October 22, 2022

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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Oman Air.

Class: Business & Economy
Route: Chennai (MAA) to Dubai (DXB) via Muscat (MCT)
Plane: Boeing 737Max8

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  1. Regarding your refund, I wouldn't waste a second more arguing with that airline. You simply go to civil court and file a lawsuit. It's really quite simple, you fill out a form and pay the necessary fee and then you wait for the court date. Most times the company won't even show up to court, which means you win by default (default judgment). Be sure to claim interest, currently between 3% to 4% annually, for the 2 years they've refused to pay you your refund. You then get a title from the court certifying that you won your lawsuit, and with this title, you can now legally enforce the judgment against the company. I've noticed that Oman Air has several offices in Germany, since you're German you can file your lawsuit online. Once you get your title ("Exekutionstitel"), you then send the bailiff ("Gerichtsvollzieher") to one of their offices to collect your money. If they still refuse to pay, no problem, you simply have the bailiff IMPOUND one of their aircraft until they do. Easy peasy. This actually happened in Vienna a few years ago.

    I myself sued a large corporation many years ago that refused to pay my refund after I returned a defective dishwasher. Instead of arguing I simply went to civil court and filed a lawsuit. I was surprised how easy it was, and the court employees even helped me fill out the form. The court date was one month later and the company didn't even bother showing up to defend their reprehensible behavior, so I won by default. The trial took all of 3 minutes, mostly me confirming my name and date of birth. A week later I received a check in the mail for my refund plus court fees. Needless to say, everyone lived happily ever after – especially ME! 😁

  2. Flight and meal to Muscat looked pretty good. Why didn't you show the buffet breakfast at the airport hotel??

  3. I can tell when you're super happy: those dimples become very prominent! Great video, as always! Happy travels

  4. Strangely over the years, I've found Oman Air to have been one of the best I've flown with. Both in Economy AND in Business Class…… I would genuinely put them ABOVE Emirates

  5. I enjoy your travels and reviews. However as a fellow passenger, I would find it really annoying if you were constantly talking to your camera throughout a flight and sitting anywhere near me. I like my fellow passengers to be quiet so I can relax and sleep as required. Maybe film on board and narrate your footage later when editing. That way you won't piss off other passengers.

  6. Hi bro you can't say the our chennai is a worse airport.. If chennai has been worse then why did you travel to chennai? Always Chennai peoples are very humble n polite friendly. Compare to other nationalities we Indians we welcome our guest like our friend n relatives.. So pls don't ever spoil our chennai name..Hope u have not live with Indians (Chennaties).
    By Rasheed.

  7. You are looking for more people to follow you that's yet. On the other hand Omanair is 5star Airline it will not see this video

  8. So far I had only very good experiences with Oman Air. And regarding Muscat airport as well. Cant say anything bad about them.

  9. Why the display pic on title of video looks edited?

  10. Chennai Airport is far from the worst airport in India. What are you on about, Josh?

  11. Welcome to israel 🇮🇱 ❤

  12. Calling only 15 times for 2 years is just not enough done

  13. Are you really in a position to say that they are the worst airline in the world. When I hear that your video becomes too personal and a waste of time to watch..

  14. Malaysia Airlines does the same thing!

  15. Staff is so unprofessional 👎🏻

  16. Wow the worst airport in India.

  17. Qatar Airways damaged my bag over 3 years ago. After 3 years of chasing the issue I finally gave up
    Meanwhile, American Airlines damaged my bag, and in less than 3 weeks, they gave me choices of some new bags or a cash refund. I chose a new bag and it arrived in a matter of days. Now that's great customer service.
    Middle East airlines are known to provide great inflight service, but their service on the ground is consistently bad. I've yet to get good ground service on a middle east airline, and that includes Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and if we're to expand just a bit, Turkish. All great in the air but a lot to be desired on the ground if you ever have an issue.

  18. Reply
    Sidney's Tipps & Tricks to travel with airlines. October 22, 2022 at 3:46 am

    Good to know all these about Oman Air. I cancelled it on my google flight search … and booked now on Saudia 😀

  19. I love your objective reviews. I really really do. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  20. Try a different route

  21. 2 years? Is that all? I flew with them in 2008 when they used a leased Malev 767 right at the start of the airline. The aircraft was an absolute heap with broken seats and curtains hanging by a single fixing. It smelled bad too. Funny thing about those flights. Once the aircraft was in the air we only saw the cabin crew 2 or 3 times during the whole flight. They vanished. I am STILL waiting for my £62.00 refund for the outbound flight from Muscat to Salalah which got cancelled with zero provision for passengers. I gave up years ago after getting fobbed off, lied to and on one occasion told that I was a trouble causer and that I should stop calling. I just wanted my money but Oman Air clearly needed it more than I did so I "let them keep it".

  22. I wouldn't touch Oman Air with a 5hitty stick. They treat their cabin crew abysmally, forcing them to live in compounds and monitoring their every move.

    Nasty people.

  23. I just fly with them in economy and business class.there services goes down and they have to work hard and honesty.put the Omani on top places .they put in dians In charge every where and they will bring it down.

  24. Reply
    Metalgear SolidSnake October 22, 2022 at 3:46 am

    @spiderman no way home<Custom service from India

  25. The guy on the phone sounds like one of those scammer phone calls. Here in the UK for credit card purchases we have something called section 75 of the consumer credit act. The home country of your card provider may have something similar? It makes the credit card company, the lender equally responsible for the debt. The card issuer has to refund the money.

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