AIR INDIA Business Class Review || Unlimited Free food & Seat || TATA Group ne Kamaal kar diya 😃 reviews

January 3, 2023

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I love making videos and this video is about New TATA group Air India business class overview || Airplane business class food Review ✈🔥

Is video me mai aaplogo ko New TATA group Air India ke business class ko dikhane wala hu or v bohot sare chizo pe maine baat kiya hai video ko poora dekhna agar ye video acha lage toh like Share jaruru karna or subscribe v kar dena 🙏

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  1. Late Sir JRD TATA's reputed Airindia was made a sick company during upa govmnt.of NCP&Congress & systematically under ncp civil aviation minister Praful Patel .

  2. Wakai aap logon ne bahut hi achhi jankari di hai .. economy class walon ko bahut samajhdari se aur bahut hi achha video banaye hai.. so many thanks for such an experience presentation…

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  4. For vivek express you book ticket before 3 month

  5. Genuine video …. without any drama 😊

  6. Plzz Hamesha Plane mein crew ki baatein dhyan se sune. Emergency mein wohi kaam aata hai.

  7. Jai Jagannath🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Bhiya domestic flight ke liye passport hona jaruri he kya ya or documents bi chal jata he kya

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  10. Mohit bhai starting song name plzz🙏

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣भाई. मैं तो obhi तक फ्लाइट पे ही नहीं. Oh भी ट्रेन स्लीपर..🤣🤣खुस nasibo business class

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  13. I am injoy u r jarnny fill wow mere Jesus our bhi hai yanking nature nice cid😄😄😄

  14. business class nahe hey premiume econamy hey

  15. 13:1614:07 sir what a brilliant song choice. trust me, mujhe shazam pe bhi nhi milraha tha ye song. lyrics jab search kiye tab jaake PANDEMONIUM by Mondays ft. Hanna Stone aaya. unfortunately, the singer and the composer or anyone related to the song is not to be found anywhere, not a single trace. feels damn sad but great choice and thank you isko saamne laane ke liye.❤‍🩹

  16. Bhai kabhi emirates ka business class ka review karna.

  17. Keep up the hard work, amazingly good videos

  18. Video without music is much better or takeoff with original sound is better then having a copyright music played in the background. Your commentary is Preety cool, but pls avoid putting background music during take off and landing. Thanks

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    BAHARE AHAR with Prabir January 3, 2023 at 5:43 pm

    Very nice experience 👍❤

  21. I like your honesty.
    By the way that lady probably wanted free upgrade hence flight attendant politely said they can’t do it in there.

  22. There is no separate gate for Business class passengers but they got to board first.

  23. I dont know where to start but i ll try to elaborate step by step on the terrible service /flight experience i had on Air India recently in nov 2022 from Delhi to Newark NJ and back.

    Booking Experience on Air India website —–>

    surprisingly this was fine. shortest flight time and 2 free check in bags was the ONLY reason i chose Air india over emirates/united. but honestly, now i regret that decision a lot.

    A personal Misfortune —–>

    just 2 days before the departure flight (1st leg of journey) i somehow got caught with COVID. I informed the air india customer care, they changed my ticket to open ticket (this is all good btw). But when i was well and fit to fly, i had to pay additional fee to rebook the date which is against the rules as per the " Amended Covid 19 Waiver dated 21 May 2021" which has been posted on Air india website. It clearly says that if there is an availability of seat in the same class of travel as previously booked, there is no fare difference to be charged. Due to time constraints and covid related weakness i did not have the energy to fight with them at that moment and i had to pay the fare difference. Upon reaching the customer care again, to my surprise the girl on the phone understood the issue and assured me a refund ( to be processed in time). However, that never happened and later they withdrew that statement. This is not just bad but also ILLEGAL. I have processed the legal action now.

    Online Check In —->

    Ok. this part is weird with Air India. Despite having an online boarding pass with me, my efforts on getting myself checked in ONLINE were futile. They simply dismissed my check in and boarding pass and rejected it. I had to check in at the counter all over again. I believe it happened to everyone (that day at least).

    The onward flight from Delhi to EWR —–>

    Seats Broken, Remotes all broken, screens not working, food service (presentation) was terrible. It was equivalent to some of the food service we get in trains like Shatabdi in India. I would rate the train service better.

    Food quantity was just adequate may be. ( certainly not ok for diabetics if any) Snack packets were on the seats at the time of boarding. I havent seen that before in any other carrier.

