? I almost wonder if my tester wasn’t tuned or warmed up. It still had some wrapping from the factory.

  25. Unfortunately, Korean cannot buy it anymore because Infiniti was gone from Korea

  26. Remember when Infiniti actually used to make stylish cars?? Come on now it's so non descript

  27. Luv the new style in and out but disappointed that the tech still lags the competition.

  28. Reply
    PencilHeadFamily19 May 9, 2023 at 7:16 am

    Hello there,

    Thanks you for sharing!

    Are you able to add television in the back of the head rest of the driver, passenger seat for the children?

    Much love from
    the PencilHeadFamily

  29. I've always liked the front end and grill of Infiniti; but the back half and side view reminds me of Lincoln Aviator or Corsair. Not sure why luxury brands run on premium? The extra cost per gallon doesn't give you the same return in power and mpgs compared to the same engine tuned to run on regular gas in lower trims?

  30. Y they didn't add led fog lights

  31. Love your reviews. Would enjoy more with the inclusion of your “nightlife” segments. Interior/ambient lighting is of great interest and for me can be a differentiator when other vehicles in the class are competitive.

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