    Quality of snacks – not so good but safe to eat for sure.

    Crew was OK, may be understaffed but trying to accommodate.

    Flight reached on time.

    Baggage was ok so far.

    Overall a bad experience but yet not disastrous.

    The Return Journey (EWR to Delhi) Nov 7, 2022

    Check in only at the counter, i didnt even try the online based on my prev experience and rightly so. (coz it wouldnt have worked). BTW the terminal for Airindia is different that United in many ways. Baggage was taken at the counter – not on the belt but just being stacked at the corner of check in counters. This was weird too.

    Security check was long and ardous. No special que for differently abled or people on wheelchairs ( felt bad for them). NO Special ques or CLEAR pass or anything Valid in this terminal.

    Plane 777 300 ER – Very Old aircraft

    Seats – Broken, clear signs of spillage, my seat's arm rest was broken and lying on the floor. No reclining. Remotes never worked in almost all the seats. Tray was broken and things were sliding down the tray table. Screens were broken, certainly no sound but not working at all.

    Flight was delayed by 2 hours as many passengers complained of spillage on their seats and ground staff was called for cleaning and attempt to drying the seats.

    Food Service (presentation) was Awful as expected.

    No Snacks on seats this time.

    Quality of food – taste awful, but may be it can be termed "safe" to eat (Not sure though).

    In a fourteen hour flight with 2 hours of delay, there were only two food services, which was terrible especially for the elderly diabetic sitting next to me. Thank god she had a glucose sensor placed on her arm and it sensed the hypoglycemia setting in on her. I was able help her with glucose tablets and water (FYI this is the best thing to do in such events).

    Nursing mothers on the flight with babies were left to their despair, food was not served to one of them. Crew was not good. certainly understaffed for a full flight but not able to accommodate either.

    Landing was ok.

    (Disclaimer – I am an Indian citizen, live in delhi and very well aware of the Airport services in Delhi. T3 is an enormously large terminal with no possible shortage of any kind of services as far as infrastructure is concerned. if there is any lack anywhere, it can only be attributable to lack of staff, lack of management and lack of intentions mostly)

    Baggage Service was Terrible and Very Weird at delhi airport. For some reason (clearly not understood by me), the baggage staff at the delhi airport were taking off all the baggages from the belt and stacking them on the floor, while the belt was running EMPTY.

    OK. This is disastrous on many levels —>, bags get extremely difficult to locate especially when they are so many in numbers and stacked in a corner. Due to chaos, people were pounding on each other to find their bags. people on wheelchair had no chance to find their bags at all. god knows what was done about that. One of my bags was severely damaged – probably bcoz of this activity.

    I went to the baggage counter to register a PIR (property irregularity report), you must get this in case u find your baggage damaged. Till date i havent heard back from them. No replacements or repairs done so far.

    Overall experience – terrible is an understatement. I paid about 1600$ for the return flight and will certainly recommend AGAINST flying AIR INDIA especially international flights to anyone. If you have any special needs – travelling with babies, wheel chair assistance etc- Flying Air india could be dangerous.

    I have no clue why many people are way too excited about TATAs acquiring this airlines and are highly optimistic of an improvement in this carrier. Insider news is that TATA is never going to do anything on ground as yet. the transition has happened only on papers and they are preparing for another one with a possible merger with Vistara. Honestly, i just hope it doesnt affect Vistara's quality which by far is an excellent carrier – atleast domestically. i love their premium economy services.

  24. Air India ki narrow body aircraft mein business class Lena sach mein Paisa waste hein.

  25. Bhai apne kabhi camping ki h

  26. Aap train vlog me 3 tier 2 tier me bhi travel kriyega

  27. Ek dum baazigar ka plane wala scene ka yaad agaya 🙈

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  29. Jay Jagannath 🙏🙏

  30. When you say unlimited foods and free sest then it's no need to buy tickets or what

  31. vai main siliguri se hun…….

  32. Allah ❤️❤️

  33. Bhai, din wo din ap bahut hi costly hote ja rahe ho. At list, people like me, who belongs to mid class, can't relate u.
    Bhai, ap dono ko bahut hi pyare ho. Hum logo ke liye vi kuch karo

  34. Buddy … Sparkling Water is a fancy name for Club Soda with lime slice 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Dil se amir ♥

  36. Ye jo English tune daal rakhee hai na.. This is certainly a Negative side you the video.. Otherwise.. It was very informative.

  37. liked your videos 👍

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